Dear John

Dear John,
It confuses me and hurts me when you refuse to put your lock on your cock. You run all hot and horny for this game (which makes me extremely hot, by the way) then you shut down and ignore the elephant in your living room.

Frankly, I feel insulted.
And then I become unsure: What do you want from me?

I wasn’t the one who brought this chastity device into our lives. It was YOU and your daily attention to cuckold fantasies (while giving your wife boring vanilla sex because you masturbate in the shower!!) that urged me to jump into your world.

Don’t you ever forget that you asked, no, BEGGED to be my cuckold.

You have one puny orgasm, wearing a stupid looking slutty thong (that YOU said you needed) and now you think you’re in charge of your dick again! Well then, by all means, you may have back your old fun of masturbating all alone. I will be getting some REAL cock from now on with a real man and we don’t give a shit about whether you ‘get’ anything. You never have to wear that thing again, for all I care.

If you think I’m sharing pictures or videos of Thursday’s session, think again. I’m allowing the Bull to do whatever he wants to me, especially exciting now that we are moving into bondage. Oh, and I plan on washing out all of the bull semen he pumps into my unprotected pussy that day. Since you don’t seem interested anymore, why should I walk around all day with our sticky mess between my legs? I would only do that for a well behaved cuckold, but I seem to have a rebellion on my hands.

Too bad. I had such kinky plans for a good little wimpy cuckold.