Home Alone

Julie and I had been married for about nine years and she was just as beautiful as the day we got married, petite with a tight body, long brown hair, bright green eyes, pale skin, and firm D-cup breasts. It was late Thursday evening and we were looking forward to a three day weekend at home thanks to the Monday holiday. Our plan was to enjoy our time alone by staying shut up in the house and having a lot of sex.
We had just finished having sex and were cuddled in bed watching some television when the power went out. The entire bedroom went dark, my wife and I just sat there for a minute waiting to see if the lights were going to come back on, but after a while nothing was happening. “Why don’t you go get us something to eat and drink, and I will light some candles?”, my wife asked.
So I stumbled downstairs in the dark, still naked, and headed toward the kitchen. I rummaged through the refrigerator grabbing some water and some snacks. When I went to stand up I felt a pain in the back of my head and then… everything went black.
When I came to it was dark and my head was swimming. I wasn’t in the kitchen anymore, it looked like I was in the master bedroom but it was too dark to be sure. It felt like I was under water, I couldn’t move and I was having trouble making out why. I tried to call out to my wife, she had to have moved me, but there was something in my mouth, some kind of cloth and all that came out were mumbles.
I was regaining my senses, but my confusion was mounting. Moving was impossible because I was tied to the chair in the corner of the master bedroom, and there was some kind of cloth or gag tied into my mouth. There was no way to tell how long I was out and I had no way to tell what time it was now. For a while I struggled to free myself, but wasn’t making any progress.
There was a light in the hallway, I could barely see it out of the corner of my eye, and it appeared to be moving toward the bedroom. I couldn’t be sure, but it didn’t look like candle light. Julie must have gotten one of the flashlights and was coming to the bedroom. As the light got closer I could make out more of the bedroom, and I could see a figure on the bed.
My confusion increased as I slowly made out the person on the bed, it was my wife Julie. She was still naked and it looked like she was tied to the bed. The sheets, blankets, and pillows were all over the place; there had obviously been a struggle. Without the air conditioning the bedroom was getting stuffy, and I could see sweat forming on my wife’s body.
Noise from the hallway drew my attention to the bedroom door, and when I turned to look there was a light shining in my eyes; I couldn’t see anything. I heard a man’s voice say, “He’s awake”. The flashlight turned from my face and focused on the bed, my naked wife was clearly visible, and as I suspected, she had been tied to the bed on her back with what looked like sheets. There was more light coming from the hallway and I could see the man standing in the door to the bedroom. He was a large, black man, well muscled and over six feet tall, dressed all in black with a ski mask.
Two more men, dressed just like him, entered the master bedroom behind him, each carrying a flashlight. It was obvious they were robbing our house. The two new guys put their lights on me, blinding me again.
“I think we’ve got most everything”, a second man’s voice said.
“Lucky the power’s out”, a third man’s voice said.
“Check this out boys”, said the first voice. All three flashlights turned to focused on the bed, my wife laying still.
“Sweet tits”.
One of the lights shined back on me, I was still naked. “Looks like we caught them fucking”, one of the men said.
Another light landed on me, focused on my naked groin. “With that tiny dick?”, one of the men said. “Couldn’t have been too good huh honey?” The light returned to my wife. I was getting embarrassed, probably blushing red, but my wife was certainly blushing from the three strange men staring at her.
“You want a real cock honey?”, one of the men teased. My wife shook her head and tried to slid over on the bed, but was held in place by the sheets tying her down.
One of the men was moving toward the bed, his hand working at his zipper. “What the fuck are you doing?”, one of the other men asked. “We don’t have time for this”.
“Why not?”, the man near the bed asked. “We searched the house, there’s no one else here, and there’s no alarm”.
“Someone might be on their way here”, the third man said.
The large black man stepped over to me and took the gag out of my mouth. I screamed for help and he hit me hard right in the face. For a minute I reeled, my head was ringing, and white flashes were clouding my vision. “Scream again and I’ll hit you again”, he said down to me. “Is there anyone coming to your house?”
I responded no before I could even think. “See, we’ve got all night”, the man by the bed said still working at his zipper.
“Fuck that. We’ve got all weekend”, the third guy said. The three men chuckled and the large black man stuffed the gag back into my mouth.
“How about it honey?”, the man by the bed asked. “You want some of this?” He turned his flashlight down revealing a white cock sticking out of his pants. It was big, even half-hard it was clear that his cock would be huge once fully erect. My wife’s eyes got big as she started at this guy’s cock, watched as he waggled it at her. “I think she wants some boys”, the guy said.
My wife squirmed on the bed again, trying to get out of the restraints and away from the man standing next to the bed. She watched as the man took off his shoes, pants, and then his boxers. I was straining against my binds, trying to get free, and the black guy beside me noticed. He smacked me again, for a minute I lost concentration, and then pain brought me back to my senses as he tightened the sheets.
After he finished I couldn’t move at all, and I was starting to hurt all over. I heard the bed creak and I looked. The guy that was naked from the waist down was climbing onto the bed trying to get between my wife’s legs, but she was keeping her knees locked together. The other two guys went to the bed, grabbed some pillow cases, and started tying my wife’s ankles to the corners of the bed.
When they were done they stood back and looked. My wife’s legs were now completely spread, exposing her pussy for them all to see, the small patch of brown hair above her lips was shining in the flashlights from her sweat. The half naked guy climbed back up onto the bed, between my wife’s legs, and put one hand right onto my wife’s exposed cunt.
I heard my wife squeal beneath her gag, she thrashed her head back and forth, and tried to buck her hips. The guy held on tight to my wife with one hand, rubbing her clit, one finger inside of her. With his other hand he was jerking his cock to life, getting it hard, enjoying watching my wife try to get away. One of the other guys used the lighter to start lighting the candles my wife had placed around the bedroom, and soon there was enough light to see without the need for the flashlights.
“You ready for this bitch?”, the guy on the bed asked my wife. His cock was completely erect now and it was just as huge as I thought it would be, twice the size of mine easily. Julie looked down at it and her eyes got really big, she started screaming, but the gag in her mouth muffled it. The guy knelt closer to my wife, lined the head of his cock up again my wife’s pussy lips, and Julie started to pull away.
I started to yell against the gag which brought the attention of the guy closest to me. He reached down with one of his big hands and grabbed a handful of my hair, jerked my head to the side, and growled in my ear, “You keep making noise and I’m going to beat you unconscious”. He let go and I turned my head away from the bed, but he grabbed my hair again and forced my head so that I was looking at the bed. “You’re going to watch this so you know that we mean business”.
My wife was still pulling away from the guy on the bed as he tried to get his cock in her. He and the other guy standing next to the bed were enjoying teasing her, they were laughing at her attempts to pull away. Despite her best attempts though my wife could not dislodge the guy’s cock head from between her pussy lips. When the guy had enough teasing he grabbed my wife’s hips, held her still, leaned forward, and using his weight buried the entire length of his huge cock in her pussy.
Julie screamed against the gag, her head pressed back against the bed, her entire body tense. Her hands were gripping the sheets tied around her wrists and she was pulling on them hard. The guy began sliding his cock out of her pussy and it just kept coming and coming, the length of it was incredible. “She’s so wet”, the guy said, “she must really need a good fucking”. Just as the head of his cock became visible, still enveloped by my wife’s pussy lips, he slammed his whole cock back into her, their bodies making a slapping sound as they came together.
Again my wife screamed, her entire body was tense and straining against the sheets binding her, her toes curled, it was obvious she was in pain. I screamed against the gag, and the black guy holding my hair looked down at me. “Of course she needs a good fucking”, he said, “look at this little limp dick bastard”. With that he reached down and smacked my dick and balls. It hurt so bad I almost passed out. When I looked back up Julie was on the bed, tears coming from her eyes, and she was looking at me with pain in her eyes.
Each time the guy would push into her, Julie would grunt hard against the gag, never once did she untense or stop pulling against her binds. This nightmare scene played out in front of me for endless minutes before the guy fucking my wife announced he was cumming. He pushed himself deep into my wife and I could see his balls tense up as he moaned. My wife stayed tense as the guy pumped his cum into her pussy, the force of his thrusts causing her body to shake, which caused her tits to bounce back and forth.
“Mmm… look at these titties”, the third guy said. Until now he’d been standing next to the bed, just watching, but as his friend finished cumming and pulled out of my wife, he reached down and grabbed two handfuls of my Julie’s tits. I watched helplessly as the guy massaged and played with her breasts, but when he pinched her nipples my wife jumped. Her entire body twisted up, the guy obviously liked the reaction, so he pinched them again causing my wife to wiggle again.
Julie pulled against the sheets that tied her to the bed. She was trying to free herself but she couldn’t. The guy that had just finished fucking my wife went to the bathroom where he got a towel and wiped his cock off. Meanwhile the guy next to the bed started getting undressed. As his pants came off I could see that he too was black, and just as well built as the guy that was guarding me, and from the way his underwear was straining it looked like his cock was already hard and just as big as the first guy’s.
He moved to the head of the bed, right beside my wife’s face, and looking down at her he said, “You ever had black dick before?” Julie was just staring at the huge bulge in the guy’s underwear, her eyes wide with fear, and when she didn’t answer the guy motioned to the guy standing next to me. I looked up in time to see his fist coming toward me, and then with a loud smack I was hit again.
