How it all began… Part 1

Years ago, I was in the military and stationed in Germany. My wife Bonnie was a good girl, but sometimes too good. It seemed like I was constantly on her about dressing more provocatively and showing some skin. Bonnie had a slammin’ body and she didn’t even realize it! All the guys at my job were constantly talking about how good my wife looked, and it always stirred a little something in my nether regions to know that they desired her. Thinking about a co-worker, friend or even some random stranger banging my wife would get my cock hard in no time, and I even started thinking about how I would go about arranging it.
At one of our holiday balls, I begged and pleaded with Bonnie until she finally agreed to wear nothing but this gorgeous white gown, incredibly sexy heels, an ankle bracelet and these hoop earrings that always get me going. She looked ravishing, and at the ball, she was dancing with everyone – including my wing commander! Sometimes, I wonder if he realized that my babe was wearing nothing under that skin-tight gown!
A year after the ball, Bonnie booked a trip back to the United States so she could attend her 20th high school reunion. The night of the reunion, she called me from the bathroom to tell me how things were going. She confessed that several guys that she’d dated in high school were all over her, hitting on her and asking her out, because she was there alone. Before I knew what I was saying, I told her to go out with one of them and see what came up. Bonnie laughed and declined, but I took notice that there wasn’t any anger or disgust in her voice. When she came back to Germany, we brought the subject back up, and to my surprise, she wanted to talk about it.
Soon after her trip, Bonnie was contacted by a friend of hers. This woman worked for a man named Richard as an assistant, and she told Bonnie that she’d been reaping the benefits of working for this single, well-off man for the last year or so. When Bonnie pressed about what that meant, her friend winked and quietly told her, “exactly what you think.”
This friend of Bonnie’s was moving back to the United States with her husband, so this meant that Richard would be without an assistant. When Richard asked for a recommendation for a replacement, Bonnie’s friend immediately recommended Bonnie. Because Bonnie and Richard had met a few times in the past, he had already known that he liked her. He went through the motions of interviewing other women, but in the end, he chose Bonnie. Bonnie and her friend worked together for the next two weeks so Bonnie could be trained, and Bonnie noticed that her friend spent a lot of time with her boss alone in his office or his home. Needless to say, that first week that Bonnie was working for Richard alone, things were quite interesting.
The first thing Richard did was provide Bonnie with a brand-new, state-of-the-art cell phone. He told her that she could use it whenever she wanted for whatever she wanted and that his company would foot the bill. The only condition was that if Richard called Bonnie, she had to answer no matter the time and follow whatever directions followed.
That week, Richard invited Bonnie out to lunch. They went to a popular pub near the office, and he ordered some wine for them. Bonnie had two glasses while they talked, then they went back to the office. As soon as his door had closed, he had her pinned against it so he could give her a filthy, open-mouthed kiss. That night, when Bonnie was recalling the event to me, she told me that she could feel his tongue piercing brushing against her tongue and it turned her on. Moreover, even though she blamed her actions on the wine she’d had, she said she liked the rough, forceful way he had acted.