How it all began… Part 2

A few days after the encounter in his office, Richard called Bonnie and told her that they were going shopping. He dropped nearly $2,000 on new clothing for her, including dresses, blouses, shoes, skirts, nylons and lingerie. He told her that she had a dress code that she needed to follow if she wanted to keep her position. I thought that this dress code sounded odd, but the next day, I was treated to the sight of my wife coming out of the bedroom in 5-inch heels, red panties and bra, thigh-high stockings and a skin-tight blouse, jacket and pencil skirt. She then got into her car to pick up Richard and drive him to the office.
That night, Bonnie confessed that Richard was all over her on the ride to the office. He was kissing her neck and cheek, and he kept pushing his hand up her skirt to play with her sensitive cunt. She said she had to concentrate extra hard on the road to avoid an accident, and there were a couple of times when she swore she was going to have an orgasm. When they finally got to the office, poor Bonnie could barely walk she was so weak-kneed. Of course, Richard was a proper gentleman and steadied her with an arm around her waist.
About an hour later, Bonnie had returned to Richard’s office to bring him his coffee. She was on her way out when Richard called her back and told her to take off her pretty red panties. He put them in the bottom drawer of his desk and told her that if she was a good girl, she’d get them back at the end of the day.
He then had her sit down in front of his desk in a big, plush chair. While Richard spoke via speakerphone to some of his clients, he signaled to Bonnie that she should finger her twat, squeeze her tits or even come across the desk to fondle his prick. What he liked the best, though, was when she got on her knees and sucked his prick.
Two weeks later, Bonnie was so comfortable around Richard that she was good and ready to fuck her boss. We were naked and in bed when she told me this, and she shyly looked over to me to see if I was okay with it. I tugged down the sheets and revealed the raging boner that had come on while listening to her tell me about everything that was going on. She was so pleased that I was okay with it all, and soon enough, she was getting dicked by Richard on a regular basis.
If you asked Bonnie what she liked the best about the arrangement, she’d say it’s the power he holds over her. She’s a lot more submissive these days, and she’s been awfully generous with her blowjobs. She is the blowjob queen, and when she gives what I call a “cock massage”, it’s like being in heaven.
Bonnie had the opportunity to work for Richard for about another year before it was time for us to go back home to the States. Bonnie ended up finding work with three other guys before she managed to find herself another Richard — and he was just as sexually demanding as the last! It’s clear that my wife certainly knows how to attract Dick!
This is just one story about Bonnie and a guy she’s found to fuck. I’ve got plenty of others if you’d like to hear them.