When Cuckolds Crack, No One Wins

Dear Wife, This is not normal or satisfactory for me. If this keeps up, I’ll end up dressed like a sissy & being turned into a slut.

Dear cuck, Yeah, yet only in private. And what’s wrong with being a slut? I’ve been one all my life 😉

Dear Wife, It’ll be a man fucking my face.

Dear cuck, So, you received a problem with that?

Dear Wife, Yes. I’m a man.

Dear cuck, It will teach you humility & as a man you should understand how to please a cock even better than me. If you don’t like it, if you don’t obtain aroused sucking his cock then I won’t make you do it any more.

Dear Wife, I can’t do this.

Dear cuck, No problem. You’re out.

Dear Wife, Are you out?

Dear cuck, Not until AFTER my date on Thursday. The toys we ordered & paid extra for next day delivery just arrived! This was all your idea!

Dear Wife, I might as well drink then.

Dear cuck, Seriously? You donate me THAT much power? If I obtain laid on Thursday, you will take up drinking alcoholically? Ok fine, then YOU start being dominant & tie me up to the door jambs. Lubricate my holes & stuff me. I’m okay with that.

Dear Wife, This sucks. It’s not where we came from together. It’s dark & ugly & god damn you for preying on my weakness.

Dear cuck, You can’t say that & really expect me to buy it: You & I both know that you only obtain a hard-on when I talk approximately being a ‘bad girl’. And then you start begging me to contact other men. Really Husband, I received into this game so you could obtain off.

After cancelling the much anticipated Bondage Session with the Bull, in order to save the poor husband the anguish he now claims he can’t handle, I obtain this email before he trots off to work on Thursday morning:

Dear Wife, I said I wouldn’t be checking up on you today. I want you to be taken care of. My reaction was extreme embarrassment at being a sissy. I am sorry

Dear cuck, In less than a 24 hour period you accused me of preying on your weakness, exposing your secrets (which this marriage agreement does NOT allow) & threw out words like suicide, divorce & drinking.

Do you really think I am so callous & so selfish & so horny I would risk being responsible for all that? YOU started this. Your whole body shrinks away from me when I cuddle you, you only obtain raging hard-ons when I play cuck games with you & only then do your worship my body! You send me texts & emails suggesting I ‘blow’ off steam & contact the Bull YOU found on Craigslist.

All of this was for us, for spice in our sex life. You can not keep making & then changing the rules. I am extremely sexually aroused & you know it. But I am NOT that cruel & wicked I am a satisfactory person & I don’t like being given mixed signals. I understand that you are a sissy. Get over it. Learn how to embrace & love who you are. I do.