Locked + Left Out = Loved

Dear Beloved Cuckold,

In order for me to really get into this game, it is best if you and I stop having the regular Saturday morning intercourse session. Whenever we do that, it’s a little like mutual masturbating for us both. We both get some relief, but you are never aroused to the degree cuckolding makes you and I always feel cheated afterwards. It may be why I get irritable and short with you sometimes. It’s like I know you have it in you, but it only comes out when I tease you with the concept of finding someone sexually superior to you. You are so predictable: Your desire is incredibly easy to turn on and off, just like a faucet.

What I want in my sex life is not exactly what you want, and I want what I’ve always wanted: to inspire intense sexual desire in the one man I love. Because just me, as just me, only gets me once-a-week 15 minutes of vanilla sex.

If it were up to me, I would prefer to have sex with only one man for the rest of my life, because frankly, this whole cuckolding game is a huge time and energy consumer (not to mention the emotional roller coaster) for the wife. It would be ever more convenient and so much safer for me, if you didn’t have this fetish. But you do and I simply cannot deny what/who I’m living with. I hope you understand that it is very difficult for me to separate my sex from my love. That is what is so weird and why I waffle in and out of this game.

However, me as your wife who gives her sex to a strange dominant male, gets you high on an adrenaline/sex rush. THAT, I like.
Your weekly intercourse attempts do not give me the high, the sex rush I deserve and it serves neither of us, really. Perhaps if I am deprived at home, I will have a more urgent passion for finding some decent hole expanding cock with real girth, weight and finesse. You know exactly the kind of man, don’t you?

So it will be best if you are relieved of your fumbling attempts at sexual intercourse. Yes dear, just put your dick away, that is unless I have an urge to suck, lick or stroke a cock and yours just happens to be the most convenient one. And besides, it’s fun for me to get you all excited and then deny you release while I cum in your face. I do enjoy the stroking of your cock with baby oil and then having you lick me to orgasm while your pathetic dicklet bobs around, twitching with an ache to spurt what is building up in your loins. I like seeing your manhood locked up in it’s cage, too. And even though you are too much of a wimp to take a real dick in your ass, we both know that Dr. King Kong had his finger up your ass just fine, which certainly leaves room for my well lubed, gloved middle finger. Your prostate must be milked from time to time and I intend to become an expert.

We can work together on finding the real man who can arouse and fill me up properly. And at some point, you can be humiliated, on your knees watching, leaking with your pent up desire as you are left out and forced to watch a real man take your wife in ways you simply aren’t capable of.

How does this make you feel, loved, yet left out? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

2 thoughts on “Locked + Left Out = Loved

  1. “some decent hole expanding cock with real girth, ” – obviosly written by a man, loser.

    Keep wanking fag

  2. A man? Seriously? I am a real woman, a normal person who was UNWILLINGLY thrust into this cuckold game by a man who wasn’t honest about his true sexual desires. This was a real email I sent to my wimpy husband. Believe you me honey, I am not a man. And apparently I didn’t marry one either! I will continue to post the emails to Dear John, the sissy.

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