1st time watching wife

I’ve just returned from Miami, and after 15 years of marriage to my wife, I finally got her to cross the proverbial threshold. We stayed at a really luxurious hotel and spa, and on the first day, I headed to the gym as my wife went down to the pool. My wife’s a beautiful Italian standing at just over five feet and weighing only 115 pounds. Toned and fit, she’s probably more cute than sexy, but she always wears nice, high-cut bikinis that show off her tanned legs and abs.
When I finished with my workout, I went down to the pool. I noticed that she was asleep on her stomach and that her bikini was creeping up her ass crack. Two men on the staff were checking her out, and quite obviously. I recognized one of the dudes as the trainer from the gym I was just at, and he was talking to the lifeguard. Thoughts of the young, muscular Latino having his cock played with by my wife got me instantly hard. I walked over to my wife and gave her a kiss, laying down next to her and running my fingers down her side. I didn’t try to make it look like I was being protective, just a bit loving.
That night after we’d enjoyed a nice dinner, we went to a club. It didn’t take long for my wife to get frisky and exude her exhibitionism kink. However, as much as she talked a good game, that was always as far as she ever went. She would give a quick flash of the pussy or a little dirty dancing, but it stopped there. After dancing and some heavy petting that involved me with my fingers up her cunt, I noticed the trainer from earlier in the morning with his girlfriend. She was a hot Spanish girl and I wished we could swap. I told my wife I was going to get a drink at the bar, and I made my way over to the trainer to say hi. We chit-chatted for a moment while waiting for our drinks, and he made a comment about how free my wife was. I informed him that it was all for show and that she never went further no matter how much I tried to convince her to give it a try. She wouldn’t even try same-room sex! He laughed at that and said he’d tried the same with his girl, but she just assumed he wanted to see her having sex with another woman. We chatted a few more minutes then bid farewell to return to our rooms for some fucking action.
The next day, I went for my workout as usual, but decided to take a detour to the steam room before heading to the pool to get out some of the alcohol from the previous night. I’d never seen anyone use it, so I assumed I would be fine just wearing a towel. I don’t think I was in there for more than two minutes before the trainer walked in, also wearing nothing but a towel. We talked about my workout for a minute, and then he confessed that he couldn’t stop thinking about my wife and how she had allowed me to finger her on the dance floor. He revealed that he wished his girlfriend was more open about those kinds of things. I began to recall the night before and all the sex we had. I embellish as much as I could, and he asked if I was trying to drive him nuts. I glanced at his crotch, and I could see his dick hardening under his towel; it looked like the thing wouldn’t stop growing! In just minutes, I could see about eight and a half inches of cock poking out of the side of his towel. He told me he was going to jerk off thinking about my wife, and I asked him why he didn’t just ask her for a fuck. He was leaking precum at that point, and my own prick was so hard it hurt. Just thinking about this dude’s fat boner inside my wife’s hole was making me crazy. He laughed at me, and I told him I had always wanted to watch and that I had a plan.
After explaining my idea and telling him what he had to do, I left to get some drinks and met my wife by the pool. I told her that the trainer had seen us fooling around the night prior and she turned red. I tried to calm her, telling her it was okay and that he thought she was very attractive. I also mentioned that I had paid for two private massages for the two of us in front of him. She immediately saw through my plan and asked me what I was doing. I confessed that I was fine with her jerking him off if that’s what she wanted to do. I told her I’d love to watch that and that maybe I would even eat out her pussy while she did it. Though she said no, I could see her telltale signs of arousal: her toes were curling. I smiled and ordered another drink for her, and she moved closer to me. She wanted to know if I’d et mad if she just looked at it and touched it. I told her of course not and that she could even stroke it a bit if she desired.
