Holiday Relief. Part 5 of 10

Karen came to our suite as it was planned and the girls went to the bedroom to get themselves ready for the night taking a bottle of wine with them. Meanwhile, I just rested at the lounge and decided to open some emails to work on them as they needed my attention. Right after that I started reading a book.
After about an “Make sure you get her wet, Nick, she will definitely need that later,” said Karen.
I was curious about what she meant by that, but I was going to find that out soon. I was just too busy concentrating to give an intense orgasm to my beloved wife and to my knowledge, the first ever orgasm she was having while there was somebody else watching other than me.
Right when I got Chris to cum hard, there was a knock on the door. Karen rushed to answer it and while she was on the way out, she shouted: “You better clean her pussy now, we are going clubbing now”.
She then came back to our lounge with one of the black guys she was chatting to the night before. Karen put her hands around his huge body and had a deep French kiss with him. While she was reaching up for this black dude, I could see the top of her stockings with her dress gone higher getting her feet exposed. She then put the guy’s hand on her skirt getting it pulled up as her naked ass could be seen.
“Hey! Wait for later!,” she giggled, “where is your friend anyway? Is he coming for
Chris? He will need to be extremely gentle since it is her first time”.
And that was the moment when another ebony dude stared into the room with his
head stuck through the door as he gave his hand to Chris. She took his hand and was pulled up into his arms. He was still taller than her even when she was wearing those extremely high heels. I had to admit, they looked perfect together.
“Alright, we are leaving now, see you later,” said Karen.
Then, Chris stared at me for a while and added: “And do not forget to get it shaved, I want you to be completely clean when we get back”.
And so they walked out of the room…
hour and a half, the girls walked into the lounge and they looked simply incredible. Chris was wearing her new leather skirt with lace tights and her new five inch high heels with a black patent ankle strap which made her legs look really long and extremely sexy. Often, I get dropped thoughts that her legs are the best of what she has to offer.
My wife looked really hot wearing a sheer cream top with black trim and a sexy balcony bra underneath it which was pushing her beautiful boobs up. Wearing heels made her look taller than me.
Karen wore her new leather dress as well with Dave buying her a matched seamed black stockings and high heels with black patent that looked even higher than my wife’s. They had an amazing manicure with stark red polish and they were wearing a
lot more of make-up than they are used to.
They sat down on the sofa and asked me to bring them some extra wine, and so I granted their wish. I was standing in front of them when I was about to leave when suddenly Chris said:
“I have been talking with Karen about what happened last night and today morning”. I stared at them completely shocked.
“Strip down your clothes, I want Karen to see what is going on” she added.
I was totally dumbfounded: “What? Take off my clothes?” I stuttered.
“Yes, and do it fast, we are about to go out soon”.
Through the complete worry I had on my face, I took off my shirt and jeans and was standing there wearing only my boxers.