She moved on. Part 2 of 2

I threw myself apologizing to her as she pushed me away repeatedly adding that she has no more place in her heart for me while sarcastically smiling at me after few punches she threw at me.
“You want to be humiliated while another man fucks me? All I see right now is a loser and a faggot in front of me. You think you can hide this stuff away from me? Well, you know what, my ex boyfriend came over yesterday.”
I asked what did they do. For what she responded:
“Fuck you, you piece of shit”.
I begged her to calm down and told her it is not like I cheated on her. But she replied that she did!
“You just wait and see that other guys fuck me all day long. You will come from work tomorrow and you will catch me sucking dick and getting fucked. And you know what, he is not afraid of you catching us in bed. I am just so going to fill him in my life to show him what a faggot I have married!”