First Time

I’m lying back on the black silk sheets, and my sex is dripping with hot and sticky, thick cum. I can feel it trickling deliciously down my buttocks. There is a great deal of it and when I explore my seeded sex, Graham my husband licks my fingers clean. I’m too shocked and deliciously tired to care that he does that, sucking Luther’s spunk off my fingers. I just push my fingers each in turn inside Graham’s mouth and he sucks away. It’s hard to breathe- my efforts catch in my throat as I try. My pulse still races and my pale skill is flushed puce over my neck and breasts. I can still see in my mind the mirror images, Luther’s muscular ebony physique driving his manhood relentlessly inside me, my legs up over his bull shoulders. My severe, lace up black leather Victorian ankle boots jolt rhythmically with the thrusting.
I remember Graham’s devotional assistance, the way he held my hand as I took superior cock. I’m not used to it. But I will learn and adapt and then… expect. I’ll be joining Adele our neighbour in Luther’s harem. Luther was strict about that when Graham sheepishly asked. ‘Suki fancies you and well we wondered if…’ Luther likes posh blonde bitches. ‘Graham won’t mind will you darling’ I said, picturing Adele and I lying with our legs open to Luther. Graham confirmed that he wouldn’t mind and that he did indeed understand that it would be bare back sex.
I am still trembling from the explosive climax! It made all else before seem inconsequential. Graham has finished licking my fingers, and he clearly now wants to lick me out. But I’m not quite ready. I need to soak up the sensations of this and point to Luther’s sticky cock. I watch as my husband delicately licks Luther’s triumphant member. He’s used to it-Adele’s husband submits as well. There are the first tentative licks as Graham overcomes the revulsion of sucking another man’s cock. He knows what I expect though and we have talked about this, so the sucking begins. Its submission, complete and utter capitulation to my lover and it arouses me all over again.
I watch for a moment or two, confirm that Luther has won completely and then direct Graham back to my sticky quim. It’s submission to Suki time and my husband laps delicately at my sex. It is delicious…utterly delicious! The tantalising flick of his tongue arouses me and I squirm with pleasure. I won’t have Graham think that he can compete though so I tell Luther what a stud he is and how I’m so eagerly his now. I will make my husband do this whenever he wants.
Dear Luther,
Suki and I have talked, and agree that it’s best that I ask you to go on doing the fucking from now on. You’re so masterful at this and it’s what she craves. Of course there will be no fuss and I will co- operate in any way that you require. At Suki’s instructions I’ve moved my gear to the spare bedroom.

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  1. Gabby, I just wanted to say thank you for one of the most einctxig and fun calls I have ever had. You made the naughty step daughter come to life and rock my world. Whenever I am feeling horny now I know who to call. You were fantastic! Hope to talk with you again soon. Randall (John)

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