Finished with our drinks, we went up the room to find that the massage table was already there. I suggested we strip down to nothing but towels and settled down. She was on her stomach, completely naked save for a towel over her ass, in under 30 seconds. Any concerns I had about her not being comfortable with this immediately faded. I stripped down to nothing as well, and I sat at the bottom of the table so I could catch a sneak peek at her bald cunt. I could already see it getting wet. About a minute later, there was a knock at the door, and he came in. We exchanged small talk for less than a minute before my wife was sitting up, covering her boobs and saying that she didn’t feel comfortable. I shushed her and told her to relax; nothing more than a massage had to happen. I turned to him and told him to only take off his shirt, so now no one in the room was wearing a shirt, hoping to make Maria more comfortable. I volunteered to go first for a massage, and when I caught my wife licking her lips as she took in my abs and pecs, I knew I’d made the right decision.
When he started on her, he gave her a proper massage, all the wife telling her how sexy she looked. He was good at what he did, and it was no time before his fingers gradually moved to inch up her towel. He was wearing these tiny soccer shorts that were shiny, and with no underwear beneath them, they did nothing to hide the fact that he was getting hard. Finally, he moved to the head of the table, naturally positioning his shorts right by her face. My wife had her eyes closed, so I called her name. When she opened them, she blushed when she realized his groin and hard cock was right there in front of her.
I asked her if perhaps she just wanted to take a look at it. She was uncertain, but told me that if it made me happy, she would. The trainer needed no instruction for us, and he was sliding his shorts down as soon as the words were out of her mouth. His thick cock bounced against his stomach and was inches from her face. I swear, it looked like she was going to put her mouth on it because she had the same expression on her face as when she was about to swallow mine. Instead, she said “holy shit” and watched amazed as he shook it in her face. He asked her to roll over and when she did, he smoothed his hand down her abs and right down to her moist cunt. His balls were nestled right against her cheek and she moved a hand up to stroke the skin closest to her.
I called to her and asked if she liked the way it felt, and she just moaned in response. I asked her again, prodding her for an answer, and she replied that it felt so thick in her hands and she was curious about what it would feel like in her mouth. Without asking for permission, she flipped onto her stomach and got on all fours. She took his dick into her mouth and started sucking. I almost had a heart attack! She’d gone from 0 to 60 in all of three seconds! I got off my table and moved behind her, sticking my tongue out and licking at her tasty slit. Soon, she was deepthroating him, just like that. There are no teasing or playing around like usual — she’d just turned into an animal! She released him from her mouth and turned to look at me. She said his cock was so hot, then leaned back as far as she could to kiss me, all the while stroking her hand over his dick. Her mouth was warm and wet, and it tasted salty like cock. I began rubbing by own erection against the soles of her feet, and I pushed her back towards his prick, telling her to make him cum. She began working his cock again like a pro, and I found I couldn’t keep my mouth shut. I kept instructing her, telling her to imagine his monstrous dick deep inside her pussy, stretching her wide and fucking. I must have said too much, because suddenly he was spasming, shooting his thick load down her throat. Even as he started to back away and pull out of her mouth, she chased him, trying to continue sucking and licking every drop. When he finally broke free, she turned to me and thanked me, but she confessed she needed more cock. She kissed me hard and pushing me flat onto my back, getting ready to mount me. I could taste the flavor of his cum on her mouth and when her sex touched mine, I could feel that she was wetter than she’d ever been before. There was so much, it was actually dripping down her thigh! She rode me hard on that massage table, grinding and humping, and it was too much. I started shooting deep inside her after only a minute, and she collapsed on top of me, spent as well.
Looking at her, I could tell she was already thinking about her new cock again, and I watched as she crawled over to him and started playing with his soft flesh. She used her face, slapping his meat against her cheeks, and he was hard again, as was I. I assumed it was time for round 2, but just then, there was a knock at our door. Someone was looking for him because he was late to another session, and like that, our erections died. My wife and I stole away to the bathroom and kissed, making out furiously, while he cleared out the table and his supplies.
To this day, she can’t really talk about. She blushes wildly when I mentioned it and immediately drops to her knees to start to suck me. I can say without a doubt, I can’t wait for our next trip.

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