“Whenever we ask a question, you answer, or your hubby over there gets more pain. You understand?” I heard the man talking to my wife through a haze, but clearly enough, I saw my wife nod. “Good. Now, have you ever had a black dick before?”, he asked my wife again. I knew my wife hadn’t, she’s only dated three guys before me in college and I knew two of them.
Julie nodded her head at the man. Surprise mingled with my fear and pain, surely she was just telling a lie to placate them. “Good, was it as big as mine?” This time my wife shook her head. “Then I’ll let you have a closer look before I stick it in you”, he said. And with that he shoved his underwear down to the floor. His cock was long and thick, dark all over, with a darker head. It was just slightly bigger than the first guy’s. My wife just looked at it in shock as he held it inches away from her face. She was so surprised by it that she wasn’t even trying to get away. Like me, she could only stare.
And then he moved to the foot of the bed and climbed up between my wife’s legs. Julie tried to climb higher on the bed, to get as much distance between her and the monster cock moving toward her, but there was nowhere for her to go. The guy grabbed one of my wife’s tits and squeezed it causing Julie to twitch again, while her ran his other hand up and down the length of his shaft. “You want me to fuck you with this?”, he asked my wife holding his cock up triumphantly. Julie shook her head violently.
The guy beside me slammed his fist into my gut. It knocked the wind out of me, and I was having trouble breathing with the gag in my mouth. I was afraid that I would black out from the pain and lack of air, but I managed to stay conscious. “Every time you give an answer we don’t like, we’ll hurt your husband”, the guy said to my wife. Julie was looking at me with tears in her eyes again.
“Now, do you want me to fuck you with this big black dick?”, he asked my wife while still holding his cock up for her to see. Slowly Julie nodded at him, it was just a small nod, but when she thought it might not be enough she gave a bigger nod. “That’s what I thought”, the man said to my wife. He moved himself right up between Julie’s spread legs and laid his cock on her stomach. The contrast between the dark color of his dick and the paleness of my wife’s skin was amazing, almost as amazing as how big his dick was.
For a minute he held his cock against my wife’s clit and just rubbing it back and forth in slow strokes, obviously enjoying teasing my wife. Julie wasn’t moving at all, just laying there under the watchful eyes of me and the three strangers. Then, the guy moved his cock to my wife’s pussy and slowly began to penetrate her. As he pushed into her Julie grunted through the gag, but she didn’t move. And then, after what seemed like minutes, the last of his cock disappeared into Julie’s gaping cunt. For a minute they just stayed like that, him completely buried inside of her, and her held tight to the bed by the weight of his body and the sheets she was tied up with.
Just as I thought the pain was subsiding for my wife, the guy started pumping his cock in and out of her. He held himself above her, pounding his cock down into my poor wife, his huge cock stretching my wife’s pussy as far as it could go. The guy was moaning with each stroke, smacking his body down against my wife, and Julie was grunting each time he would pull out and slam back in. I could only imagine how much pain she was in, the force of his fucking causing her tits to bounce and her body to come up off the bed.
As he got close to cumming his pace increased, and he was pulling almost all the way out before slamming his huge, black dick back down into my wife’s forcefully spread pussy. And then he came. The guy let out a half-grunt, half-yell as he pushed down into Julie, all of his cock inside of her. Julie was grunting in pain, but still the guy held himself deep in her cunt as he emptied his load.
Julie’s body started twitching and I feared something was wrong with her. She had been breathing heavily and grunting in pain, I feared she might be suffocating, and her body had been tense the whole time. Helplessly I watched as she was held in place under this stranger while impaled on his cock. Finally the man relaxed and a few seconds later my wife’s body stopped twitching. “Damn this pussy is tight”, the guy said, “and I think she just came”.
There was no way that was true, my wife couldn’t have gotten off from being raped. But as the strangers began to chuckle and I started to replay my wife’s motions in my head I knew it was true. I knew Julie too well, she had just cum as a stranger raped her, in our own bed. “Well honey”, the guy addressed my wife, “Did you just cum on my big, black dick?” Julie nodded shyly. “See, told you”, he said to his friends.
“I think she’s starting to like this”, the black guy that had been guarding me said. “Let’s see how she likes me”. The first guy to fuck my wife handed a towel to the guy climbing off the bed. Meanwhile the big black guy next to me was undressing.
He took off his shirt, pants, socks and shoes like the other guys, and then removed his ski mask. “What are you doing?”, one of his friends asked.
“It’s dark, they ain’t gonna see well enough”, the big black guy retorted. “And besides, once I give this pussy a few more orgasms, she won’t want us to leave much less tell anybody”.
Again the three strangers chuckled. The big black guy moved to the bed, wearing only a pair of boxers, and looked down at my wife. “You want me to remove the gag?”, he asked Julie. She nodded in response. “I will, but if you start screaming for help I’m going to shove it down your throat and then we’re all going to beat your husband unconscious. Understand?” Again Julie nodded.
The guy reached down and untied the cloth and removed it from my wife’s mouth. Julie immediately took a deep breath. For a minute the guy let her lay there and just breathe. Finally he asked her, “Now, do you want to see my dick?” My wife nodded but was interrupted by the man, “You ain’t got no gag anymore. You can talk”.
“Yes”, my wife whispered.
“Yes what?”, the guy asked.
“Yes…”, my wife searched for the right thing to say. “I want to see your dick”, she finished. The guy smiled down at Julie and then turned toward me, his back now to my wife, and then he removed his boxers.
I got to see his hard dick first, and it was the same length as the cocks of the other black guy but it was noticeably thicker. His smile widened as he turned back toward my wife, hands on his hips. Julie was holding her head up off the bed, watching the man turn toward her, and she gasped when she got an eyeful of his hard dick. He stopped with his dick hanging right in front of my wife’s face, and then asked her, “You like that?”
“Yes”, Julie said.
“Yes what?”, he demanded quickly.
“Yes, I like your dick”, my wife said rather convincingly.
“You want me to fuck you with this?”, the guy asked.
“Yes, please fuck me with your huge dick”, my wife answered.
“That’s more like it”, the guy answered as he climbed up onto the bed. “You make my dick hard when you talk like that”. He was positioning himself at the opening of my wife’s cunt, and I wasn’t sure that his cock was going to fit inside my wife. “You keep talking dirty and I’ll make you orgasm really good”. I could see the cum from the other two guys leaking out of Julie’s pussy and was thankful that she would at least have some lubrication so that it wouldn’t hurt her as much. As he started to push into my wife she tensed up, her entire body went stiff again, her toes curled, and she grabbed the sheets bound around her wrists and pulled.
“Ahh…”, my wife exhaled a small pained gasp. The guy pushed forward some more and the head of his cock disappeared into my wife’s pussy, her pink lips now wrapped around the top of his shaft. “AAHH!”, Julie yelped as he pushed deeper. She wasn’t moving, just holding still, breathing heavily, each exhale accompanied by a grunt of pain with the occasional yelp.
It was obvious that the size of his dick was causing her pain, there was a small stream of tears coming from the corner of her eye and her teeth were clenched. The guy stopped moving for a minute, just holding himself in place. Julie had her head pressed back against the bed, but brought her head up and looked down at the huge black dick that was penetrating her. “If you don’t tense up so much”, the guy said to her, “it won’t hurt as much”. She looked up at his face, but his back was toward me so I don’t know what she saw there. “You haven’t had dick this big before huh?”, he asked my wife.
“No”, she said more easily. Her body was softening, her grip and mouth loosening.
“Well I’m only a third of the way in”, he replied. It was true, I could see that not even half of his dick was inside my wife. “So you relax a bit and we’ll get through this part. This will only hurt the first time”, he finished.
‘First time?’, I thought.
Julie laid her head back and started taking deep breaths, trying to relax, and it looked like it was working. She let go of the sheets around her wrists, rested her arms on the bed, closed her eyes, and her body relaxed a bit. After a minute the guy started pulling his dick out of my wife, and then slowly started pushing back in. “Oohh…”, Julie moaned as his dick slid in a bit deeper. I was still hazy from all the hits to my head, but it didn’t sound like she was in pain anymore, which I was thankful for.
Steadily the guy rocked his hips, his cock pulling out of my wife’s pussy with a wet sound only to then push back inside her a littler deeper than the time before. With each inward thrust my wife gave a little grunt. Thankfully he was going slowly, and it didn’t look like my wife was in pain anymore. And then with one last push, after what felt like forever, he was all the way inside Julie’s cunt. From where I was sitting I could see her pussy lips stretched tight, a deep shade of pink, contrasting against the huge, black cock they were wrapped around. He held still for just a minute, letting my wife get used to the sensation.
Then he lifted his hips up and pulled the whole of his dick out of my wife. His cock head was still touching Julie’s pussy lips, and I could see more cum dripping out of my wife’s cunt. The guy’s cock was glistening wet from being buried in my wife. He held himself above my wife for a few seconds, and then as soon as Julie opened her eyes he slammed back down into her. The force caused the bed to shake, their bodies slammed together with a loud smack, her eyes shut tight, and she let out a scream as her breath left her.
From then on her didn’t let up. The guy just kept pulling all the way out and then slamming his huge dick back down causing the bed to shake and my wife to scream. “OH! OH! OH!”, my wife yelled in rhythm with his fucking motion.
