The Chronicles of the hot wife Lisa. Part 2 of 5

As Lisa entered the bedroom, she commanded Don to bring him the Victoria’s Secret bag she kept in the closet. His heart stopped for a while as he was taking out her garter belt & stockings, sexy black bra & crotch-less black panties out of the bag. It
was no doubt she was going to be the sexiest woman at a party the moment she walks in. He carefully put all of her gear on their bed, gently removing the tags out of each one of them.
The moment he was done, a new task was waiting for him. He now was rubbing Moroccan Argan Oil all over her attractive body trying to make her body silky & tempting. He then sprayed her body with Calvin Klein’s Euphoria to attract the men who would obtain their attention drawn by the scent of the woman. After just a while, he was helping her to dress up, putting on her crotch-less panties slipping over her perfect size 7 feet with red paint on her nails. He then armored her heavy tits with her bra, hooked them from the back & then made sure that her breasts were perfectly fitting inside the bra. He knew for sure that the bra is not going to be on for long when she arrives to the party. He then had her garter worn on her legs, pulling them around her waist, locating them just above her sexy panties. Finally, he put on her stockings, carefully, one by one pulling them up her attractive feet & clasped them to the garter straps. He could see her moistened cunt out of her crotchless panties, it was no doubt that his wife could not wait for the party to start from the look at her pussy. This made him feel that his cock was swelling inside his pants. Lisa noticed it & smiled. “Oh, my goodness. Don? Is there is something you are hiding away from me in your pants? Don just strayed there in silence when he heard Lisa ordering: “Show it to me” in a gentle, yet a demanding tone. Don took down his pants & let his cock drop down with his head down full of shame. His cock was fully erected, yet with his 3.5 inches, it was hardly even seen.