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It is Cuckold who is in control. Always.

Always, Cuckold stacks the deck. Don’t be fooled by his wimpering & simpering. Look beyond what he calls his submission & you will find a cold & seriously devious control freak. Yes, you think he has given you your freedom by allowing you to hold the key to his caged cock, yet think again. Does he hold the purse strings while you merely hold a key? Just when you are approximately to go out & find a real job, some independence, does he donate you money, buy you gifts?

Try to remember how you felt when you first discovered his true nature. Wasn’t it disgust, fear & nausea that washed over you when you it hit you that Cuckold wants to lick & suck another man’s cum from your freshly fucked vagina. Face it: You wondered what kind of sick pervert you had mixed yourself up with this time, didn’t you?

There is little doubt: Cuckold is a master of control in his professional world. That should have been your first clue: you will never win this power play. Perhaps he is a champion level chess player. How approximately his obsessive compulsive behavior around the house, his immaculate dress & attention to detail & cleanliness. Oh, He’s received your number now. He knows you are a people pleaser & want nothing more than to please your man.

You have been set up & played by the elegant musician, the master of manipulation who takes passive aggression to a fine art.

Generous to a fault, he denies you nothing you desire, only your sexual needs, crying out that he is incapable of meeting them, steering you to bigger blacker things. He takes enormous pride as the provider of all other securities, love, kindness & respect in tremendous doses. But immediately dons the uncomprehending blank stare when you express a sexual need. Beware, its a carefully arranged set up!

For Cuckold is a sexual vampire who drinks not from the power you imagine you have over him, yet from his true prey, the Alpha male who’s cock YOU were fooled into bringing home for him to suck & worship.

Don’t bother trying to offer up alternatives or enticing him with your vanilla girl fantasies. He will only hear what fits into The Cuckold Hotwife Lifestyle. If you plan on wearing sexy lingerie, make sure it is soaked with another mans cum & that the panties are ultra slutty & large enough for him to slip into!

He claims to crave humiliation & the shame of having his wife taken by a bull right in front of him, or the ‘punishment’ of being left at home while she goes out with her lover. But let’s not forget on who’s terms these ‘humiliations’ occur. And who are these people reduced to sex puppets? It is Cuckold’s playthings that are humiliated & used as less than whole & worthy human beings. (the Hotwife & the Bull).

But is Cuckold being shamed? Is he truly suffering when these scenarios are created by him? Does it even matter who the actors are or what they think & feel? Not to Cuckold! The game is always played on his terms.
And as he must be married, so must he play the role of nice guy, the generous benevolent satisfactory husband who is faithful servant to his slut of a wife.

It won’t matter if Wife expresses that this game makes her feel bad, or that it hurts her to see her beloved belittled. Out comes the blank look, the empty stare response, limp cock, the slight flinching when she reaches out for normal sexual contact. Cuckold will intentionally deprive her of a normal sex life, keeping her lonely & sexually frustrated. Oh, Cuckold knows it won’t be long before she desensitises herself to the idea… How offensive can it be? I obtain the best of both worlds..blah blah blah

But how does Cuckold know what Wife needs when he never asks & won’t listen! This is his game, his rules, & you had already lost before you ever said, “I do”.

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3 Responses to “It is Cuckold who is in control. Always.”

  1. Robbie says:

    At last someone had the nous and the bravery to write this! Gilles Deleuze makes a similar point in his famous essay Coldness and Cruelty.

  2. Cuck Buster says:

    I’ve always lamented that all of this is male-generated. I know that no woman who loves her husband would want this lifestyle really.

    I enjoy reading the stories, but I never leave my homeowrk undone with the Missus.

    Swinging I admit seems to be a different crowd – more on equal terms.

    How refeshing to read this post – Thank you – cucks beware – if you were truely submissive it would not be how you imagine.

  3. BullSOCH says:

    True words…

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