My Wimp Neighbor’s Wife

Warren was a nice, short, Jewish guy with a kind of whiny voice, one of these guys with no chin and no shoulders. He was very soft spoken, I don’t think the guy had ever stood up for anything in his life. His wife Ellen was similar; short, petite, soft-spoken, and curvy. They were both likable, and we became friends as soon as I moved into the neighborhood next to them.
We began hanging out on a regular basis, and though Warren and I were friendly I always picked on him about things. He was easy to make fun of, and didn’t get upset about it at all, usually just smiling and looking down. Ellen always chuckled, but also never got upset about me picking on her husband. Over time my jibes got more personal, but their reactions never changed.
One Friday evening I was at their place hanging out, and picking on Warren like normal. I realized that I’d overstayed my welcome, but neither of them had enough spine to tell me to go home. As it became more obvious they wanted me to leave I took more joy in not giving them the opportunity to directly tell me to go. Finally I asked, “Do you two want me to go?”
They both looked ashamed, neither of them said anything, but Warren nodded his head slightly. It dawned on me why they wanted me to leave, their ashamed demeanor said it all, so I asked, “Am I interrupting your date night?” Warren only looked down at his lap, Ellen turned a bright shade of red and looked away.
“Oh my god”, I feigned surprise and innocence. “You two are going to go fuck once I leave?” This time Warren blushed and looked away, Ellen’s embarrassment continued to turn her pale skin red. “Boy, you two are naughty”, I teased.
At this point I was enjoying their embarrassment and decided to see how far I could push things. “So Warren”, I looked straight at him, “Do you ever pull your wife’s hair?” There as no answer from either of them, “Do you spank her ass?” Ellen turned completely away, using her mousey brown hair to hide her face, her husband only squirmed uncomfortably.
“You have spanked her ass then?”, I prodded Warren but he had clammed up. Turning to Ellen I asked, “Did Warren spank you?” She turned back to look at me, obviously in shock at my boldness. “Was it while he was fucking you from behind?” Ellen’s mouth dropped open.
“No”, she squeaked.
“Oh Warren, you bad man”, I kept my attention on Ellen. “Obviously your wife didn’t enjoy it. You don’t seem very adventurous, maybe I should show you how it’s done.” This time Ellen squirmed.
I stood up, “Here Warren, I’ll show you how to pull a woman’s hair.” They both watched me walk across the room to where Ellen was sitting, neither of them moved to stop me or made any protest. So I slid a hand up her back, brushing her neck with my finger tips, and then up her scalp letting her hair run through my fingers. Ellen closed her eyes, I closed my hand into a fist with a handful of her hair in my firm grasp, and then I pulled down causing her head to tilt back.
A slight moan escaped as her mouth fell open in response. I pulled a bit more causing her mouth to open further, and her breath to catch. Ellen was wearing a white button up shirt, the top few buttons were undone, and from where I was standing I had a good view down her shirt at her black, lace covered cleavage. Her chest heaved as her breathing was getting deeper, and I was somewhat surprised to notice that she had rather large breasts for her frame.
“I think she likes it Warren”, I was enjoying teasing him, but I was also enjoying watching her breasts. No one responded, so I turned Ellen’s face to mine and breathily asked, “Do you like that?” As an answer she only moaned, her eyes flitted open slightly and she looked at me. “See Warren? If you do it right, women really like it.”
“You look like you need a good kiss”, I said to Ellen. That made Warren look up at us, but he didn’t say anything. With my hand still in her hair I pushed her face to mine and kissed her, shoving my tongue in her mouth. At first she didn’t react, but then her tongue started dancing with mine. After a minute I broke off the kiss we both enjoyed.
Warren was watching us now, but still not saying anything. I decided I wanted a better look at Ellen’s cleavage, so I said, “Know what else women like Warren? Being told what to do. Ellen, unbutton your shirt for me, let me see your bra.”
I let go of her hair and she looked down at her chest. Hesitantly she unbuttoned her shirt, one after the other, until her shirt hung open. Ellen didn’t move after that, just let her hands rest on her lap, still looking down at her bare stomach. She had a beautiful body, but I wanted to see more.
