The Chronicles of the hot wife Lisa. Part 1 of 5

Don was completely sure that as soon as Lisa moved her car along the road, she was going for a meeting with where she gets her libido satisfied.
 All of this began earlier. About one and a half hour ago…
Lisa just came out of the bathroom with her naked body all wet waiting for Don to bring her a towel and start drying her soaked body. She was just standing there, waiting for Don to finish with his job with her hands held straight and feet slightly parted from each other with no sign of any eye contact or whatsoever. Don was not in a rush, he gently massaged her enormous 36DD size boobs lifting them up to make sure she gets all dry. He then glided his towel in between her perfect butt cheeks finishing his touch with gentle rubbing of her wet pussy. He was all done and smiled at her when he heard Lisa asking him to bring a razor a shaving cream as she dropped down on a bench and spread her legs, waiting for him to get her pussy all clean. “Be careful and do not rush, take your time and make sure you are gentle and get it perfectly smooth”, she said. Don was an obeying husband, so he gently rubbed the cream onto her perfect pussy and started shaving it. After some time, he was sure that her snatch could not be any cleaner and even though he took more time than he probably needed, he finally told Lisa that he was all done, washed her pussy with warm water from a bowl in his hands and dried it with an extremely soft cotton washcloth.
After she was all dry once again, Lisa leaned down to him and kissed him a cheek, saying: “You are always so gentle and care-giving to me whenever you are preparing my pussy for other men. I am really proud of how devoted you are”.