“You like that bitch?”, he asked, never breaking his rhythm.
“Yes! Yes! Fuck Yes!”, Julie responded.
“Yes what?”, he demanded.
“Yes I like it!”, Julie was yelling, only interrupted when he slammed deep into her and the smack of their bodies coming together forced the air out of her. “Oh Fuck! I love it! I love your cock! I love your fucking! I love it! Oh Fuck!” My wife had hold of the sheets that were binding her wrists again, she was pulling on them tight, and then her whole body started shaking. As she convulsed I knew that she was cumming, harder than I’d ever seen her cum, and she continued to yell louder than I’d ever heard her the whole time she orgasmed.
I couldn’t take it any more. I broke down and started crying, my head falling down toward my chest, tears dripping onto my naked stomach as I sobbed.
My wife’s yells subsided and turned into deep gasps for breath. I looked up, still crying, to see the guy holding himself deep inside my wife as she finished twitching, her hips bucking up against his. Julie let out a soft coo as her orgasm subsided. “Did you just cum?”, the guy asked me wife.
“Fuck yes.”, Julie said contently. Everything about her had softened. Her reply caused all three guys to laugh slightly.
“Well get ready for a few more”, the guy said as he resumed the piston-like motion. “And from now on, I want you to let us know when you’re cumming”, he commanded my wife.
“Yes!”, Julie said, her hips pumping up off the bed to meet the thrust of the guy’s thick black dick.
“Yes what?”, he asked. One of the two guys standing next to me hit me, I didn’t even see it coming through my tears, but it hurt like hell anyway.
“Yes! Fuck Me!”, my wife responded. “Fuck me with that huge dick! Make me cum again”.
“You keep talking dirty to me and I’ll make your tight little pussy feel good”.
My wife was moving her body in rhythm with the guy’s fucking, never once did she stop making noise. When she wasn’t grunting and moaning she would say things. Things like, “Fuck me! Fuck my pussy! Oh Shit!”, and then after a few more minutes she announced she was cumming again. “I’m going to cum! I’m going to cum… Oh Fuck I’m Cumming!”, Julie yelled.
The guy fucking her increased his pace, groaning and slamming down into her hard with each stroke, and her yelling got louder. “Yes! Give me that cum!”, she yelled, “Give me your black cum! Fill my pussy!” The guy pushed deep into her cunt, holding himself inside her with his weight as they both came.
Eventually they both finished groaning and moaning. I was crying at the horrible things happening to my wife, but she had a smile on her face. The guy on top of her sat up so that he was kneeling between my wife’s legs, his cock so long it was still inside her even from this position. “You want to cum again?”, he asked look down at my wife’s tits.
“Yes I want to cum again but I don’t think I can”, Julie responded short of breath. The three strangers had fucked her for almost an hour straight.
“Oh yes you can”, the guy said smiling.
He put on hand on her stomach and slowly started to slide it downward, inching toward her pussy. Julie figured out what he was going to do and started chanting, “Oh no. Oh no. Oh please”. And then his fingers made contact with her exposed, pink clit. “OOHHH FUUUCK!”, she yelled, her hips rose up off the bed as he rubbed back and forth. My wife was moaning at the top of her lungs, bucking her hips up and down causing his cock to move in and out of her pussy making a wet, squishing sound as it did. She must have orgasmed for a minute straight, moaning and chanting, “I’m cumming… I’m cumming… I’m cumming”, the whole time.
And then he moved his hand away and Julie collapsed onto the bed. His dick dropped out of her pussy, but she just lay there, breathing heavily, her chest rising and falling. Both of them were covered in sweat, her naked tits shining in the soft light that filled the room. Cum was leaking out of her pussy and mixing with her sweat, running down onto the bed. Julie seemed oblivious though, she just lay there with a content look on her face, eyes closed.
The thick black guy got up off the bed and wiped himself off with the towel. Both of the other men were hard again, their cocks sticking out in front of them. “It’s fucking hot in here”, the thick black guy said. He walked over and opened both windows, the windows that faced the neighbor’s house. I knew it was too dark for anyone to see anything, and probably the neighbors were asleep at this point anyway, but I strained my eyes in the hope of seeing someone that might come rescue us. Nothing though, it was completely dark.
“Did you cum?”, one of the guys asked me wife.
“Yes, I came. Really hard”, my wife replied softly.
“You ever cum that hard before?”, Julie was asked.
“No. I’ve never cum like that before. It was amazing”, she said.
The guy standing next to me looked down and asked me, “Here that? Your wife says we made her cum harder than you have with your tiny, little dick”. He reached down and grabbed my dick, squeezing it painfully, and then shaking it at my wife. Julie was looking over, watching what he was doing. “Do you like your husband’s tiny dick?”, he asked looking at my wife on the bed.
“Yes, I love my husband’s dick”, Julie replied.
Intense pain followed, the man was squeezed my dick and balls so hard that everything went dark. Pain overwhelmed me and I cried out, my scream muffled around the gag. “That’s not what we want to hear”, the man said.
“No!”, Julie cried. “I hate his dick. I hate my husband’s tiny dick”. The pressure went away, but the pain lingered climbing from my groin all the way to my brain. “His tiny dick doesn’t make me cum like your huge cocks do”, my wife continued. There was more laughter from the three men.
When my vision cleared I could see that all three of them were undressed now, their ski masks removed. Right in front of my face was a long, soft black cock, I couldn’t believe how big it was. It obviously belonged to the guy that had just hurt me, and he was standing over me laughing down at me. The thick black guy was standing in the door to the bathroom toweling the sweat off himself. Meanwhile the white guy had climbed up onto the bed. He was kneeling right beside Julie and was rubbing his hard cock against her naked tits, the sweat on her body making his cock glide easily.
Julie was obviously enjoying the sensation, her nipples were rock hard, she couldn’t take her eyes off the guy’s cock, and she was moaning softly. Then he swung one leg over her chest, lowered himself, and laid his cock right between my wife’s tits. Reaching down he squeezed her breasts around his shaft and started rocking himself back and forth. Julie never took her eyes off his dick as it moved back and forth, the head disappearing and then reappearing from her cleavage.
“Oh that feels nice”, my wife said. “My tits are really sensitive… ooohhh… I’ve never felt anything like that”.
The thinner black guy in front of me had turned to watch the show on the bed, his cock starting to grow hard again. “You never tit fuck your wife?”, he asked not even turning to look at me. I mumbled a no around the gag and shook my head. “With titties like that I’d have my dick between them every night”, he finished.
“We tried it once”, Julie spoke up, “but I didn’t really like it and his dick was so small that it didn’t really work”. That brought more laughter, even my wife smiled, and I couldn’t figure out why she was volunteering information.
“You didn’t like it because you weren’t sensitive enough”, the thick black guy said as he moved across the room to the bed. “But now you’ve cum hard enough that your body has become sensitive. You’ll probably find that everything we can do to your body will feel great”. With that he reached down one hand and lightly brushed Julie’s clit. Immediately she started moaning and wiggling her hips, but he only kept his hand there for a few seconds. “See what I mean?”, he asked.
“God yes!”, Julie said enthusiastically. “I love the feel of your big dick between my breasts”, she said to the guy on top of her, she pushed her lips together seductively as she said it. The white guy pushed her tits together a bit more and then he started cumming. His cum flew up and hit my wife on the chin, some landed on her lips, more splashed on her neck, and then the guy’s dick popped up from between Julie’s tits and his last two spurts landed right on her pale breasts and nipples. “Mmm…”, my wife moaned as she sucked the guy’s jizz into her mouth and swallowed. “That feels good too”, she said looking down as the guy jerked the last bits of cum out of his cock, dripping it onto my wife’s tits.
“You want to taste more?”, he asked her.
“Mmm, yes please, give me more cum”, she was practically begging. The pain in my groin was starting to go away as I watched the guy use his fingers to scoop his semen off my wife’s chest, neck, and chin and then dip his cum covered fingers into her mouth. Julie’s tongue snaked up out of her mouth, ran over his fingers, and licked every last drop of jizz from them… and she swallowed all of it.
I was starting to feel sick from the heat and the pain, the bedroom smelled of sweat and sex, and I was having trouble breathing past the gag. “Looks like limp dick is going to pass out”, one of the men said, I was so out of it that I couldn’t tell who was talking anymore. “You want your husband to pass out”, someone said, “or do you want him to stay awake and watch so that he can learn how real men fuck?”.
“I want him to watch. I want him to see how real men fuck and please a woman”, my wife replied.
There was some commotion and then I felt cold all over my chest and lap. The sharp stinging cold pulled me out of my haze and I realized that someone had dumped a cup of ice water on me. While the water had cooled me down, some of the ice was stuck in my lap and it was getting painfully cold against my naked body. I tried to move, to get the ice off of me, but I could barely move the way I was tied up.
“That seemed to wake him up”, one man said. “How about you honey, you want to cool down?”
“Yes please, I need to cool down”, my wife answered.
I watched as the three guys went about untying my wife from the bed. Once free she sat up and rubbed her wrists and her ankles which had turned pink from being bound. “Okay, time for a shower”, one of the men said.
