Wife Swapping, Swinging, Cuckolding Part 1 of 4

It came to my mind that I should share this unwritten history with the world as I thought would be very interesting for everyone how it all started. But just before I start telling my story, I want you to make sure that you know that I am not a sex professor or something, and I am not even a professional writer, so bear with me if the flow of my story is not going well.
The so called wife snapping has began since the ending of the 60’s and lasted for about a decade, it is termed so because couples were exactly exchanging wives for sex. The whole business was run by the husbands with the wives just having to agree on the decision taken by the men. Almost always, husbands were keen to get on fucking on the first meet with the wives just going with the flow. Nowadays, people would call that absolute male chauvinism, and yet that is absolutely true without any doubt. Society was not much concerned about how sick it was and interestingly, there weren’t many bisexual women at that time.