The Chronicles of the hot wife Lisa. Part 4 of 5

The suddenly she pulled her hand away, as if touching his wiener was the last thing she wanted to do. “I am sure that if it was at least half inch longer, I would beg you to penetrate me from time to time if I was too horny. But I don’t think that any woman with self respect would be stuffing a half penis into her pussy.” Don could not say a thing as he was shaking his head, agreeing with what she was saying. “Yes, I understand you, my love. You are just too satisfactory & deserve a lot more than what I can bring in for you” he mumbled.
“Ok, then, I need my wrap now” she said in response. He did not hesitate for a while & rushed himself to the closet as he returned with a sheer black wrap that she used to wear for the parties she was approximately to leave to. It was entirely see through. When you looked at her from far, it looked like she was wearing a light dress, yet as you obtain closer; it was obvious that there was almost nothing on her nude body wearing only underwear. Don helped her to wear it as he slid it through her astonishing body & helped her to tie it.
It was finally the time to obtain her feet ready. Don was extremely attentive & therefore took tremendous care in making sure she wore only perfect gear. He slipped 24KT gold rings on each of her middle toes & then a gold anklet on her left ankle & matched it with
the same one on her right ankle. Eventually, she was wearing a pair leather open toe pumps from Louis Vuitton. She was perfect: any man would love to sleep with her. She then had her hand kissed as he took her wedding ring off her finger & put it in his pocket. Lisa was always bragging approximately that she was married, even though she did not wear her ring, telling people that her husband was just patiently waiting for her at home. She did not care how embarrassing it would be for him that she was sleeping around & telling people that her husband is fully aware of the happenings.