The three guys gently pushed my wife into the bathroom, taking the candles with them and leaving me in the dark bedroom alone. I heard the water start running and then the sound of someone getting into the shower. “We’re just going to sit here and watch you”, a guy said. “And if you clean your pussy up nice I’ll eat it for you”.
“Oh… yes”, my wife responded, “please eat my pussy. My husband never eats it”. While Julie was keeping the three guys distracted I worked at trying to get out of the binds.
“Get all the cum out of your pussy. Push your fingers in deep and get it all out”, one of the guys was saying.
I heard Julie start to moan again. “No!”, a guy said commandingly, “Suck our cum off your fingers”.
“Yes, I want to taste your cum”, my wife moaned.
They were in the bathroom for nearly twenty minutes, the whole time the men giving directions to my wife. Saying things like, “Turn around and bend over, show us your ass. Spread your pussy for us. Soap up your tits and squeeze them together. Suck and lick your nipples. Yeah, finger your pussy and pretend it’s our dicks”.
And with each command my wife eagerly complied, going beyond what was asked of her, “You like my ass and pussy? Look at my pink pussy… mmm… my clit needs to feel a tongue. Ooohhh my breasts are sensitive, I want another dick between them. I’ll get my nipples hard for you. I need a dick in my pussy, spreading me wide and fucking me deep”.
I was just starting to get a hand out of the restraints when I heard my wife say, “Oh! Look at those three, big cocks, all hard and just for me. Oohhh…”, Julie moaned, “I like watching you jerk off while watching me”. The water stopped running and the shower curtain moved aside. “Keep jerking your big, hard dicks for me while I dry off?”, my wife asked.
All too soon they came back into the bedroom, carrying candles. They weren’t forcing my wife and leading her, in fact she came into the bedroom first. Her hair was wet and hanging down her back, a towel loosely wrapped around her body but straining against her large breasts, her pale skin shining in the dark bedroom. All three men followed, each huge dick hard and bouncing as they walked.
The thinner black man came over to me, the other two men stayed with Julie. My wife sat down on the edge of the bed, causing the towel to part slightly exposing her thighs and pussy, and she smiled up at the two men standing next to her. They both stepped up so that their cocks were hanging right in front of her face. Julie reached up and grabbed a cock in each hand, still smiling up at them, she started stroking them both slowly.
When the guy got to me he saw that I had freed a hand. There was a brief struggle as I tried to keep my hand away from him, but it was pointless as he quickly grabbed hold of my wrist and held my free hand up for everyone to see. “Limp dick is trying to get away”, he announced.
My wife and the other two guys looked over at me. He was stretching my arm out painfully and holding my wrist right where it had been bound, squeezing it tight causing me more pain. “I don’t think limp dick wants to be here”.
The thick black man standing over my wife looked down at her, Julie hadn’t stopped stroking either cock the whole time. “I think your limp dick husband wants us to leave. Do you want us to leave?”, he asked Julie.
“No I don’t want you to leave”, my wife replied. “Please don’t leave”. Her motion on their two cocks increased in speed, she was having trouble getting hands around their dicks, but she was working them up and down the entire length.
“Why do you want us to stay?”, he asked.
“I need to cum again. I need more hard orgasms please”, my wife finished by licking her lips up at him.
The guy holding my wrist noticed that my cock was hard. Hearing my wife talk dirty while she was in the shower had given me a painful hard-on and I was aching for release. “Hey look!”, the guy announced. “Limp dick here is hard”. With that he turned on a flashlight and illuminated my erection for everyone to see. It looked painfully small compared to the other three guys.
“Do you want your limp dick husband’s cock?”, the thick black man asked my wife.
“No”, my wife answered, “it’s so small”.
“Let’s see how small it is”, the guy next to me said. He took the flashlight and held it to the side as he knelt down beside me, putting his dick right next to mine. We were both hard, but my naked white dick barely stuck up beyond my thighs. The big, black dick next to mine however looked huge. It was an obvious comparison, he was twice as long as I was and easily twice as thick. “Which of the cocks in this room do you want honey?”
“I want your big, black cock”, my wife purred in response. She turned her attention to the white dick she was stroking and said, “I want this big dick”, and with that she leaned down and sucked it into her mouth. It was so large that she could barely get past the head, but I could see her tongue darting out and working back and forth on the shaft. The guy moaned, but my wife only stayed a second before pulling off. Julie turned to the thick black cock in her other hand and said, “And I want this thick, black dick”, following by her leaning down and wrapping her lips around the side of the thick, black shaft. My wife ran her tongue and lips down the length of his dick and then all the way back up to the head where she gave it a final lick. “And those are the only dicks I want”, she finished.
“Here that limp dick”, the black guy next to me said, “Your wife wants us to be fucked by us and not you. Sounds like you don’t please her”.
“That’s right”, my wife agreed, “he doesn’t please me. His tiny dick doesn’t make me cum”. I started crying again, the whole situation was overwhelming me. The things these men were making my wife say and do, knowing that because we’d seen their faces they would probably kill me… I couldn’t take it.
“Looks like limp dick doesn’t like this”, one of the men said.
The black man next to me grabbed a handful of my hair and painfully turned my face up to look at him. “You want us to stop? You want us to go away? You don’t like what we’re doing?”, he asked me. I tried to nod through my tears, but he was holding my hair to tightly and I could manage only a faint wiggle. “Well we don’t have to leave, isn’t that right honey?”
“That’s right”, my wife responded. “Please don’t leave”.
Laughter came from all three men and the guy shook my head and let go of my hair. I collapsed back into crying, my head falling to my chest. “We got all weekend”, one of the men said, “and limp dick is spoiling the mood. Put him somewhere else”.
The thinner black guy grabbed the back of the chair I was tied to, dragged it and me out of the master bedroom. Once in the hallway he said to me, “You’re a fat fuck… jesus you’re heavy”. He dragged me into the bedroom next to the master bedroom. Then he stripped the sheets off the bed in there and using those tied me up more. Crying as I was, I didn’t put up much of a fight.
When I was tied up, twice, he left the room and turned back toward the master bedroom. Immediately I started trying to get loose. I was surprised when he came back into the room. He caught me struggling and I stopped, shocked. As he crossed the room toward me I could see his naked form in the dark room, and then he hit me. It was harder than I’d been hit so far, and then he hit me twice more.
I blacked out. When I came to I could hear the sounds of fucking coming from the master bedroom. My wife’s moaning was loud and in a constant rhythm, ever now and then the bed would creak, and I could faintly hear the sound of bodies slapping together. There was blood dripping from my face onto my chest and stomach. Looking around I couldn’t see anyone else in the room, so I started trying to escape again. I don’t know how long I struggled, but eventually I got one of my arms free.
Using that I managed to get the sheet binding my other arm untied. After that is was just a matter of minutes before I had completely gotten free. The whole time the sounds of fucking from the next room continued, the constant sound of my wife being raped by these strange men. My mind struggled with what to do next. I decided that I had to escape the house and get help.
Quietly I got up and sneaked out into the hall. There was a soft light coming from the master bedroom, and I moved down the hall away from it. I was keeping my eyes on the bedroom, so I didn’t see the thick black guy behind me when I reached the top of the stairs. He grabbed me from behind, wrapping his muscular arms around me. Yelling and struggling I tried to get away from him, but it was no use he was much stronger than I was.
He started pushing me down the hall, using the size and weight of his body to muscle me forward. I could feel his naked body pressing against mine, he was wet with sweat, the thickness of his chest and cock pressing into my back, willing me forward. Before I had all my wits about me he had pushed us into the master bedroom. My wife was on the bed, on her hands and knees. The thinner black guy was behind her, his huge cock pumping in and out of her pussy. Her moaning was muffled because she had the cock of the white guy in her mouth, he was laying on the bed in front of her. As we came into the room the black guy stopped his fucking motions, causing my wife to pop the cock out of her mouth and ask, “Why’d you stop? Don’t stop”. Then she saw us standing in the doorway. “Oh”.
“Someone was trying to leave”, the thick black guy said. He had one arm wrapped under my arm and behind my neck, holding me immobile at a painful angle.
“Stop trying to get away”, my wife yelled at me. She was wiggling her ass causing the cock held still inside of her to move ever so slightly. “You’re messing this up”, Julie scolded.
“Well it’s obvious that limp dick wants to be in here”, the white guy said. “So bring him in here and let’s tie him down to something”.
“Maybe he wants some of the action”, the black guy with his dick in my wife said.
“I don’t want to fuck him”, my wife responded. “I only want big dicks now. Come on… fuck me”. Julie started rocking back and forth on the big, black dick in her pussy. The motion made her tits bounce beneath her and she started moaning again.
“Help me here”, the thick black guy said to the white guy still laying on the bed. The chorus of moans started coming louder from my wife as he crossed the room. Together the two men moved the small chest my wife and I kept at the end of the bed, bent me over it, and held me down. “We need something better than the sheets”.
“Oohhh… there’s um…”, my wife was trying to say something between moans, “there’s some… oohhh… rope in… ooohhh… the garage… oohh fuuuck…” I couldn’t believe that my wife was helping them.
The thick black man held me down on the chest, in this position I couldn’t help but see what was happening on the bed. My wife had at least one orgasm while we waited for the guy to get back with the rope, it was getting hard for me to tell when Julie was cumming and when she wasn’t.