“Women enjoy things like this”, stepping in front of her I grabbed her shirt with both hands and roughly forced it over her shoulders and behind her back. The position did two things, it exposed her entire chest and trapped her arms at her side. She was wearing a sexy bra that was part lace and part satin, it was semi-see through in the front, obviously special for date night. Her nipples were hard as rocks and pushing against the fabric.
Her pale skin was reddened with embarrassment, all the way from her cheeks to her chest, her breathes were deeper and it was causing her breasts to rise and fall quite noticeably. “You look so hot”, I complimented her, “Bet those tits are great to fuck.” Ellen’s head shot to the side, completely avoiding looking at me, but her husband’s eyes zeroed in on her breasts.
“Just like this”, I said taking two handfuls of her tits and squeezing them up and together forming a shelf of cleavage. While my hands were there I took a moment to rub her nipples with my thumbs.
“You shouldn’t do that”, Warren’s voice was barely more than a whisper.
“Looks like she enjoys it”, I responded by pointing out how hard Ellen’s nipples were. To push the point home I pinched them through the fabric. Instinctively she drew in a sharp breath and moaned as her body responded. “I think your wife likes having a man take charge of her.” Taking a step back from her, in my most commanding voice I told Ellen, “Take off your skirt, let me see if your panties match your bra.”
Warren shifted uncomfortably, I was losing count of how many times he’d squirmed. Unsurprisingly though his wife sat still for a few moments, thinking about what to do, before standing up from her seat. As she stood, she let the shirt fall from her arms, and tenderly moved her hands to her waist.
She was wearing a long, brown skirt that was a very conservative style, when she was standing her feet couldn’t even be seen. Slowly she slid down the zipper on the back of the skirt. I wasn’t sure why she was moving slowly, maybe because she couldn’t believe what she was doing or perhaps she was afraid of what her husband was thinking.
Ellen hadn’t made eye contact with her husband since I’d pulled her hair, and now she was actively turned away from him, she couldn’t see him staring at her. The zipper was completely undone and she opened her hands letting the skirt fall away. It crumpled on the ground around her feet, like a sash around the base of a Christmas tree. She was wearing black satin panties that matched her bra, very pretty, but a conservative style. Surprising to me though, she was also wearing black, thigh high stockings.
Nervous, Ellen rocked forward and stood up on her toes. The position made her legs look fantastic. Though I was standing in front of her, and she didn’t look me in the face, I got the feeling that she wanted to know what I thought of her body. Honestly it was nothing amazing, she wasn’t a model, but she was well proportioned and certainly attractive.
“Look at how beautiful you are”, she shifted a bit and brought her hands up to cover herself. “Those panties. That bra”, I pointed as I called them out, “Those stockings. They’re so sexy on you, so hot.”
Ellen blushed more deeply than she already was, but she looked at my face to see if I was serious. Satisfied that I was telling the truth she said, “Thanks”, in that small voice of hers.
Her husband was riveted, unable to take his eyes off his wife’s ass, and I could see his hard-on pushing against his jeans. I took the time to compliment every part of her body, from hair to stocking covered feet, walking around her as I did. Each time I told her how attractive she was her smile got bigger.
Since I had the opportunity, I let my hands roam over her body as I circled her. First her shoulders and neck, then her stomach and back, and finally her ass. There was less squirming now, from both of them, though she still tried to cover herself with her hands. Deciding that wasn’t acceptable I ordered her, “Ellen, stop covering yourself, either leave your hands at your sides or put them on the top of your head.”
She let her hands drop to her side and I noticed there was a small wet spot on the front of her panties. Smiling I told her to turn around, “So your husband can see.” Ellen turned, still not looking her husband in the face, but kept her hands at her side not even trying to cover herself. “See that wet spot Warren?”, I pointed. “That means her pussy’s wet. So wet that it’s dripping.”
Warren looked at his wife’s panties and the wet spot that was slowly getting larger. “Do you think I did that?”, teasing him again trying to get any reaction. He didn’t respond, so I asked his wife, “Do I make you wet?” Ellen nodded in response. “Let’s see if I can make that wet spot bigger.”
