This is my first attempt at a story after being inspired by GoodHusband, Brainbox and others. Doing this has given me a great appreciation for the time and dedication they have put into their work. I have many thanks for them for their advice and guidance.
That’s the word of the day because I had a spectacular day! I’m in my hotel room, which is warm, cozy and complete with anything I would need for a business trip. There’s a television, power supply and internet for my laptop. Now, I can document the day’s events to demonstrate how they’ve gotten to this stage over the course of the last year.
As I sit here, comfortable and reflective, typing and thinking about the day, I glance across from me at a wonderfully wrapped gift box that is sitting on the desk. It’s wrapped in a glossy, pink paper and topped with a fitting pink bow. It all looks extremely classy! My dick is as hard as it can be tucked away inside of my cb6000s, which was fitted for me today by the majestic Goddess Ophelia.
I first learned of her when I was online searching for a Mistress whom I could serve while away from my wife on this business trip. Her website had some truly awesome photos that depicted a curvy honey outfitted in tight leather. She was wearing some ridiculously tall high heels and her expressive eyes were turned to the camera. It was those eyes that caught my attention, drawing my attention and giving me chills. According to the text on her website, she was experienced at taking lowly subs on exquisite journeys. Wanting to develop my sub side, I had to know whether her claims were true.
I found it ironic that even though I was far away from home on business, Ophelia was actually pretty close to my home. My desires to be Dommed were building, and I wanted to see this intoxicating lady. My time spent surfing the internet and reading various femdom magazines had taught me that my submissive leanings needed to be dealt with. I preferred that it be my wife Cara to put me in my place, but if that could not be the case, another woman. And this is what led to my first visit with Ophelia. My wife was spending the day going to the gym and spa with her girlfriends, so I had some hours in which to explore my sexual perversions. Ophelia sat me down and took her time asking me what it was I liked and was into, as well as what experience was. I longed to come up with as much as possible, but having no experience, I had to be honest so that I could receive her calm authority. I knew that in just a few hours, I would be introduced to a new world.
The first time I met her, she spoke soothingly to me, but soon had me naked, vulnerable and restrained. Her demeanor changed the, and she became the woman of my dreams, a woman who could take me anywhere.
When I think back to it now, that first meeting seems so tame. She had strapped me down and took my anal virginity while bullying me into cumming while she fucked me. It was such an intense orgasm, I was immediately hooked.
So, our meetings continued whenever my wife was at the gym or out shopping. Ophelia was able to learn more about me and Cara, such as what our sex life was like and what are shortcomings were. She learned about my four inch dick, what I thought of my wife, other women, other mean and various sexual ideas. Throughout it all, I submitted willingly to her, and now that I look back, I can see what I was being taken on a journey.
Ophelia had a special way of making me spill anything — my sexual feelings, hang ups and fantasies — and then she would play with them, settle on a path that she thought I would find humiliating, but sexually charged. She went on about my small dick and told me to accept my role as a sub, to accept the fact that there were real mean in this world who were meant to be fucked and those who were meant to serve them. Over the course of our sessions, I was introduced to the concept of being a cuckolded husband, and I loved it. She was so wonderful. Each time, she got deeper into my mind and got more out of me, having me build my own cuckold world. She had me keep in contact with her by mail, and I enjoyed being able to chat with her without the pressure of meeting face to face. This communication lead to some of my ideas being utilized on my next visit.
I received constant reminders that my tiny dick should never be allowed to disappoint a woman again, and I was reminded about how disappointed Cara probably felt when it dawned on her that she’d married a man who would never be able to truly make her feel like a woman. I accepted all these ideas and proved it by getting harder than ever.
I begged her to humiliate me, and she always did. She was truly a wonderful woman, telling me all the time that while I was there to be learning to be a good cuckold, Cara was probably out and enjoying a real man’s dick. I was made to dress in panties and a basque. I was shown how pretty I looked and informed it was most likely that Cara’s boyfriend would want me to continue dressing that way, to reinforce our positions. Of course, at hearing that, my tiny dick hardened to give confirmation.
Obviously, Ophelia could not have my dick hardening whenever it wanted, so she indulged me in the “pleasure” of some electric shock treatments while fucking me with a dildo. Still, I adored everything that she did. After this came my introduction to sucking on a real cock. I was made to do this while being dressed like a sissy and having her tell me how grateful I should be for all the training. I was lead into her parlor and introduced to Loan, while Ophelia spoke and told me he was a prime example of excellent black manhood. He was an expert in training cuckold wives, and she planned for him to be the man who made my dreams come true.
I’ll admit, I shook, both worried and aroused in my lacey underwear. I had asked from the start that Ophelia push my limits, and she did it by leading me by a leash in front of Leon, asking him nicely to show me what a real man could do to a woman and to make me the cuckold I always secretly wanted to be.
