Holiday Relief. Part 4 of 10

Of course I was not very happy about it knowing that Dave and I will have to follow them around while they will be enjoying shopping with us carrying their new stuff. Karen was definitely a bad influence on Chris when the subject was about shopping. Fortunately for us, there were some outdoor shops where Dave and I could take a look around. So the girls dragged us around the shops and made us buy all the fancy clothes they bought from the local boutiques and so we spent the whole day. In a leather shop, I bought Chris a short leather skirt several inches above the knee and that was a lot shorter than I usually see her wear. And it was Karen’s fault as she was the one who talked me into buying it. And since I had a rough morning with my wife, I thought buying her a £150 mini skirt will make up the things a little bit. I felt a lot better when I saw Dave buying an extremely short leather mini-dress for £275 for Karen. So we continued wandering around buying underwear, shoes and so on. After the girls were done shopping, they went to have a manicure and a pedicure and that was the time when Dave and I visited the outdoor shops. We met the girls later and talked about our plans for the night ahead of us over a cup of coffee. The girls decided they want to get their new clothes on and have some fun dancing and since they knew that none of us boys were into clubbing, Karen suggested that we go to a sports bar and have few beers while watching the Grand Prix. The agreement was that Karen will come around seven and get ready with Chris while Dave and I were supposed to meet around nine o’clock.