I paid Diane and lovers hotel bill

This might not be the dirtiest story around, but it’s certainly one that gets me rock-hard every time I think about it. Best of all, it’s 100% true.
I was once married to a woman named Diane. She was my first wife, and she was regularly fucking my former best friend, Dicker. Even moving away for a few years didn’t keep them apart, because they always found ways to hook up. One day, Diane told me that they’d be getting together for the weekend. She said it was my responsibility to book a room for them, pay for it and get Diane some gas money for Dicker. Of course, I obeyed.
The afternoon of their encounter, I drove Diane to the train station so she could meet up with Dicker. She looked stunning in her short leather skirt, dark stockings and stilettos. She looked like a high-priced prostitute ready to get it on with her john. She got on the train and took a window seat. It was only minutes later that a handsome, young, fit soldier sat beside her. Later, Diane would tell me that he’d purchased her several drinks and kept her pussy warm with his fingers. She said that she spent the entire weekend with Dicker’s huge, throbbing cock inside her willing cunt.
On Sunday morning – the day she was to return from her “trip” – the two woke up to find that Dicker’s car was gone from the parking lot of the hotel. They called the police and gave them their statements, then Diane called me to tell me that I’d be arranging for her to stay with her lover for another night. She had me send enough money to cover the room, their meals and even a night at the bar. Again, I did what I was told to do.
When Diane finally returned home, she told me all about what she did with Dicker. She told me what he did to her and how much she liked it. She went into great detail about how many times he made her cum and how he did it. A few days later, I got the idea that I should do a little digging. I pulled up the phone number for the hotel they were staying at and called, pretending to be Dicker’s insurance company. I have to admit I became hugely aroused when I was able to confirm with the front desk that my wife, Mrs. Jones, and Dickers stayed at the hotel for three nights, with all expenses being paid by credit card – by Mr. Jones! The receptionist made no attempt to disguise her voice as she pieced everything together, and I could feel my cock straining against my pants. I was so turned on by talking to the receptionist that I ended up calling several times, always pretending to be the insurance adjuster and always asking about how the room was paid for. Some of the receptionists didn’t connect the dots between who stayed and who paid, but whenever I got one who did, my dick got so hard. I talked to the same receptionist as the first time a few times, and she always seemed so shocked whenever she looked up the account and saw that the wife of Mrs. Jones was paying for a room for her and another man!
Eventually, I think they caught on to the fact that I wasn’t with the insurance company. I say this because one time I called, and I was told never to call again or they’d contact the authorities. That definitely turned me on more than any previous conversation!
I don’t know who pays for Diane’s weekend getaways these days, but I know I’d do it again in a heartbeat if she ever asked.