And then the guy got back, he came into the bedroom holding up our orange extension cord, “This was all I could find, it will have to do”. The two of them proceeded to tie me to the chest, still naked, with the extension cord. They bound me so tight that it was painful, and I feared it was cutting off circulation to my hands, but they also tied my head down and I couldn’t move any part of my body. Once they were done they moved the chest, turning it and pushing it back against the wall, so that I had a clear view of the bedroom and the bed was in the middle of my view. The only part of the bedroom that I couldn’t see was directly behind me actually.
The white guy climbed back up on the bed and laid down on his back in front of my wife. “Oh”, my wife said pouting, “my limp dick husband made your cock soft. Here… I’ll fix that…”. With that she leaned down, grabbed his cock, and started stroking and licking it. Still getting fucked from behind, my wife started working to make the cock in her hands and mouth grow, and she was having success.
My view was blocked by the thick black guy stepping in front of me, his cock hanging right in front of my face, even soft it was huge. He stuffed a piece of cloth into my mouth, it was too dark to tell what it was, but it tasted awful and smelled like sweat. “That should keep you from making noise”, he said. “You like the view?”, he asked as he turned to look at the bed.
I managed to shake my head weakly. “No?”, he sounded surprised, “But you were trying so hard to get free. You must want to be in here with us”. I shook my head again. “Let me explain something”, he leaned in close and whispering he continued, “If you get out of here, if you leave the house, then we’ll be alone with your wife. And if you go and tell someone then the only thing we can do is hurt your wife. You don’t want that do you?”
He paused for a minute to let me think about it, the moment filled with the moans of my wife floating down from the bed, her pussy and mouth wrapped around the cocks of two strangers. I loved Julie, and even with the horrible things she was being forced to do she still looked beautiful. So I shook my head. “That’s good”, he said with surprising softness. “So you stay here, like a good little dick, and we’ll take good care of your wife. If you behave, we might even let you have some fun. Then at the end of the weekend, we leave and you don’t tell no one. Right?” There was a hard edge in his voice and any other feelings I had were replaced with fear, so I nodded in agreement.
It looked like he was going to say something else, but was interrupted by a screaming moan coming from my wife. Julie was definitely cumming, she was pushing back hard against the block cock buried in her cunt as her body shook. From the sounds that the thinner black guy was making and the way he was grabbing Julie’s hips while pushing into her, it was obvious that he was cumming too. The thinner black guy finished cumming, pumping the last of his semen into my wife’s cunt, but Julie orgasmed for at least another minute. When she was done he pulled out of Julie, and moved off the bed.
Julie moved herself forward, swung a leg forward, and straddled the white guy. Moving carefully she positioned herself over his big cock, held it up with one hand, and then lowered herself down onto it. She was already slick from the cum in her pussy, so his dick entered her easily, and without hesitation she slid herself all the way down. They began humping right away, he put his hands on the sides of my wife’s chest to help brace her, and she started bumping herself up and down vigorously.
After a minute of that she started cumming again, moaning loudly, and then as her orgasm overwhelmed her she said to the guy beneath her, “Cum for me! Cum in my pussy!”. Julie was practically screaming, I’d never seen her this sexually worked up. I had no idea how long I’d been out, or what time it was, but she must have been going at this for hours already and she didn’t look like she was slowing down. “Fill my pussy… fill me up… fuck me deep”, Julie chanted to the white guy as she sat all the way down on his cock and then started rocking back and forth, wiggling it inside her.
The white guy came, his head thrown back, moaning as he thrust his hips upward to empty his load into my wife. Julie came again, a smaller orgasm, pinching her own nipples and massaging her breasts as she did. When he finished my wife climbed off him and laid down on the bed.
As she lay there catching her breath the thick black guy said, “You’ve got a lot of cum in your pussy”. Julie just smiled in response. He crossed to the bed and stood near my wife’s head, she looked up at his thick, black dick hanging before her and smiled more. “We need to clean you up a bit”, he said thoughtfully. Then he came back over to me and started messing with the cord that I was tied down with.
Before I knew what he was doing the cord was loosened, next he grabbed me, then rolled me over onto my back, and finally tightened the cord again. I tried to move but it was no use. The position was awkward, my torso and head were on the chest, but my legs were hanging off, my arms were tied to the sides, and my ass was just barely on the edge. “That’s better”, he said standing up. He went back over to my wife and helped her stand up off the bed. I was confused, and Julie looked slightly confused, but as he led her over to me things became clear. “Let’s get all that jizz out of your pussy”, he said to my wife smiling at her.
The thick black guy guided my wife as she straddled my upturned head, and then held her hands as she lowered herself. As her pussy inched closer to my face a drop of semen fell out of it and hit me on the nose. “Clean her up nice and good”, he said to me, “I told you we’d let you have some fun if you behaved”. I opened my mouth to protest, but my cries were muffled as my wife’s pussy made contact with my face.
For a few seconds I tried to turn my head away, cum was dripping out of Julie’s cunt and onto my mouth and nose. It smelled musky and the taste was sharp and bitter. I figured if I let her rub herself against my face for a minute then I wouldn’t have to deal with the nightmare of sucking the semen of strangers out of my wife. And then there was a sharp pain in my groin, exploding fire coursing up through my body, and I lost my senses.
When my vision cleared Julie was standing up again, still straddled over my head and looking down at me. The thick black guy was between my legs at the end of the chest, his hand balled into a fist just inches from my dick and balls. All I could think at that moment was that his fingers were each as big as (or bigger than) my dick, that’s how large these men were.
“Now, you behave and lick that pussy. You get all the cum out of it and lick it clean”, he said to me. That threatening tone was back in his voice, “or else”. The last was just a whisper.
I was holding completely still, partly from pain, but mostly from fear, and he just stayed in that position. Julie reached down and grabbed a handful of my hair, she held my head still as she once again lowered herself onto my face. The musky smell coming from my wife’s pussy was overpowering. More semen leaked out as her cunt made contact with my face. Fearing more pain I shyly worked my tongue out between my lips and ran it up the length of my wife’s pussy. My hesitation was obvious to Julie and using her hold on my hair she raised my head up and then smacked it down hard into the wood chest, “Do it right”, Julie commanded. She had a stern look on her face as she looked down at me.
The taste was horrible, the sharp faded a little into more bitter, but the bitter never went away. It wasn’t particularly salty was all I could really think. But I did my best, pushing my tongue into my wife’s cunt, sucking on it, and kissing her clit. After a minute I was going down on her like I normally do, but she didn’t seem particularly aroused by it. Normally I could get my wife off by eating her out, but she didn’t look like she was close to cumming at all. I don’t know how long I was in that position, sucking and licking the cum out of my wife, all while staring up at her big tits hanging above me, but eventually Julie lifted herself up off my face.
Once she was standing all the way up she moved away from me, still naked she to the open window and stood in front of it. “You didn’t even make the lady cum”, the thick black guy said to me, “What kind of limp dick husband must you be?” He left me in that position, some semen drying on my face, awkwardly laying on my back. I was starting to get pain in my legs and arms from being in that position. He got up from between my legs and crossed the bedroom to where my wife was standing at the window.
Julie had her arms up, her hands on either side of the window above her head, and she was leaning forward into the breeze coming in from the open window. I was thankful there were no lights on, only the few remaining candles casting a dim light across the bedroom. Had there been light I was certain that many of the neighbors would have been able to see my wife’s naked body as she stood in the window. Looking around I didn’t see the other two men, it was just me, my wife, and the thick black man that was now easing himself up behind my wife.
“I’m just cooling off”, she said over her shoulder to him. As he took the last step, his legs planted right next to hers, he reached around my wife and cupped her breasts. “Mmm…”, Julie moaned softly as he massaged them gently. His huge, black cock was hanging low, and though it was still soft, I saw it jump as it started to come to life. He pressed himself forward, at the same time pulling my wife back, their two bodies meeting at the hips. Julie’s soft, pink pussy lips rubbed against his cock, and she slowly wiggled her hips up and down.
They stayed there for a minute, my wife wiggling herself against his cock while moaning softly, obviously enjoying the sensation. His dick had stopped growing though, it was just hanging low and thick. “My turn to cool off”, he said in her ear. With that he pulled my wife back from the window, stepped into her place, and turned them so his back was to the window. Julie only stayed facing me for a minute, she quickly turned around to face him and then dropped to her knees.
Without any prompting from him she started running her tongue over the head of his dick and then down the length. When she reached the bottom she used one hand to hold his cock up and out of the way, and then with her other hand she cupped his balls and brought them up to her mouth. Julie rarely gave me head, and she never paid attention to me the way she was this stranger. I watched as she ran her tongue around his balls, kissing them softly, before returning to his dick. She stroked his dick with both hands, and as she worked to get it hard, I couldn’t help but think how small her hands looked wrapped around it.
The pale hands of my petite wife contrasted starkly against the darkness of his huge, black dick. Julie tried to work his cock into her mouth, but she was barely able to get her lips past the head, it was just too big. Undeterred though, she kept working her hands up and down, increasing her pace as his cock got harder and harder from her attention. She kept stroking as she leaned in, then started licking and kissing around the base of his cock, slowly working her way down to his balls again.
