Holiday Relief. Part 6 of 10

“I want to show Karen on what I have to settle with” said my wife.
And there I was, pulling down my boxers and getting completely naked in front of the girls with my manhood shriveling as it was hidden in my pubic hair.
Karen looked outrageous: “Oh my goodness! It is really tiny! I thought you were exaggerating, how the hell you could get pregnant with that?
“Only God knows the answer to your question” sighed Chris, “and it is useless now, I have not had an orgasm for months already. And even when it gets hard, he still comes just too fast for me to cum”
“You should make him shave off his pubes, Chris. My Dave is always shaved. In that case, at least you will always be able to see what he has to offer”.
“True,” replied Chris, “please do that right after we are gone and before you meet Dave at the bar. Now go and get your leather belt, I just have to teach you a lesson for this.” It was just too much to take all at once; I did not know how to react and was totally caught in my thoughts. I had nothing to do than to fetch my leather belt from our bedroom.
“Now, go down on your knees on the other sofa and bend down with your legs apart”, commanded Chris.
I had my body totally exposed to the women as I was eaten up deep in embarrassment as I was putting myself against that sofa. “How could you not care about my orgasms and cum earlier than me? You just need to be taught a lesson from now on for every orgasm I do not get! How many strokes do you think you are supposed to get for your bad behavior, Nick?” she exclaimed. “Maybe ten?”, I mumbled.