With one move I swept her up into my arms and carried her upstairs to the bedroom. Warren followed, but I’m not sure he wanted to. Stepping inside the bedroom, I turned the lights on and threw Ellen down onto the bed. She squeaked at me, “We always leave the lights off.”
“Not tonight, the lights are going to be on. How else am I supposed to tell if you get more wet? By feel?”, I ran a hand up her leg to her thigh. She blushed again, turning her head into the bed. “By taste?” Her head shot back and she looked at me, not sure if I was serious or not.
As Warren slinked into the bedroom I grabbed his wife by the hips and roughly rolled her onto her stomach, her ass in the air. Looking at him I teased, “Why don’t you spank her ass?” His only response was to look down and away. “Fine, sit and I’ll show you how it’s done.”
He slumped on the floor against the dresser, looking at the lewd position his wife was in on the bed. Ellen started to push herself up off the bed so I roughly forced her head back down. Then I grabbed a handful of her hair, right against the scalp like before, and growled, “You stay in this position until I’m done with you. Don’t move unless I move you.”
“Yes…”, she breathed.
Keeping a firm grip on her hair I pulled her head back making her eyes close and her mouth open again. Using my other I spread her legs apart so the growing wet spot was visible, then I moved my hand to her panty covered ass, rubbing it gently and softly. I brought my hand up, and then down swiftly onto her ass with a loud smack.
“Ah!”, she yelped breathily as her body jumped forward, as much as she could against my grip on her hair.
“Do you like that?”, I asked her.
“Yes”, the word barely escaped her upturned lips.
“Louder, so your husband can hear.”
“Yes”, she said louder.
“Tell him what you like.”
Without opening her eyes or even trying to pull away from me she said, “I like having my hair pulled and being spanked.”
I ran my hand over her ass, before spanking her again. Again she jumped and yelped, but it was obvious that she enjoyed it. “See Warren, that’s how you spank a woman.” He was still slumped on the floor, against the dresser, one hand on the floor and one in his lap busy rubbing his hard-on through his jeans. “Look, your husband has a hard-on”, I turned her head in his direction but she didn’t open her eyes.
Warren self-consciously stopped rubbing himself and tried to pretend he hadn’t been doing it. “It’s okay”, I told him, “My cock is hard too.” To make the point I put Ellen’s hand on my dick so she could feel it through my pants, she didn’t pull her hand away, but she wasn’t doing anything with it either. “It’s okay, you can rub my cock Ellen, make me feel good.”
She started moving her hand back and forth just a bit, she wasn’t pressing hard or grabbing, just sort of feeling it beneath the cloth. Her husband had looked back up at us, so I teased him some more, “Look at this buddy, I think your wife likes my cock. Do you like it?”, I asked her.
“Yes”, she breathed.
“Do you like making dicks hard?”
“Yes”, again she sounded breathless, “I like making your dick hard.”
I’d never heard her talk like that, and from the look on her husband’s face neither had he. Letting go of her hair I put both hands on her ass, rubbing it softly as she continued to rub me. “What do you think, is she wetter now?” The dark spot on her panties was certainly larger. I slipped one hand down over the surface of her panties, being certain to rub her pussy lips and clit through the fabric as I did. Ellen moaned and tensed up for a moment, gripping my dick hard, before going back to slowly rubbing me.
My fingers came away wet with her juice, I brought them up to my mouth and sucked them in. “Are you wet?”, I asked her.
“Yes, I’m wet”, she replied.
“Why are you so wet?”, she didn’t answer. “Do you like having a man in charge? Having a hard cock in your hand?”
“Yes”, she paused, “It makes my pussy wet.” Again her husband’s face betrayed his surprise, but she kept her eyes closed and head down on the bed.
“How does my cock feel?”, I asked her, “Is it bigger than his?” She paused, her hand stopped moving, and it was obvious that she was too shy to actually answer. “Well, there’s only one way to really know. Warren, whip your dick out and show your wife how hard it is.”