He was looking down at her, enjoying the feelings that she was giving him, while standing directly in front of the window as the breeze came in and rolled over them bringing the smell of sweat and sex to me. Julie moved one of her hands down to her pussy and started rubbing and fingering herself, all while sucking on his balls and jerking his thick cock. From my vantage point I could see my wife’s tits from the side, hanging beautifully in front of her, bouncing slightly as she stroked his shaft.
The thick black guy had his hands on either side of Julie’s head, guiding her movements, but he shifted them down to her shoulders and helped her stand up. “Ready for a fucking baby?”, he asked her softly, looking her in the eyes.
“God yes!”, Julie said. “I need to cum”.
Without saying anything he turned my wife around so that she was square in the middle of the window, facing outside, her white skin outlined by the pitch black night beyond, and pushed her forward slightly so that her ass was sticking out behind her and her breasts were hanging heavily in front of her. Then he stepped in behind her, spread her legs with his foot, and then grabbed his cock and guided it toward her waiting snatch. As he closed the distance, he put a hand on her hip, and held Julie steady as he pushed inside her.
She tried to pull away, it was obviously still a bit painful, but he held her still with his powerful arm. Julie let out a sharp gasp as he pushed a bit harder, forcing more of himself inside her. Then, when he was most of the way in, he paused. They were both breathing slowly, but heavily. He moved his other hand to Julies hip, so that he was holding her from both sides, and then he thrust himself forward violently burying the remainder of his dick.
Julie had been bracing herself by holding onto the sides of the window frame, but his thrust was so powerful that she almost lost her grip and fell into the screen. She let out a short scream, partly from pain, but some from fear. It was a reminder from him that he was in control, and despite how soft he had been a few minutes ago, it brought the reality of the situation back. He didn’t give her a chance to regain her composure, instead he just started fucking her, pounding his thick meat into her from behind at a violent pace.
My wife scrambled to get her hands back into place on the window frame so that she could hold herself up and avoid falling into the window screen. Once she had her grip back she started moaning in pleasure and grunting in pain. He held her hips firm, it was probably the only thing that allowed her to regain her grip. Once he had gotten into his stride he shifted his hands from my wife’s hips to her tits.
As he started massaging Julie’s breasts she started moaning louder. I feared that with the two of them standing in the window like that they would be seen by our neighbors. Julie seemed to be getting more turned on by the prospect. My wife was slamming her ass back against the thick black man as he was slamming forward. I could only lay there and watch as his huge cock pushed in and out of her cunt. They were there for a while, slowly Julie bent over, her tits hanging beneath her in the grip of the black man that was fucking her.
Her moans were so loud and constant that I couldn’t tell when she orgasmed, but I knew when he started cumming. He started grunting, pushing his cock harder into Julie’s cunt, and with his hands still on her tits he pulled her back against him and held her tight. I could see the spasms in his balls as he emptied his load into my wife’s cunt, and with each jerk of his cock Julie would squeak loudly. “Oh fuck…”, Julie said trailing off into a moan.
“You like that baby?”, the thick black man said, his cock still stuck in my wife’s pussy, his hands still massaging her tits. In answer she turned slightly and kissed him, I could see their tongues wrestling with each other.
“God… I started cumming and I didn’t stop”, she said.
“You made enough noise I think the whole neighborhood heard you”, he replied. Julie just smiled and kissed him again. He pushed her forward a bit and pulled back, his big cock falling out of her pussy.
“You made me really messy”, my wife said to the thick black guy.
“Well you know how to get clean”, he said to her as he waved toward me. Fear started to come over me again. I had no idea what the guy was going to do, but he led my wife over to me and helped her position herself over my face. Once again Julie squatted down, lowering her pussy onto my face. The thick black guy was looking down at me with a stern look on his face.
The taste was awful, it was musky and bitter, and his sperm spilled out of my wife’s pussy and all over my face. Julie was looking down at me, smiling as I worked my tongue into her pussy and sucked this stranger’s cum out. But I was watching the thick black man, and he was watching me. It was so awful that I couldn’t help but make a face of disgust. The black guy just watched as I licked and sucked at my wife’s pussy.
Julie for her part seemed to enjoy it, she orgasmed once, it was small, but I could tell. When she came her pussy tightened and squeezed more semen out into my mouth. I actually choked a bit, and as soon as my wife’s short lived orgasm was finished she stood up off my face and went to the bed, collapsing onto it.
“Did you like that baby?”, the thick black man asked my wife.
“Eh”, Julie replied, “not really. His tongue is as pathetic as his dick”.
He looked down at me again, a mean look on his face, and I feared her was going to hurt me more. “You didn’t do a good job for the lady”, he said to me. “You want me to hurt you again?” I shook my head as much as I could. “Well, you still need to be punished. Isn’t that right?”
“Yes he does”, my wife agreed. “Punish the limp dick”.
“You cleaned your wife, now clean me”, he said. I was confused, but before I could respond he knelt down in front of me and slapped his still half hard dick in my face. As much as I could, I flinched. My mouth was hanging open in shock, and he took advantage of that and stuck his thick, black cock deep into my mouth. I gagged instantly, and he pulled out slightly.
Julie sat up on the bed and when she saw what this stranger was doing to me she exclaimed, “Yes!”, a big smile on her face. “Do that! Make him suck and lick your cock. It’s about time he knew what it was like, making me do it all these years”. As she said this the guy began to work his dick in and out of my mouth.
The taste was unsurprisingly horrible. I was on the verge of throwing up. “Lick and suck me clean”, the thick black guy said looking down at me angrily. As much as I could I opened my mouth and stuck my tongue out. I couldn’t really move in my position, but that didn’t stop him from holding his cock with one hand and pushing it in and out of my mouth. On every thrust in I would gag, and each time I did he would pull him dick out of my mouth and slide it across my lips. This would result in a glob of juice forming on my lips, a combination of my wife’s pussy juices, his semen, and my own phlegm.
Then he would shove his dick back into my mouth, pushing this glob with it. “Yes”, I heard my wife say, “That’s what a real man’s dick is like. Too bad your not like that”. From what I could see Julie was kneeling on the bed, legs spread, rubbing her pussy and squeezing a tit while watching me get fucked in the mouth. His dick started to get harder as he watched my wife getting herself off, and as it got bigger I couldn’t keep it in my mouth without gagging.
“You like watching this baby?”, the thick black guy asked looking over at Julie.
“Oh yes”, my wife replied, “I like watching you make limp dick suck your huge dick. A man’s cock”. He shoved his dick deep into my mouth, making me gag so hard my eyes watered. I continued to cough as I heard my wife say, “Come here and let me do that. Mmm… now this is how to suck a cock”. I could hear my wife moaning as I fought for breath, and then I passed out.
When I woke up there was orange morning light outside. The light was on in the bathroom, the shower was running, and I was alone in the bedroom. A gag was back in my mouth and I was feeling dirty, thirsty, and hungry. My body was aching all over.
For a few minutes I struggled to get free of the extension cord that still bound me to the wood chest. Then the shower stopped and I froze. When the door to the bathroom opened my wife came out, wrapped in a towel, fresh out of the shower. I hoped that she was coming to untie me, that maybe we were finally free, but my hopes were quickly dashed. Right behind my wife was the thinner black man, coming out of the bathroom, also fresh from a shower.
He was completely naked, his long cock hanging in front of him and swaying as he walked. My wife went to the bed and laid down, and almost immediately she started snoring softly. The black guy sat down in a chair that was now in the corner behind me, apparently moved there at some point during the night. Over the next few minutes the other two guys came into the bedroom, they were carrying food and drinks which the three of them shared.
There was a knock on the front door. As far as I knew we weren’t expecting anyone, my wife and I were going to spend the whole weekend alone. The thick black guy woke my wife, her towel had gotten loose in just the few minutes she was sleeping, and when she got up off the bed it fell completely away leaving her naked again. Julie went to the window and peaked out, the thick black guy was standing right behind her.
“It’s the neighbor”, my wife said. “Bonnie looks like she wants to use the pool”. I only barely knew Bonnie, but I was good friends with her husband. He would complain to me sometimes, there was a lack of sex in their marriage, and Bonnie never really seemed interested. Bonnie was a knock out though, gorgeous red hair, pale skin, tons of freckles, nice ass, and firm C cup breasts. Though I’d only been able to admire her body through a swimsuit when she would come play in our pool.
“Ignore her, she’ll go away”, the white guy said from across the room.
“She knows I’m home”, my wife said, “both our cars are in the driveway”.
After a moment of silence the thick black guy said, “Put a robe on and go answer it”. My wife turned to look at him and he finished, “And remember, we have your husband”. Julie threw on her thin silk robe and went downstairs. As soon as she was out of the room the thick black guy grabbed up a pair of my swim trunks, put them on, and then left the room.
Julie was at the door talking to Bonnie, trying to make excuses to get Bonnie to leave. My wife’s attempts were not having success, if anything Bonnie was getting suspicious. Then the thick black guy came down the stairs and into the foyer behind my wife. The conversation between Julie and Bonnie stopped, they were both surprised.
“Hi, I’m Jeff”, the thick black guy introduced himself to our neighbor. Julie stood there not sure what to do. “We were about to go swimming”, he said. “Aren’t you going to invite your friend to come join us?”
Bonnie didn’t wait for anyone else to say something, she just stepped inside past my wife, “Actually that’s why I came over”, Bonnie said with a happy smile on her face. My wife was so stunned all she could do was shut the door and smile.
