It is a true story that happed about a year ago (by Gary)

I met my lovely wife when I was at school, she is slim pretty with long brown hair, Dee is very submissive and likes to please me, and whenever I have suggested doing anything different she always agrees. we have always had a great sex life and from an early age I fantasised about her having sex with other men, this fetish stems from my boyhood days when I would read the Fiesta magazine and men would share their love of watching their wife with another man. over the years we have had the occasional threesome with guys and had great fun but there was always something missing, my biggest fantasy was to watch her with another guy who had a bigger cock than me and even thought she had had black guys they were at best just about the same size which was about 8”. Last year I found out there was a swingers club close to where we live, I was stunned because I had drove past it many times and never realised it was there, of course that was a good thing as we didn’t want anyone knowing that we are swingers, I suggested to Dee that we could go and find out what it was like, and she agreed. The night we turned up was party night and the place was full of black men, it turns out it was Coffee and cream night and these parties were held every couple of months, we had a tour round with the manager and then we got changed, the guys were already eyeing Dee up and one even came into the changing room to introduce himself but it was a bit too early for Dee as she wasn’t in the mood due to nerves. We went into the bar and started to relax with the bottle of wine we had taken with us and over the next few hours the place filled up, later we decided to have a walk around and see what was happening and found a couples room where couples go and have some fun without being disturbed by single guys, we went in and started to kiss and play with each other, this turned Dee on but said she would like to have another walk around before we got too carried away, so I agreed, as we were walking around a black guy came up to us and asked us if we were new, we said we were and he started to chat to us, he put his arm around Dee and told her she was gorgeous and she smiled with a very grateful smile, we were standing in the hallway at this stage but this didn’t stop him from leaning forward and kissing her on the mouth she responded by putting her hand up to his neck and returned the kiss, after a minute of making out in front of me he asked if we would like to go to a room with him, Dee replied ‘yes’ instantly, unfortunately there were no rooms available so I suggested he take her to the couples room where they wouldn’t be interrupted by the single guys, he replied ‘great’ then led Dee by the hand the room, the room had a small window where you can look in and watch the action but it is mirrored so the couples inside the room can’t see who is watching, Dee got onto the large bed and kneeled down looking at him, as he took his towel off, Dee’s eyes widened as his cock came into view for the first time, he had got his back to the window so I couldn’t see what had shocked her so much and as he climbed on to the bed he kept his back to the window so I was still none the wiser, he started to kiss Dee and I could see she had got her hands between his legs playing with him, he then laid her down and started to lick her pussy, he was fingering her and I could see his fingers pushing into her, Dee was in a different world now she had lost herself and was moaning sweetly as he played with her, after a few minutes of warming her up he moved onto his back where I could see what had shocked her, his cock was huge at least 9 inches long and with a girth to match, Dee put her hand around it and started to suck it, her fingers still had an inch gap between them, she clearly had problems putting it into her mouth and within second it was clear she couldn’t suck it, so she moved on top of him and put it against her soaked and pre-stretched pussy, she rubbed his cock between her legs while he got a condom out, then she pushed his cock slowly into her, I could see everything and I was so hard I could have come there and then as I watched my wife take the biggest cock she had ever had, he then moved her onto her back and started to rhythmically thrust away at her, I could see his cock going deeper and deeper as the minutes went by and Dee completely lost herself, she was kissing him and holding his body next to hers like she did to me and I could tell she was about to come, but at that moment he stopped and pulled his cock from her and asked her to get onto her knees, Dee was glowing and had a very red face and body but she submissively kneeled over for him so he could continue using her, his cock now looked even bigger as it was now fully hard, he entered her again and started thrusting away again, pushing it in slowly at first then deeper and deeper, Dee jumped away at one stage as his cock was just too big but he held on to her hips and continued with pleasuring himself, until he was fully inserted it in her, he fucked her like this for about another 20 minutes until he finally pulled his cock out of her, quickly removed the condom and shot his of cum all over her arse and pussy. Dee’s pussy was now gapping open and swollen. They both sat up and kissed as they started to cool down and after a few minutes came out to me standing there with a cock that was about to burst, we went down stairs into the bar and had a drink together where Dee exchanged numbers with him, so…it looks like we will be meeting again………I hope.