Nervous and excited..

For some years now my very sexy Indian wife has cuckolded me in favour of some very nice bulls , but in a few weeks time her ex husband is coming to stay for a week , flying in for a business trip from Mumbai.
Her ex is now married and quite successful by all accounts . The marriage was never properly consummated , only by a few blow jobs , my wife leaving India just after the registry marriage and thereafter staying here {UK} and he not getting a visa to follow.
Hope this all makes sense , any how they got back in touch thru facebook and now he is to spend and week at our house .
In the last few weeks my wife has been telling me how she intends to put the fact that they never slept together right.
Last night whilst wearing her tightest see thru panties I was fucked by her strap on till she came , then milked onto her feet for good measure.
I will be sleeping on the floor down stairs on a roll mat, whilst we have 3 beds she intends to keep me away from them for the duration .
Perhaps if I am lucky she will after getting a full dose of semen let me lick her clean and milked again.. but then if not so fortunate I can take a cup of tea to them the next morning.
wearing the aforementioned panties and milked in shame in front of him.
She is yet to explain to her ex our situation as she feels he would not understand and might even frighten him off.
I am almost weak at the knees in expectation of what might be possible .
So if all goes to plan my very sexy wife will be heavy with child within a month.
If this gets thru I will in detail write of what actually happens.