The three of them went out back to the pool, the sun was coming up and starting to warm things up. Bonnie stripped down to her bikini and sat down on a pool chair. Turning to my wife the thick black man said, “Why don’t you go get changed into your suit and see what’s keeping your husband”. Julie smiled and came back into the house leaving Bonnie to talk to him alone.
My wife hurried up the stairs and came into the bedroom where I was still tied up. Julie dropped her robe and started looking for a swimsuit. The two guys were enjoying watching my naked wife poke around in the dresser, I could see the cock of the white guy starting to get hard. He stepped up behind Julie, reached around her, and grabbed her tits. She looked genuinely surprised, actually jumped a little, and she playfully tried to slap him away. Julie pulled a bikini out of the dresser and the white guy said, “You don’t need that. You’re not going swimming. In a minute he’ll bring your friend up here and then we can have some more fun”.
Julie looked scared and she said, “Oh God. Not Bonnie. Leave her out of this, just let her go”. In response to my wife’s protests the thin black guy sitting behind he shot his foot forward and smashed my balls against the chest I was tied to. Pain ran through my entire body, my stomach felt like it was caving in, and I screamed against the gag in my mouth. Through the tears streaming from my eyes I could see my wife standing naked, head down, shamefully apologizing.
The white guy pushed my wife to her knees and shook his half hard cock in her face. She didn’t need to be told what to do, she just grabbed a hold of it and started sucking. The thinner black guy behind me got up and went across to join them. As soon as he stepped up to my wife she reached over with her free hand, grabbed his cock, and started stroking. Her mouth bounced between the two cocks, licking up and down the shafts, her hands jerking them the whole time. “I think she likes yours better, another black cock slut it seem”, the white guy said.
That was when Bonnie stepped into the bedroom. Bonnie only made it one step into the bedroom before she stopped in her tracks, her eyes wide, and her jaw dropped. My wife tried to pull her head off the black dick that was in her mouth, but the guy put his hands on either side of her head and held his dick in her mouth. Julie squeaked and looked panicked. I tried crying for help, but it was muffled because of the gag.
Bonnie tried to back out of the room, her intention to run away obvious on her face, as she took in the scene before her. “Oh my God! Oh my God!”, Bonnie was stammering, afraid to look but unable to turn her eyes away. She bumped into the thick black guy, he was standing to block the doorway, and he pushed forward against Bonnie forcing her to fall to the floor.
The thick black guy grabbed her wrists, motioned to the white guy for help, and they wrestled Bonnie over to the bed. She was screaming and yelling for help the whole time, trying to reach out for me or Julie, but I knew it was useless. I was tied so tight I couldn’t move, much less get free, and Julie was too busy sucking the black cock in her hands. Bonnie was overpowered by the two men, they held her down and tied her to the bed using the same restraints that my wife had been in the night before.
“This one’s got big titties too”, the white guy said as he removed Bonnie’s bikini top.
“Get the fuck off of me! What are you doing?”, Bonnie screamed.
The thick black guy ripped Bonnie’s bikini bottoms off and stuffed them in her mouth, muffling her screams. “You’ll figure things out soon enough”, he said to her. With that he got up off the bed and removed the swim trunks. Bonnie’s eyes went wide when she saw his huge dick hanging before him, and she immediately started squirming and yelling.
My wife pulled her mouth off the big black dick in her mouth and said, “Don’t worry Bonnie, it only hurts at first”. The only hard cock in the room was on the thinner black guy, and that only because my wife had only stopped sucking it a moment before.
“Get over here babe”, the thick black guy said to my wife. Without hesitation my wife got up, went over to the bed. The thick black guy got off the bed and guided my wife to her knees in front of him. She started sucking without any coercion from him.
Bonnie yelled against the gag in her mouth, struggling to get loose. The thinner black guy climbed up on the bed and straddled Bonnie’s chest. As he knelt down she began to struggle more, bucking up and down, trying to throw him off, but it wasn’t working. His weight was too much for her, and as he held her to the bed he put his long dick between her tits, tucking it under the strap of her bikini. Then he reached down, squeezed her tits around his cock, and started sliding his dick back and forth.
My wife was watching, her eyes riveted to what was happening to Bonnie. “You guys haven’t done that with me”, Julie said pouting.
“You do have some glorious breasts”, the thick black guy said as he reached down and squeezed both Julie’s tits. She moaned as she stuck his black cock back into her mouth. “We’ll do that later if you’re good”.
Bonnie was looking at my wife incredulous, unable to believe what was happening, seemingly oblivious to the black guy humping her own tits. The white guy stepped over to the bed, his big cock dangling inches from Bonnie’s face. He looked down at Bonnie and said, “this is simple”, he pointed at me, “you do what we say or we hurt him”. I exchanged a look with Bonnie, both of us afraid. “You understand?”. Bonnie nodded in response. “Good, I’m going to take that out of your mouth, and then you’re going to put it to good use”, with that he waggled his limp white cock at her.
The white guy leaned down and took Bonnie’s bikini bottoms out of her mouth. Immediately she started screaming for help. He shoved a pillow case into her mouth, the black guy on top of her got up and came across the room to me. “I told you not to do that”, the white guy said looking down at Bonnie. He looked over at me and Bonnie followed his gaze. The thin black guy hit me in my upturned face. His fist connected solid, I heard something crack, and then I tasted blood.
“See Bonnie”, my wife said, “they’re serious. Do what they say. Besides, you’ll love it”. Bonnie’s only response was a muffled yell against the pillow case in her mouth.
“One more time”, the white guy said to Bonnie. He reached down and took the pillow case out of her mouth.
“No! No! Get away from me!”, Bonnie yelled.
I tried to yell through the gag in my mouth, to get Bonnie to stop, but it was no use. The white guy shoved the pillowcase back into my neighbor’s mouth, but she kept squealing. “What do we have to do to convince you?”, the white guy asked her.
The thick black guy looked up from my wife, who was licking up and down the length of his shaft, and he said, “Well limp dick wasn’t real happy earlier with licking his wife’s pussy. Maybe he wants to try something else”.
All three guys smiled. The thinner black guy and the white guy came over to me, untied the extension cord, and rolled me over. Pain crept into my hands and legs, I’d been in that position too long. When I was face down on the chest they tied me up again with the extension cord. I couldn’t move my head, and all I could see was the bed in front of me, my wife on her knees beside it sucking the thick black dick to hardness.
The white guy went into the bedroom, a second later he came out with our KY. He walked across the bedroom and handed it to the thinner black guy who was now standing behind me. I tried to turn my head to see what was happening, but was held fast to the chest. “Oh yes”, I heard my wife say, “yes. Do that. About time limp dick learned what that felt like”.
I was confused until I felt a pressure on my asshole. The white guy walked in front of me and smiled before moving back to the bed to join Bonnie. I let out a muffled scream as the pressure against my asshole increased and became painful. There was a grunt behind me from the thinner black guy, and then the pain in my ass exploded into a red haze. Grunting and screaming against the gag in my mouth I tried to pull away, but I was tied down enough that I couldn’t get away. Pain continued and there was an increasing pressure as something pushed its way deeper into my ass.
Fear gripped me as the pain increased, I was being split apart, afraid that I would pass out from the pain. “Yes, shove that black cock in his ass!”, my wife cheered. “Show him what it feels like. Teach limp dick how painful anal sex is”. There was an increase in the pressure and pain, I felt his cock pushing deeper into my ass, and I yelled harder.
“I think limp dick likes it”, the thick black guy said, “all that moaning and yelling must mean he’s enjoying it”.
The white guy was up on the bed with Bonnie, he’d been jerking his cock while watching my wife suck the black cock in her hands, and it was now growing hard in his hands. “You ready to cooperate baby?”, he asked Bonnie. Not waiting for a response he leaned forward and put his cock at the opening to Bonnie’s pussy. She yelled and squirmed and tried to get away, but it was all futile.
He leaned forward, pushing his weight down onto Bonnie, and with his cock covered in KY, it slipped completely inside her in one motion. She screamed loudly, still muffled, but clearly a scream of pain. The white guy didn’t even seem to care, he just started fucking her, pumping his cock in and out of her cunt in quick, strong movements. My wife looked up at the thick black guy and begged, “Can I get fucked now? I’ve been good”. To reinforce her point she kissed the base of his cock, now hard from her attention, and wiggled her tits up at him.
“I guess since you’ve been so good”, the thick black man said. He stood my wife up, bent her over the bed so that her face was inches from Bonnie’s, and then stepped up behind her guiding his cock right into her waiting snatch.
Bonnie watched as my wife’s face contorted in pleasure. Julie though was moaning loudly, lost in the throes of a continuous orgasm that started as soon as the huge black cock pushed all the way inside her. The three strangers were fucking in rhythm, all groaning together. My wife’s body would twitch violently as she came, her orgasms so strong they took control of her, and each one was accompanied by screams of pleasure.
Meanwhile Bonnie had been watching with wide eyed disbelief, but after a few minutes she pushed her head back against the bed and closed her eyes. The white stranger on top of her watched her tits bounce back and forth as he plowed his cock in and out of her unwilling pussy. Bonnie had her eyes squeezed tightly shut, her hands pulling against the sheets that tied her down, and then her whole body slowly started to spasm. The screams that were being stifled by her gag turned into moans. It became obvious to everyone that Bonnie was cumming as her hips started jerking up to meet the thrusts of the big white cock that was penetrating her.
