Wife Unknowingly Put On A Webcam Show

My wife is on the road a lot for work, and naturally, she ends up meeting all kinds of guys and taking them back to her room on a regular basis. When she left for her trip this past week, I confessed to her that I wanted her to leave her laptop open and pointed on the bed so that her webcam could capture all the action. I wanted to see her get laid. One evening, before she went down to the hotel bar, she opened her laptop, turned on Skype and headed out. It was about an hour later when she sent me a text saying she’d met a guy and would be heading back to the room if I wanted to watch.
Her show ended up being amazing. The slut got on her knees in front of the desk and offered me a wonderful view of her sucking and slurping as his big dick. The whole time she told him how delicious he was and how she wanted more. Eventually, she got up and began undressing, revealing every inch of her skin to the man and the camera. She moved to the bed and laid back, spreading her legs obscenely wide and playing with her pussy for a few moments. Of course, the camera caught everything before the guy stepped into the view to climb on top of her. Even though his back was mostly to the camera, the angle was still awesome, and I got to see everything as he fucked the shit out of her. He put her legs high on his shoulders, widening his stance and unknowingly giving the camera the perfect shot of him slamming his thick rod in and out of her soaked cunt. My wife was moaning and whimpering the whole time, commanding him to fuck her pussy good and hard. When he told her that he was able to cum, she ordered him to shoot his thick load deep inside her channel, which he happily did. He rolled off of her after a moment, and immediately her fingers went down to her cunt to play with herself as his seed began dripping out. It made its way down her ass before settled on the bed to make a huge wet spot. The entire scene was amazingly hot.
Once he’d left, she got up on her elbows and looked right at the camera. She took one of her fingers and swirled it around her used cunt, fingering her dripping wet slit. The whole time, she told me how great of a fuck he was and how wet and gross her twat was overflowing with his jizz. A couple of times, she pulled her cum-soaked fingers free and licked them clean, going slowly and exaggerating her every move. When she wasn’t licking her digits clean, she moved them to her breasts and pinched her nipples, spreading the fluid around.
Eventually, she got up and came closer to the computer. She was in middle of telling me she hoped I had enjoyed the show when suddenly her face went pale and she yelled “oh shit!” The program and my view of her immediately closed. I grabbed my cell and texted her, asking what was going on. She called me a few minutes later, and I could tell she was having a panic attack. She said when she’s approached the computer and opened up the Skype app (which had been reduced to the task bar to hide it), she noticed that there were a bunch of contacts from her job logged on and watching her. She had looked around the screen, and that’s when she realized that the program was set up to accept all calls. So, when her co-workers saw that she was online, they initiated a video call that was automatically accepted without her knowing. What started out as a couple of co-workers watching turned into many as they contact each other and all logged on to see the show.
She’d tried to do some damage control, but it wasn’t easy. She’s closed Skype in such a panic, she didn’t really have an opportunity to see who was watching. In the days after, she received lots of emails from co-workers. Many of the woman who emailed her degraded her and called her names like slut and whore, telling her she was disgusting and they were going to tell anyone who would listen what she was really like. Some even threatened to tell her husband (which I certainly got a laugh at). One of the ladies asked if she could join in next time, and of course, all the male co-workers wanted to know if they could come in as the star of the next show!
My wife was pretty nervous the rest of the weekend, but when she went into work this morning, it was with an attitude. She left the house wearing a loose-fitting but very low cut top, a sexy mini skirt and her “fuck me” heels. She argued that if she was going to be labeled as the office slut, she might as make sure she looked the part! She told me that any woman who dared say something nasty to her were at risked for getting cursed out in front of everyone and any guy who approached her would probably get laid. I’m thinking it should be an interesting day at the office!