Leon laughed then, smiling at me and telling me that I would be his complete pleasure and that he would certainly take me up on my offer. He told me, more forcefully at that point, that I should take out his cock so that I could see what would be replacing me in Cara’s pussy. A quick tug on my leash, and I was reaching up to undo his zipper.
Ophelia’s gentle words filtered through my mind as I did this, and soon I was presented with the largest dark dick I had ever seen in real life. It was at least seven inches long, and it wasn’t even erect! Another tug of my leash, and Ophelia was telling me to do what I dreamed of doing, ask described in my emails. “Make it hard for Leon,” she whispered. “Show him how much you really want this.”
So, I put my hands on Leon’s cock and began to gently rub. When it started to grow, it seemed like it would never stop. Encouraged by my Ophelia, I was pushed forward until the mammoth member was directly in front of my face. I knew what was to happen now, but I was again toyed with as Leon took a condom and rolled it down his hard dick. Ophelia once again pushed my limits, quickly unlocking my hood and unzipping it. I had first asked her for the hood to hide my shame, but as always, I was being lead down a different path by a perceptive and cruel woman. My face uncovered, my expression seen by them both, Leon took his cock in his hand and pushed it into my mouth. I am sure the dominant two were marveled and pleased with the wide look in my eyes, caused by shock and shame.
“Better do a good job so that his dick is nice and hard for Cara,” Ophelia told me. Then I heard the click, click, click as a digital camera went off. I knew to expect this, but I only thought it would happen while I was wearing my hood. Yet, there I was in all of my cuckolding glory, bare-faced, in panties and sucking on a hunk black stallion. It was a far cry from the ideas I initially had about being simply Dommed by a sexy lady. As I sucked and licked, egged on and held in place by a firm hand at the back of my head, I began to wonder what I was doing. I had to be mad, I thought — fucking crazy to be doing this. Yet, my cock was rock-hard at the thought of my sweet Cara doing this exact thing.
“Imagine Cara finding these,” Ophelia said as she and Leon laughed. He moved, pushing harder, and my gag reflex was tested. It wasn’t like I expected, but of course, it was just as Ophelia had explained.
I was in this wonderful, submissive cuckold zone, and I was getting off on Ophelia’s imagination. Thoughts had been running through my head, but they suddenly stopped when I realized that Leon had tensed and began speeding up with his thrusts. I realized he was cumming, and I tried to move my head back and sway. I was surprised when I was allowed for it to happen, but it was only so that Leon could tear off the rubber and push his dick right back into my mouth.
Again there were clicks and flashes as Leon grabbed my head and held me still, telling me, “this is what Cara will be doing in the future.” Then he was cumming hard into my mouth, releasing all he had before sliding back into his chair. Not being experienced to the sensation, some came out of my mouth, and I even caught a blast of it on my cheek, which caused Ophelia to hoot and applaud, snapping another picture. My cock hard and leaking while I was thoroughly ashamed, I remained kneeling there. In front of me was this incredible, hung black man who I really wanted to see training Cara and the beautiful black goddess who was leading me there. There was a quick movement, and then Ophelia was using a finger to collect the drip of semen on my cheek. She told me to open up like a good cuckold, and as if on auto pilot, I obeyed. I was instructed after to thank Leon for this generosity, and I was told to express my wishes to him cuckold me for real. He laughed as I spoke and assured me that Ophelia was very good at her job and she would be sure that I got on my way.
Completely humiliated but also feeling elated, I was pulled away from Leon by my leash and returned to the playroom.
A break in our play had me back with friendly Ophelia, her asking me how I liked her pushing me and my limits. I confessed that I both loved and hated every minute of it, but I could deny that my dick loved it and wanted more. She laughed at me and said, “well, then you shall definitely have more, you little cuck.” It was at that moment I realized that this playfulness of Ophelia was dangerous and I should be more careful about what I wished for. Surely, anyone can appreciate that now!
I was surprised when Ophelia told me remove my leash and cuffs. She had me remove the basque, then I was being told to dress in my jeans, shirt and trainers. She was seriously playing with my head then, as I had gone for a long, intense session and I still thought there was more time to enjoy it, especially since I was still wearing the panties and pull-ups while getting dressed. Ophelia walked away, and when she returned, she was in a knee-length coat. She informed me that we were going shopping. Oh my! It was one thing to carry on like this in the house, I thought, with its privacy and comfort, but to go outside? This woman was really having a great time teasing me! As if knowing exactly what was running through my mind, she informed me that we were going to the shop down the road to purchase some lingerie for Cara. With a wink and a smile, she grabbed my still-hard dock and told me that Cara would need to look so sweet for Leon. Then, she pushed me towards the door.