Truth be told I like to have my cunny licked by John

Truth be told I like to have my cunny licked by John. It’s not as powerful as full on thrusting sex with Garth, but then you need the gentler movements as well as the full throttle passages in a piece of sexual music don’t you. I realised just how delicious and necessary the contrasting experiences are after I started sleeping with Garth. He is a pilot and I am an air hostess so it was easy to have an affair- we flew the same routes and stayed in the same hotels. Lots of air hostesses cuckold their husbands, we work in a business with glamorous men and ready opportunities. John my husband stayed home and did a low key job with the local council. After I gave birth to Garth’s daughter, he took up full time parenting duties for us, agreeing to raise her to become every bit the spoilt bitch that I am. But I get ahead of myself- back to enjoying different sorts of sex!
The first time that John licked me out was as I was getting ready to go on my next flight. I was in stockings and suspenders, my bra, just clipping my Breitling onto my wrist when he gently took my hand, begged me to wait just twenty minutes or so and slid down my front, kissing my bare tummy as he went. I let him do that.. let him arouse me, even though I was annoyed. I had planned to meet up with Garth for a quick fuck at the airport before we took off and by then I was gagging for what only my lover could do to me. John was soon nuzzling at my sex though, slipping his tongue up and down my slit, sucking gently on my button. Instinctively I started to push my cunt against his mouth, this was delicious! He’d never done this before and quite honestly for a month or more we hadn’t had sex anyway. Having had Garth’s stiff and very ample member inside me, I’d gone cold on my husband. Women can and do make terrible comparisons.
Checking my watch and sighing with a mixture of pleasure and some little guilt that I really wanted my lover to cock me, I said,
‘I won’t fuck you John, I don’t have time.’
That’s when he dropped the bombshell..
‘No, its OK…’ he whispered, planting kisses on my sex, ‘I understand. I accept that you’re seeing Garth. But it would just be brilliant if I could do this for you once in a while.’
The sensation as he gently sucked my clitoris into his mouth and wiggled his tongue against it was electric! I shuddered visibly and remember dragging his mouth against my cunt. Perhaps it was the relief too, that John knew and wasn’t going to make a fuss about my affair. Perhaps it was his acceptance that I was always doe eyed around Garth when he came to our parties, I don’t know, but I had an explosive orgasm there and then. I could feel my sex squirting juices, squirt, squirt, squirt, rhythmically and into John’s mouth, all over his nose and cheeks too! He didn’t hesitate, lapping up the juices and swallowing them down. He siphoned up every drop I had to offer.
‘Whilst I’m driving into the airport…’ I managed huskily, still thrusting against his face, ‘you must call Garth and beg him to fuck me on a regular basis. I want you to invite him here to do there is no sneaking around.’
John nodded- he would do it.
It was such a heady, such a selfish and a power crazed thing to say. But that was how I felt, power crazed! The last time I had felt this horny was when an attractive but older business passenger had begged me for my knickers and I had slipped them into his brief case thousands of feet up in the air. Afterwards, all glaze eyed he had slid away to the toilets and I watched him through the crack of the open door, wanking into them. It was very steamy.
‘Lie on the bed’ I said to John, ‘I want to ride your face. It’s so sexy that you accept its best that Garth does the fucking now.’
I settled myself on his face, dropping slowly down onto his mouth and almost asphyxiating the man. The sensations of his mouth working on me, the little gasps as he struggled for occasional breathes, just did my head in. My pleasures came first!
‘You’re so wet and loose down there…’ he managed during a pause for breath interlude.
I pulled my peachy, blood engorged lips open to show him close to.
‘He’s a lot bigger than you’ I said coldly.
I decided to wank John off then to secure complete control. Swivelling around and pushing my sex back against his mouth, I took out his stiff little spout and started to work it quickly. It spurted a little fountain of spunk immediately, the thick stuff that you get when it’s been a long time since you’ve had sex. John was groaning and writhing beneath me..
‘Stop it!’ I snapped, ‘I didn’t say that you could moan like that. This is my pleasure…remember.’

It was then a new and more liable husband that then dressed me for my flight. He held my blouse so that I could slide my arms in and then pulled up my skirt and zipped it tight. He buffed my shoes whilst I finished my make up and then afterwards, held the door of my BMW Z4 so that I could get in.
‘Remember, the phone call’ I ordered, giving him the mobile number to ring.
Garth had the biggest and sexiest grin possible when I got to the aircrew lounge.
‘John rang…’ he said calmly, ‘you are one hot little madam sorting that out.’
I nodded and beneath my auburn fringe shot him a come to bed glance.
‘I’m fed up with pretending, not taking what I want’ I said.