Wife Swapping, Swinging, Cuckolding Part 3 of 4

With some time passing by, the term wife snapping started to slowly alter to swinging during the end of the 70’s & the beginning of the 80’s. And now that the term is called swinging, it sounded less chauvinistic. That is when the curious communities started to have their own swinger’s clubs having regular events. The pleasant fact was that, bisexual women became immensely frequent & accepted by the society, & hell, even encouraged! With that in mind, the swing meetings would start with the wives starting to make out as the husbands were just watching them & getting turned on from the action. The offensive news was that, finding & communicating with other curious swinger couples was still greatly burdening. And thanks to the latest technologies with the computers & digital cameras in hands, the process has tremendously changed, becoming extremely effortless for the swingers to obtain in touch. If you visit any of the swing web sites, you will notice the cultural changes with approximately 90% of the wives being bisexual or at least bi-curious. You will notice that so many of the wives are taking photos by themselves in front of their mirrors.