Our very long journey… still in progress

As much as I’d like to obtain into the meat of my story, the best way to tell mine is to start from the very beginning – which takes us back approximately 20 years.
My wife, Samantha, & I are in our late 30s. We met in high school, & being a year older than her, I had dated quite a few girls & even slept with a few of them. Samantha, on the other hand, only had a couple of boyfriends, & they never went to bed together.
We first hooked up when I was 17 & she was 16. She was a virgin, & I was her first. I knew from the moment I met her that she was different, yet I didn’t know why. While a lot of the other girls were stick-thin, she was curvy with astonishing tits & a round ass. What I didn’t know then was that she was exactly the kind of woman I would grow to love & obtain horny for. At 16, she was at the point in her life where she was ready to obtain rowdy & have some fun. The first night we spent together, we went further than she’d ever wanted to with any other guy. We received completely naked & spent the night touching, fingering & jerking each other. We were so hot & turned on that I’d slipped on a condom & started to enter that sweet pussy before I stopped to ask if she’d done it before. I assumed she had because she was all hands with me & really seemed to know what she was doing. I was shocked when she confessed to being a virgin, & I immediately pulled away. As much as I wanted to drill her into the mattress, I didn’t want the start of our relationship to be like that.
We ended up spending a few weeks getting to know each other & each other’s bodies better. About a month into it, we decided to sneak out for the night, each of us telling our parents that we’d be spending the night at a friend’s house. We received a nice hotel room with a huge bed & huge bathroom. In the shower, she jerked my cock while I stuck my fingers deep inside her twat. When she leaned in to whisper into my ear, “Make love to me,” I was out of that shower & in the bed with her in no time at all. Our first time was great: I took things slow, & we both had a wonderful time.
After that night, we couldn’t keep our hands off of each other. We screwed like bunnies, anywhere & anytime we could manage. As teenagers, we were even able to do it several times a day sometimes. We took lots of time to learn approximately what we each liked & disliked, & we did plenty of experimenting. She once told me approximately how she’d sit in class, looking at the students around her & wondering which ones of them were having sex. She didn’t think it was many of them, & that certainly none of them were getting it as satisfactory as she was.
I eventually graduated & went off to college. She was still in high school for another year, yet she visited me often, & when it was her time to graduate, she came to my school. We basically lived in each other’s dorms, & of course, we still messed around whenever an opportunity presented itself.
I remember in tremendous detail how one night, I took her fingers & put them over her clit. I moved them in a slow, circular motion, asking her if she ever did that. She shook her head, so I rubbed a little more then let her take over. “How does it feel?” I asked her as I knelt next to her & began fisting my dick. We watched each other closely, & it was the first time we’d witnessed each other masturbating. It was absolutely amazing. When I saw her hips start to stutter, I couldn’t assist myself: I crawled up to her face, put my cock at her lips & came when her tongue came out to lick at me.
When we’d cleaned up a bit & were under the covers, I commented to her, “You seemed to know what you were doing down there. Are you sure you’d never done that before?” She laughed & blushed. She told me that she’d been masturbating regularly since she was 12. She told me her favorite way to do it was to obtain into the tub, spread her legs wide & let the water from the faucet massage her clit until she came. When I went away that first year & she was stuck at home, she said that she’d masturbate in the tub every night. It received to the point that her parents started to yell at her approximately the high water bills; they couldn’t understand why she was suddenly taking such long baths!
That night turned out to be a huge turning point in our relationship. We were now 21 or 22, & it was the first time we’d ever been so open with one another. It was shortly after that night that she started getting daring when we’d have sex. For example, one night she was going down on me. I had my fingers in her hair like usual, & she suddenly reached up, put her hands over mine & pushed down, forcing me deeper into her throat. Another time, I was fucking her doggy style, & I lightly slapped her ass. She moaned loudly, threw back her hips & asked me to do it harder.
Eventually, we started trying out new things in the bedroom. We experimenting with things during foreplay or tried fucking in different positions. We moreover liked having sex after having a little to drink because any inhibitions we might have left would completely disappear. Unfortunately, it moreover meant that I came a lot quicker than usual & it would take some time before I could obtain complex again. I once told her that I felt offensive approximately that, & that’s when she suggested we buy a vibrator. She said she could use it on herself while I sucked her tits or something.
So, the next time I came too early, she suddenly pulls out this vibrator from under the mattress. I watched eagerly as she put it on her clit & rubbed it all around her cunt. I don’t know what made me say it, yet I go, “It’s a shame that there isn’t another dick here for you to fool around with.” I bit my lip & looked up at her, sort of hoping that she hadn’t heard me say anything. She didn’t say anything, yet she did start pumping the vibrator in & out of her twat. A few minutes later, she says, “Interesting.”
“What’s that?” I asked, my eyes glued to the toy in her pussy.
“Having two guys at one time,” she replied. The moment the words were out of her mouth, her hips started moving faster. I held my breath as I watched her cum harder than I’d seen in a long time.
That was the first time my girl & I had talked approximately bringing another dick into the relationship, yet it certainly wouldn’t be the last time.