Howdy! All names and places are fictional

For story purposes my name is Mac & I want to tell a story approximately a cuckold from the bull’s side of things. I first met my future babe in blue jeans at a university in Montana. Ruth. I was a geneticist & Ruth was a pleasant & very pretty girl who had just gotten a job at the university. She was married yet it shortly became known that she liked to play on the side. I liked to flirt with her & one thing led to another. One night at a friend party Ruth & were I hot-tubing with the others including her husband. He was there before the party started & it turned out was nude in the tub. He was starting to overheat & nobody would let him leave & finally he just received up & laughing walked to the back bed rooms to dress. As he stood up his complex cock was obvious to all. He was well trimmed & to be blunt maybe only a few inches long. Ruth was laughing at his predicament & revealing to the world his little cock. Long story short he drank himself to sleep that night & I convinced Ruth there were better & bigger things to be had in this world. When I entered her she let out the biggest moans & her eyes glazed over!
Ruth confessed to me that she rarely felt Russ in her & that he had never conceived a child with him! She said from early on he liked his balls manhandled & she believed he could not conceive. I then took it upon myself to make sure that she & I risked the possibility every time we had sex. Finally at one point the condom did break & walla! To this day I don’t think Russ has fathered any child & Ruth still likes to see me on the side!