At first he didn’t move, it was obvious that he was not only uncomfortable sitting with his dick crammed into the corner of his jeans, but also whipping it out in front of me. Then his hands slowly unzipped and removed his pants. Sitting in his tight, white briefs he looked kind of ridiculous, but he looked more ridiculous when he flexed the elastic and poked his dick through the opening in the front. It wasn’t large, just average length and a bit thin.
Ellen looked, even smiled, but I think she was more amused than pleased. “Alright, let’s see if mine is bigger. Take my cock out Ellen”, I looked down at her. She lifted up onto her elbows and knees, reached to my zipper and slowly unzipped my pants. With a tug she took my pants down leaving my cock bulging in my boxers. For a moment she just stared, then put a hand gingerly on it feeling it through the fabric and licked her lips.
Then she got enthusiastic, like she was tearing open a Christmas present, and as fast as she could she whipped my boxers down. The motion was so fast it caused my dick to bounce, which made her smile. Again she stared at it, like she wasn’t sure what to do with it. When it stopped bouncing she reached out and wrapped a hand around it. She cooed softly and said, “It’s warm.”
“Do you think it’s bigger than his?” It was a rhetorical question at this point, with both our dicks on display in the light it was easy to tell that mine was longer and a lot thicker.
“Definitely”, she whispered in awe. On auto-pilot her hand started sliding up and down my shaft, she watched like she was unable to believe what she was doing.
It felt great, and I was ready to take this all the way, so I decided to see if I could convince Ellen to go that far. “Time for you to get naked”, I told her. Her hand stopped and she looked up at me with a look of worry, trying to determine if I was serious or not. When she’d convinced herself that I was, she let go of me, slid off the bed, and stood facing away from me and her husband. For a long moment she didn’t move.
Finally her hands shot up behind her back to the clasp of her bra. “Too fast”, I stopped her. “Since you’re turned away and teasing us, do a strip tease.” Ellen’s only response was to slightly turn her head in my direction. Guessing that she didn’t know how, I gave her some instructions, “Take your bra off as slow as you can, keep it covering your breasts for as long as possible, give us peaks but don’t show us, and wiggle your hips while you do it, pretend you’re dancing. When your bra is off, use your hands to cover yourself, cup your breasts and squeeze them together, and play with your nipples.”
Ellen tried her best, it was obvious she had no experience. She wiggled a bit, tried moving her legs, slowly undid the clasp on her bra, held it in place with her hands for quite a while, and eventually turned to face me and Warren. Her eyes fixed on her husband’s erection, sticking up from his lap and twitching slightly. For a moment I thought she was done, that she wouldn’t go any farther, but then her gaze fell on my hard cock hanging in front of me. A hint of her tongue appeared between her lips and she let her hands fall, dropping the bra to the floor.
Keeping her focus on my cock, she brought her hands back up and started playing with her tits, swaying her hips more than before. As she pinched her nipples I complimented her body again, telling her how beautiful her breasts were, causing her to smile in response. I motioned toward her panties, “Now those.”
This time she didn’t need direction and there was no hesitation. Ellen turned a little circle while swaying her hips. As she finished the turn, facing us again, she raised her arms over her head and shook her chest from side to side trying to imitate a belly dance. It was more amusing than sexy, which caused me to smile, but she took that as a sign I enjoyed it and smiled back before doing it again. The second time with more fervor and it caused her tits to wag back and forth, which was kind of sexy.
She hooked her thumbs inside the waist of her panties, and while swaying, slid one side down her hip before pulling it back up. Doing the same with the other side, she then turned away before sliding both sides down at the same time to expose her bare ass. Finally she bent over slightly and pushed her stained panties down past her ankles and off her feet.
I was able to get a small glimpse of her pussy before she stood back up straight and turned around to face us. Again she put her hands over her head and did a hip shake. Warren was practically drooling on himself, oblivious to everything but his naked wife, but I had been paying attention to everything. Occasionally he would touch himself, barely getting a hand around his dick before pulling his hand away. It was clear he was on the verge of cumming and I decided to show him just how much he’d lost control of things.
