MASTER’S use of my wife’s undies

While my wife was out yesterday, my Master came over to see me. My wife was visiting with friends, so my Master Rick and I knew we had several hours to ourselves. My wife, Carole, doesn’t know that I am owned by another man, though she does know I am basically a pussy and can barely be called a man.
As usual, Master Rick called me before coming over to make sure that my wife — who he likes to call The Slut — had left for the day. After confirming that she had, he made his way over and let himself into the house. Of course, he has a key to the residence, as well as knowledge of all the security codes. This is so that he can visit me when The Slut is away, as well as use our residence when both my wife and I are out of town.
When he was on the phone with me, Master Rick instructed me to stay downstairs while he did some snooping. He went through all of the bedrooms, and he paid particular attention to the drawer where my wife keeps her lingerie and panties. When he was done, he called for me and told me to bring the camera.
As I entered the room, I saw my Master spread out on our bed, naked with his fat, long cock erect and lying on his belly. All around him, my wife’s panties were spread out, and he was taking his time picking them up, sniffing them and going for the next. Wasting no time, I dropped to my knees in front of his prick and sucked it into my mouth. I barely had time to taste his delicious essence before I was slapped across the head.
“You fucking sissy,” my Master yelled. “Get your filthy mouth off of my dick.”
More slaps followed the first, and I begged my Master to stop. Of course, he didn’t; instead, he delivered two more blows that were stronger than the previous ones. My heart (and cock) swelled with admiration for my Master because knew exactly what I liked.
When the stars vanished from before my eyes, my Master commanded me to pick up the camera and take pictures of him as he played with my wife’s panties and his cock. He dangled a pair of panties from his boner while he wrapped the straps of a bra around his balls. He picked up a slip and smoothed it over the leaking head of his erection while sucking on the heel of one of my wife’s stilettos. I took picture after picture, just like he asked, and I got up to follow him when he went to The Slut’s wardrobe. He found a short, racy dress that I’d never laid eyes on before. I wondered if she had bought it herself to seduce her boss (the latest in her recent string of lovers) or if her boss himself bought it for her. It didn’t matter either way, because Master Rick took the dress, wrapped it around his enormous rod and began to masturbate himself. The only sounds in the room were my Master’s pants of pleasure and the soft ruffling of the dress. Before Master could cum, he removed the outfit from his penis and put it on. His hand went back to his pole, and he started masturbating all over again. Again, before he could spill his seed, he stopped and made his way to the bed.
Lying down on Carole’s side of the bed, he jacked his boner some more while telling me how he was going to fuck my wife and fill her up with his jizz. My mouth watered as I watched him, and just before he exploded, he allowed me to put my mouth on his meat and suck him dry. I sucked and nibbled while he panted above me, continuing to talk about how hard he would ram my wife and how much she would like it. Hearing him talk got me so hard, but I knew that my pathetic dick would see no action.
When my Master finally came, I swallowed down the glorious gift, licking my lips afterwards to make sure I didn’t miss a drop. Master then dressed himself and left. His parting words were that he was going to post the photos I’d taken.
So, what do you think of this? Would you like to see the photos? How about a few he took while I had my dirty mouth wrapped around his rod? Also, I’d like to know if any of you have ever done anything like this. I’d like to hear about your experiences to give us ideas for what to do next time.