Holiday Relief. Part 2 of 10

So, we arrived to our hotel on a Friday night & settled into our respective rooms & after some refreshing up, we met with our friends Dave & Karen in the hotel bar for a meal & few drinks.
Karen is 42, a short blonde & nice hair, slim body & large boobs. She works as an office manager in a school. For Dave, he is almost six feet, 51 years old, has a slim body & works as a high level manager at his company. We have been friends with each other for approximately 10 years after meeting each other through being on the school parents’ committee board. We have become best friends very swift & Dave became my walking & climbing partner since then. Karen is very outgoing & she just loves to chat with anyone & I have spotted her talking to some black dudes at a bar giggling together with them. Me, being curious asked her who the guys are & she told me that they are American college footballers coming to our land to introduce the game into the British colleges. We had a nice time on our first night & so we headed back to our rooms for a rest.