“Ellen, look at your husband’s dick.” Though she didn’t want to look at her husband, she did as she was told. “You said you liked hard dicks, touch his like you did mine.” They both blushed, but she knelt down in front of him and reach a hand out and wrapped it around his shaft. His breathing quickened the closer she got, his dick was practically purple he was so ready to burst. She only had to give him two pumps before he started spurting.
His spunk landed on his shirt, his chin, his briefs, his hands and arms. A small amount got on Ellen’s hand, but she wiped that off with his shirt as he finished. She stood back up and I said, “See what a turn on you are? You’re so hot. Look at my cock.” I stepped to her, put my hands on her hips, spun us toward the bed, and shoved her causing her to fall onto her back on the bed. “Did you enjoy making your husband cum?”
“Yes”, she whispered.
“Was it satisfying? Do you feel satisfied?”
“No”, barely a whisper.
“I don’t think your husband heard that. Say it louder.”
“No”, it was clear this time, “I’m not satisfied.”
“You’re still wet?”, she nodded. “You need to be fucked? Filled with a hard dick?”
Ellen nodded and said, “I need to be fucked by a hard dick.” Warren was trying to clean himself off, but his dick was already limp and didn’t show signs of starting up again.
I stood over her as she lay on the bed, grabbing her ankles I pulled her legs up and apart exposing her pussy to me. The position gave her husband a perfect view. Putting her ankles on my shoulders I slid my hands down her legs, inching closer to her dripping snatch. He watched in disbelief, she held her breath in anticipation.
When my hands arrived I started slow circles with a thumb around her clit, while two fingers parted her lips making an opening for a third finger to slip inside her. Ellen let out a moan and shivered, her husband groaned and dropped his head. She was so wet I easily slipped a second finger inside her while continuing to tease her clit, all causing her to moan a bit louder. I waited until her head dropped back and her eyes closed, then I pulled my fingers out of her.
As her head shot back up, to see what I was doing, I rubbed those fingers up and down the length of my dick getting it slick with her juice. Her eyes got wide watching me, but they nearly jumped out of her face when I ran the head of my dick up and down her pussy. She moaned again as my tip spread her lips sliding up, rubbed against her clit, and then slid back down.
“Ellen”, I looked down at her spread before me, “squeeze your tits together, let me see you play with them. With her attention focused on her breasts for the moment, I took the opportunity to surprise her, and pushed my hips forward sliding my cock into her.
“Ah!”, she yelped and let go of her breasts in surprise. Her ankles slipped from my shoulders as her body jumped away from me instinctively. I grabbed her ankles, pulled her legs apart, and pushed myself the rest of the way in. “Oh God! You’re too big.”
“Sounds like your wife doesn’t like the size of my dick Warren.” He was watching us now, but was limp as a rag. “Think I should take it out?” No one answered so I slowly slid myself out until just the tip of my dick was inside his wife and held there for a moment. “I guarantee that she’ll change her mind though”, I smiled as I slammed back into her.
“Ah!”, Ellen let out a yell that was part pleasure and part pain. “Oh no, please no”, she panted. Ignoring her I kept her legs pulled wide apart and just started hammering her with my hard dick. Each time I slammed into her, smacking our bodies together, she let out another yell. They were slowly turning into moans of pleasure, and after a minute she was moaning almost constantly.
She started breathing heavier, trying to hold her breath, trying not to make any noise, and then when she couldn’t stand it any longer she let out a long yell as she broke into orgasm. “Oh! Oh!”, her body shook, “Fuckkk…!”
Warren’s eyes opened wide as he watched his wife cum and cuss. Ellen’s body thrashed on the bed and she pushed herself toward me, to get me as deep as she could. She was lost in the sensations now, her body had taken full control. Her hips bucked up to meet my thrusts, our bodies slamming together, and the bed was shaking beneath us.
After a minute she had another orgasm, “Oh fuck!”, she yelled as she ground her pussy against me. Warren groaned from the floor, everything about him hung limp, but he couldn’t take his eyes off us. I stopped moving, then when Ellen finished cumming she stopped moving. Then with my dick still deep inside her, I rubbed her clit with my thumb again, and she immediately had another orgasm.
“What the fuck”, Ellen said.
“Never cum like that?”, I asked her.
