Wife’s latest date

Even though my wife and I have been married for over 30 years, during the course of our marriage, she has been with a few different men. We call these outings or sessions dates. They don’t happen often enough for my liking, but when she does agree to meet a new, strange man, it is certainly exciting for the two of us. For the last couple of years, she’s been seeing a “friend” of hers whenever he comes into town. She sees him twice a year or so, but when he’s not around, they talk on the computer or text a little more regularly. Because he’ll be in town in the next week, we’ve been talking quite a bit about him and the date. I’m writing this now to tell about the last time he came into town and what happened.
My wife and I are in our early 50s, and my wife still looks wonderful. She’s got blond hair, blue eyes and an amazing body with 38D breasts. The previous time Jim was in town, my wife and I decided to do something different. I went with her, but Jim hadn’t a clue. Before we headed out the door to meet him in a town about 30 miles way, my wife got dressed in a low-cut top that showed off quite a bit of her cleavage. She also wore a short skirt with no panties underneath. We hopped into the truck and off we went to the restaurant where they’d be meeting for lunch.
We arrived before he did, and I gave her a big kiss and told her to enjoy herself. She got out of the truck and I watched as she made her way into the restaurant. I stayed in the truck, watching her and watching for Jim. In a short while, Jim pulled up. I recognized him from the pictures he’d sent my wife in the past. I texted her, letting her know that he was there and about to head in to meet her.
Once he’d entered the restaurant, I got out of my truck and followed, taking a table close by so that I could watch. I was sitting so that my wife couldn’t see me, but I could still see she and Jim. They talked and laughed a lot. I ordered my meal and waited, watching the two. Before it arrived, I looked over to see Jim and my wife getting up and heading to the door. They hadn’t even eaten! So, now I’m stuck waiting for my meal to arrive while my wife is up and walking out the door with Jim.
I received a text from her and she told me that they were going to skip the meal and go right to the hotel. I started thinking to myself that she sure wasn’t wasting any time getting into bed with him. Obviously, as soon as my meal arrived, I ate it faster than any other meal in my life. As I didn’t know where the hotel was, I asked the waitress while paying for my meal. She didn’t have any idea where it was located, so she called over the manager. He gave me directions, using his hands to point and navigate, and he made a comment about it being a bit early for me to checking into a hotel already. I told him that it wasn’t for me but that I was following my wife and her lover there. Without a glance up, I walked out the door.
On my way to the hotel, I passed a florist. I made a quick u-turn and bought a dozen roses before heading towards the hotel. I parked in the parking lot and scanned the area for Jim’s car. He had parked right in front of the room according to the text my wife had sent me with the room number. Her text also said that they might be a while, so I adjusted my chair, sat back and relaxed. I have to admit, it was quite exciting to know that I was sitting in a parking lot while my wife was having sex with another man in a hotel room just 50 feet away from me. After about an hour, the door to the hotel room opens. Jim comes out, and he has a huge smile on his face. He turns back to the door, where my wife is standing, and gives her a kiss. With a quick wave, he jumps into his car and leaves. I waited a few moments until she texted me that he was gone and that I could come in. I grabbed the roses I had purchased and headed towards the room. She met me at the door, half-dress and her hair messy. I handed her the roses, told her that I loved her and looked into the room. The bed was a mess, and right in the middle, there was a huge cum stain. I looked to her to see her smiling. I smiled back, taking her in my arms and laying her right back down on the bed. I immediately began kissing her, all over her face and body, listening as she told me everything that had happened.
She said that on the way to the hotel, she had tugged down his zipper and was playing with his dick while he drove. When they got to the hotel, he slowly undressed her, enjoying the sight of her body. She then returned the favor and immediately dropped to her knees to give him a blowjob. After that, she said, it was a blur of action. There was kissing and fondled, then he entered her. She said that she came several times before he finally blew his load inside of her. Afterwards, they laid back and talked a little. She confessed that I had dropped her off, and he was a bit surprised. She then told him I would be picking her when they were done fooling around. He was still surprised, but told her he was fine with that. He shared that the room was paid for the night, and she thanked him, telling him that they might use it for a while, knowing that I liked being with my wife after she had been with Jim. He was curious about whether or not I went down on her after he’d fucked her, and she revealed that I did. She told him it was such a turn-on for me.
This arrangement is so good for all of us. She gets to play around and have fun with other guys every once in a while, Jim gets the pleasure of fucking my beautiful wife a few times a year, and I get to have the knowledge that she’s having sex with strangers then coming home so that I can take her after them. This particular time, it was especially nice for both us. She admitted it was strange to be in the same room and same bed that Jim had just been in. But she was happy and giggling, so I knew she liked it. As we left, crossing the parking lot to the truck, I noticed a janitor who was staring at us the entire time. He kept his eyes on us until we were out of sight. I mentioned it to my wife, and she told me that he’d seen her drive up with Jim only two hours ago. Seeing her leave with a different guy must have been flustering for him!
So, Jim will be in town next week. She’s going to see him alone this time while I stay at home and do some cleaning, waiting for her return. This is going to be such a long week of waiting!