Her orgasm lasted for almost two minutes, the whole time she moaned loudly against the gag in her mouth and strained her body. Then she stopped, her body relaxed, and she fell onto the bed breathless. The white guy stopped moving for a second, letting Bonnie get her breath back, still holding his cock deep inside her. Julie also paused, holding the thick black cock inside her as she bent over the bed. My wife reached up and pulled the pillow case out of Bonnie’s mouth, and Bonnie immediately took a huge breath. “I told you that you’d like it”, Julie said.
“Holy shit!”, Bonnie replied still breathing heavy.
“Haven’t cum like that in a while huh?”, the white guy said to Bonnie, his cock still stuck in her.
“I haven’t cum like that ever”, Bonnie answered.
“Wait til you try the others”, Julie said to Bonnie.
A surprised look came over Bonnie’s face, she glanced around the room, “How long have you been doing this?”, she asked my wife.
“All night and all morning”, Julie said. Again Bonnie looked surprised. She made to open her mouth to say something, but closed it again right away. “Well there’s three of them, and if you give them enough attention their cocks can stay hard almost all the time”.
“But… how…”, Bonnie trailed off as the white guy again started moving in and out of her. At the same time the thick black guy starting moving again, fucking his cock into my wife with greater vigor now. Both women started moaning furiously. The black guy behind me resumed his strokes in and out of my ass, and the pain immediately returned. I was crying, but both my wife and my neighbor were moaning in pleasure as they orgasmed again and again.
The white guy was the first to cum, pushing himself deep into Bonnie as he did. Bonnie immediately senses what was happening and her moans of pleasure turned into screams of distress, “No! No! Get off me!” She bucked and jumped about, trying to throw him off of her, but it only served to excite him more. He grabbed her hips, and pulled her tight against him as he emptied his load into her tight pussy. Despite herself Bonnie moaned as his throbbing cock plunged deep into her. “No! Ohhh… God no!”
“What’s wrong?”, Julie asked our neighbor.
“I’m not using any protection”, Bonnie said sounding really upset.
“How are you… ohh… not on the pill?”, my wife said.
“My husband and I haven’t been having sex”.
“How long… umm… has it been?”, Julie had not slowed down her fucking at all, her ass was still smacking into the thick black cock buried in her.
“Eight months”, Bonnie replied. She sounded worried.
“Trust me Bonnie, it’s so good… that you will be begging for their cum later”, Julie said. “Watch this”. She looked back over her shoulder at the thick black guy that was fucking her and begged, “Please give me your cum. Please fill my pussy. Cum inside me. Fill me up. Give me that hot black cum”. That was all it took and the thick black guy started cumming. Julie pushed back against him, taking all of his cum in her pussy, yelling in pleasure the whole time.
“She still said no to you though”, the black guy behind me said. I was already crying from the pain, I couldn’t imagine it getting any worse. “You want me to hurt this limp dick?”
“Yes”, my wife replied, “Hurt the little dick bastard”.
The black guy behind me reached down, grabbed my balls in his hand, and started crushing them. I yelled as hard as I could against the gag in my mouth, but he kept squeezing.
“Why are you doing that?”, Bonnie asked my wife.
Julie slide off the thick black cock, which was starting to go limp, and replied, “That little limp dick bastard never made me cum like this. All these years and there were beautiful cocks out there like this…”, with that she turned around, got on her knees, and started sucking the thick black cock that was still wet with her pussy juices. “Mmm… and that little dick never told me. He denied me pleasure like this. Fuck him”. With that she went back to cleaning the thick black cock with her tongue like it was the only thing in the world that mattered.
The pain was so intense, so overpowering, that I started to become numb to everything. It must have been shock, my entire body sort of numb, and I felt like I was in a haze. The dehydration, the lack of food, and the trauma to my body were just too much for me.
Pain surged into me again from my ass, the black guy fucking me pushed himself in deep and then I felt his dick spasm. There was a strange, warm sensation inside my ass, and I wasn’t sure what it was until the black guy behind me announced that he was cumming. My wife cheered him on through the cock in her mouth.
“Oh!”, Bonnie exclaimed as the white guy climbed up onto the bed next to her, slapping his half limp dick onto her face. “What… what are you doing?”, she asked sounding afraid.
“You need to clean my dick”, he said looking down at her. Reluctantly Bonnie sucked just the head of his cock into her mouth, working as much of it as she could with just her head. After a minute though she gave up, popped the dick out of her mouth, and said, “I can’t do this without my hands”. To make the point she wiggled her hands against the sheets that were restraining her to the bed.
“Okay”, the white guy replied, “but you behave or else there will be more pain”. He reached over and untied the sheets from Bonnie’s wrists. She reached up and grabbed his dick, licking up and down the length of it and sucking the head into her mouth. The white guy meanwhile pulled her bikini top off, not that it mattered really since it had moved around so much from their fucking motion that her nipples were sticking out the top of it anyway.
My wife meanwhile was still on her knees next to the bed, now sucking and licking the cock that had been in my ass a minute before. The thick black guy had left the room, so it was just the two women gleefully sucking the two cocks. Bonnie’s bikini top landed on the floor in front of me.
After a few minutes the white guy got up off the bed and Julie got up off her knees, both cocks cleaned. Bonnie sat up and made a motion toward the bathroom when the black guy said, “Where are you going?”
Bonnie meekly replied, “To clean up”.
“Bullshit”, he replied, “You don’t have to go in there to do that, we can do that right here”. He waved at me with a hand, “This cuckold will lick your pussy clean and suck all the cum out of it”. Reaching down he turned my head sideways and squeezed my cheeks painfully, causing my tongue to stick out a bit. “We just flip him over and he’s a cum sucking machine. Isn’t that right?”, he asked slapping my cheek.
Bonnie looked intrigued at the idea, but Julie didn’t look happy at all. “What? No!”, Julie exclaimed, “I don’t want that limp dick bastard eating another woman’s pussy!” A second after she said it Julie realized what she’d said, no.
Both men looked over at her, but it was the black guy that spoke, “No huh?” Julie covered her mouth with her hands, embarrassed. “You want to get fucked again?” My wife nodded. “You want us to leave?” She shook her head no. “Good, then you’re going to do what we say”. He pushed Bonnie back down onto the bed, grabbed my wife by her ponytail, and shoved her onto the foot of the bed. Then he turned my wife’s head toward Bonnie’s pussy, pointed, and said, “You don’t want your husband to clean her pussy, then you do it”.
Both women looked surprised, but after a moment of hesitation my wife gingerly leaned her head down and touched her tongue to Bonnie’s pussy. At first she slowly wiggled her tongue up and down, just brushing Bonnie’s pussy lips. Then Julie pushed a little deeper with her tongue, parting Bonnie’s lips, and a small glob of cum landed on my wife’s tongue. That was when my wife started licking deeper and faster, pushing her tongue into Bonnie as far as it would go, holding Bonnie’s lips apart with her fingers.
Bonnie started moaning, obviously enjoying the attention. My wife was really going to town, licking faster and pushing her tongue deeper. “Do you like that?”, the black guy asked. My wife managed to moan something that sounded positive, Bonnie pinched her nipples and moaned louder. “Alright”, he said, “now you do her”. He pointed at Bonnie, she looked terrified.
My wife didn’t hesitate, she just laid back on the bed and spread her legs wide. Bonnie hesitated, so the white guy shoved her roughly forward, and her head fell into my wife’s lap. Tentatively she looked up at my wife for reassurances, my wife looked lustful and desperate at the same time. Slowly Bonnie extended her tongue and put it to my wife, just above her pussy. The white guy saw that she was avoiding actually touching Julie’s pussy, so he smacked Bonnie on the ass hard.
“Ow!”, she yelled. Almost immediately there was a red mark showing up. That was all that Bonnie needed, she put her tongue to my wife’s pussy and started licking. Julie started moaning, wiggling her hips, and then Bonnie sucked my wife’s clit into her mouth. An audible gasp escaped Julie, and it was obvious that both women were getting into it.
“There’s still a bit of cum here”, one of the men said pointing at Bonnie’s snatch. So both women moved around on the bed so they were in a sixty-nine position, with my wife on bottom. It was the hottest thing I’d ever seen, but I was so hurt and worn out that I couldn’t get hard at all.
After a few minutes of watching, the guys announced that the women were done, and it was time to go downstairs. Everyone fled downstairs, and I could hear mumbled voices. The thick black guy came up and gave me some water, no food though. He was still naked, but I noticed he was covered in water, I could only guess he’d been in our pool. He must have seen me looking him over because he said, “We’re in your pool having some fun. You want to watch?”
I was too tired and sore to do anything, much less shake my head, so he just took that as a yes. Effortlessly he picked me up and carried me downstairs into the kitchen. “I can’t have you outside you understand? You might do something… stupid. So I’m going to tie you up in here where you can see everything and we can watch you.”
He tied me to a chair using the electrical cord, and sat me so that I could see the entire back yard and pool through the sliding glass door. I was still completely naked, and close enough to the door that if any of the neighbors cared to look they’d see me sitting there, though probably not with enough detail to see that I was tied up.

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