She shook her head no. “I’ve never had more than one orgasm at a time.”
“Well, we’re not done yet, so let’s see if we can give you a couple more. What do you think Warren?” He had been looking at us, but when I looked at him for an answer his head dropped.
I pulled out of his wife, flipped her onto her stomach, and pushed up onto the bed behind her. Roughly I grabbed her hips and shoved my cock back inside her wet cunt. Immediately she started moaning and pushing back against me, fucking her pussy onto me doggy style. Ellen was as aggressive as I had been, she’d been gaining confidence as her pleasure mounted.
We spent the next half hour fucking so hard the bed slammed against the wall, Ellen was screaming more than moaning, all while Warren stayed slumped on the floor. She had a few more orgasms, and when I was about to cum, I pulled out and blew my load all over the outside of her pussy.
“Don’t you look pretty all covered in cum”, I said looking down at her. “Let’s add some more. Warren”, I turned toward him, “You want a turn buddy?” With the help of the dresser he pulled himself to his feet and shuffled to the edge of the bed, looking at his wife laying on her back breathing heavy.
For a minute he just looked at her, his dick getting hard. Ellen didn’t look at him, she kept her head turned away. “Look Ellen, his dick is hard again. I think he likes what he sees.” Her head slide sideways so she could see her husband’s dick without having to see his face. “Go on man, fuck her”, I pushed him forward causing him to stumble.
Warren half landed on the bed, his dick bounced beside his wife, but his eyes were fixed on her cum covered snatch. She reached out and grabbed his dick in her hand. It didn’t even take a full pump, she just ran a firm grip down his shaft once, and when she hit the base he blew cum all over her face. All three of us were surprised, but it wasn’t until her husband finished cumming that Ellen angrily said, “Get this cum off my face. What the fuck?” She tightened her grip on his dick, holding tight and squeezing his balls to express her anger.
He looked around for something to use to wipe the cum, the only things in reach were the bed sheets and pillow cases. As he reached for a pillow Ellen squeezed harder, “Don’t you dare.”
“Wha…”, was all Warren managed to whimper through the pain.
“Lick it off her”, I told him. They both seemed a bit surprised. “It’s only fair, she’s tasted your cum, you should too. Why ask your wife to do something you won’t?”
Hesitantly he leaned toward her face, stuck out his tongue, and licked up a spot of his cum. “Keep going”, his wife commanded keeping a firm grasp on his balls. I stood back and watched as he kissed, licked, and sucked her face and neck until all of his cum was gone. Ellen let him go, he stood up with a disgusted look on his face, she didn’t seem that much happier.
“Doesn’t look like she’s all that satisfied with your performance Warren”, I teased him. “Perhaps if you actually gave her an orgasm on your date night.”
Looking down at his dick, which had again gone completely limp, he whispered, “I can’t”.
“Nonsense buddy”, I put a hand on his shoulder and lead him to the end of the bed. “There’s always your tongue”, and I shoved him forward so his face fell between her legs. Uncertainty as all over his face, it was obvious that I’d found his limit, but I knew that Ellen had more in her. “Would you like your husband to eat your pussy?”, I asked her.
“Yes”, she answered. “Eat me, make me cum honey.” When he didn’t move she grabbed two handfuls of his hair and pulled his face down into her snatch, griding herself against his face, smearing my cum around his mouth and lips. “Use your tongue, come on.”
After a minute she started moaning, her head back on the bed, never letting go of his head. I stepped up beside her and stuck my cock in her mouth. Ellen looked up surprised, but started doing her best to suck me off. She moaned, and enjoyed the experience of having one man eating her out while sucking on a cock.
It didn’t take long before I was hard again, and she looked up at me in surprise. “All clean Ellen, want to fuck again?” She nodded and pushed her husband with her feet, practically kicking him away, and almost hit him in the face.
“How are you hard again? That’s amazing”, she breathed as I entered her.
“Just wait and see what I can do with the rest of the night”, I replied.


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  1. Beautiful story! A man with a nice cock can always turn a wife into a slut.

  2. Great Story! A man with a nice cock can always turn a wife into a slut.

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