All persons and places are fictional. Letter to Ken.

I just thought you should know a few things since you are now with my ex. I couldn’t be happier that she found some one like you. From what I hear her tell you are approximately twice as hung as I am. That is cool. I would have loved to hear her take you in.

Be that aside I wanted to respond & yes the kids are not mine. Other than the one they look like their father! The one I must confess came approximately when my brother lived with us. Ruth & I were into heavy foreplay & my brother must have heard us. I received up to go to the bathroom & he had just left. I found a huge glob of cum & thought …why not! So I scooped it up & went back & gave Ruth a deep message with my cum covered fingers. I wanted to see what would happen so I purposefully withheld Cumming for the next couple of weeks. Well long story short Miss Ruth found out she was pregnant. Only I know who the real father was.

Ruth went out regularly & one time she cam back saying the condom had broke & I needed to cum in her too. Again I pretended I did, yet withheld Cuming, & low-and behold a few weeks after she was prego again. What a gal!

Next, ones went the same way with her having another’s cum yet by this time she was being reckless. I just made sure I did not cum in her. . . what a hoot.
Th final was by the same man who broke the condom & she announced that he had cum in her I just did the same did a quick I cum thing. Knowing full well I hadn’t.

All be it my whooping 4 ½ inch dick barely was in her. She lost her virginity to a Mac driver from Montana.

So there you are bud. Enjoy.

I have many satisfactory thoughts of you giving her the size I could not.