My second wife cuckolds me

The story that I would like to share with you is based on true story approximately the life after my first wife left me. Actually I am going to tell you two stories approximately how my wife became a lesbian & few months later, she appeared with new boyfriend that made me to become a cuckold. You can call it differently yet the meaning doesn’t change. I met my second wife, Stacy, from internet portals where both of us used to visit. After three years of my divorce from my first wife I married again. I was strongly aimed not to repeat my mistakes for this time around. Stacy was 5 years younger than me with same height, very slim, & she had a very well rounded huge boobs. It was a tremendous pleasure for me to spend time with her. She was very gorgeous & temerarious & we had a sex everywhere, on the kitchen, in the car, on backyard, during daytime & night time. I like to lick her pussy whenever we were having a sex & she liked this the most. She received wet & had a most powerful orgasm. I didn’t tell her my past experience with my ex-wife yet somehow she found out that I like to watch a lesbian sex. Moreover at beginning of our marriage, I realized that not only me likes lesbian sex & she would moreover like to try it herself. It started when we went for pub night with some friend of mine. Then I start to notice that Stacy was feeling comfortable with Fiona. I knew Fiona before I married to Stacy because she was my co-worker & single at the same time. I have tried to approach her several times after I received divorced yet she decided to be just a friend. It was 2 a.m. & I was standing next to piano bar after all dances. I looked around to search for Stacy & found her with Fiona. They were sitting together on the corner & gently touching each other. I didn’t expect this to be happened & I felt disturbance in my stomach. Instantly my dick started to harden from the thought of them being together. Then the barman said they were closing soon. Then I let Stacy knows approximately it & informed that we need to obtain a cab to go back home. I was rushing to go back home because I was eager to know approximately what was going on between her & Fiona. I was so turned on & I wanted to donate her a satisfactory fuck. After that she stood up & said whether we could donate a lift Fiona to her house first. It was okay with me & I agreed with her. Then we all went out & received in the first taxy that stopped. Fiona sat first followed by Stacy & I sat beside Stacy. When I looked at them they were holding hands & it may look normal yet my dick was so hardened & wanted to ejaculate. Stacy & Fiona were so much drunk & within fifteen minutes of ride I saw them being so close to each other. Stacy’s head was on Fiona’s shoulder & they were gently hugging each other. Honestly saying l liked this & didn’t want this journey to end. Soon we arrived to Fiona’s house & she invited us for a cup of coffee. But I didn’t want to go up there because I needed to figure it out & to ask approximately what was going on first from Stacy. The Stacy turned to me & asked: “let’s go darling, only for few minutes”. By looking at her I found that she wants it so offensive & I could do nothing at that time. I have been here several times & knew it well. Fiona lived her alone for a long time already. After we entered both of them lie down on the sofa while I went to obtain some drinks. I went to the kitchen area looking for some coffee yet from the mirror there I kept on looking at them. It was a direct view from there because the kitchen was in front of the hall. I saw how Stacy holds Fiona’s head & kiss her full on the lips. Then she started to push her tongue into Fiona’s mouth & Fiona moreover responded like this. They were kissing, sucking their lips & playing with tongues. I was standing there & watching my gorgeous wife having a lesbian sex with another lady that made me sexually stimulated. Then I slowly came to them & sat on chair which was next to sofa. They saw me coming & I felt that Fiona was feeling embarrass. Shortly after this, Stacy suggested that they could go up to the bedroom. Certainly, I followed them as they walked slowly & hand in hand. I couldn’t dare to enter to the bedroom & stopped outside of the door. Likely the door was open. Stacy started to take of Fiona’s top while Fiona sat on the bed. Fiona had a red bra & Stacy took her right boobs with left hand & started to kiss from nipple. Then Stacy started slowly moving up until she reached Fiona’s mouth. Their kiss was so hot & full of desire. I could see how they were enjoying it. I was in paradise by watching especially when Stacy slowly massaging Fiona’s pussy & their lips was kissing each other. Unfortunately they again saw me watching them & Stacy stood up instantly & closed the door. Dammit! This is what i didn’t want to be happened! Then I heard a voice of Stacy, asking me to wait at downstairs. I went down & sat on the chair & my cock was so erected. After few minutes she came down & I asked her whether everything is ok. Stacy said that Fiona was very drunk, sleepy & she was not pleased that I came to her house. “What am I supposed to do with this?” I asked her pointing at my jeans. She came closer to me, instantly unfastened my jeans & took out my dick & started to suck. After few minutes she asked me to fuck here right now on the sofa. I grabbed her legs with my hand, & slowly moved up to her pussy while I was sucking her lips. I felt she was very turned on & her panties received wet already. Then I lifted her miniskirt, took of her panties off & easily slide in. I began madly fucking her wishing that Fiona could wake up & join us. Unfortunately this was far from reality & she didn’t wake up. I came so swift because I was so stimulated from what I have seen yet Stacy wanted more & more. I moreover wanted so offensive yet couldn’t continue. First of all I was drunk like a hell & exhausted at the same time. When I looked at my watch it was showing 3 am, so I called another taxi & we left her house. Since then we have never talked approximately this with her & only rarely when I ask approximately that night she just ignored saying that they were drunk so much. When I met Fiona next time in the office, she pretended that nothing happened. Over the next two years, nothing happened except few moments when we were drunk & she seemed to flirt with another woman. But similar case like before was never happened. But everything changed within short period of time. We had discussion approximately having a baby yet I was sterilized a few years ago & this idea didn’t seem possible. Our intimacies became less & less, usually only me initiated it & she just turned her side to let me enter. I felt that something went wrong & decided to ask whether everything was okay. She said that she wasn’t interested & not pleased at all. We couldn’t figure it out at first & hoped we could handle it. She started to work more hours & was coming late all the time. Initially I didn’t pay attention because she said it was a work. But one night when we were on our bed the phone beeps from the message. I thought it was by phone yet Stacy slightly stood up & checked her phone. It was around 6 a.m. in the morning. She thought that I still sleeping. At 8:00 a.m. she stood up as usual & went to have a shower. She forgot her phone under the pillow. I received up & took her phone. I looked for the message & found a text with three words “I want you!!!” I was depressed, because it seems like Stacy is having a sex with another man. Weird part of this I knew who he was. He was our usual friend Andrew, who himself was left by his wife & he was very upset at that time. We understood how he was feeling & we always tried to support all the time when we met in events or gatherings. Next few weeks I noticed that she started to delete all messages from her phone & trying to hide their relations with him. Then I started to check the messages from my friend Andrew. I moreover found messages from Stacy in his phone. Now I was really suspicious of her late comings yet the most worrying part was I was getting excited by thought of them being together. I was now jerking myself off in the bathroom thinking approximately Andrew penetrating with his cock to my wife’s pussy. I was so excited from thinking approximately how he is finishing in her pussy & it drives me crazy. Finally I have agreed & faced the reality. She was completely shocked & didn’t want our relations to end. She accused that our relations broken & past feelings were diminishing. I still loved her & wanted her, yet the story was repeating again. I faced the similar case that happened with my ex-wife & I couldn’t continue our marriage. Eventually we decided to stop our relations. We decided to sell our house & it took 6 month before we finally sold it. During this 6 month of period I again joined online dating portals where I met several women there. I had few dating with them yet whenever they heard that I am still was leaving with my wife, they just disappeared. Then I told her that she can still meet with Andrew whenever she wants & I will moreover meet with anyone who I want. Because I didn’t have other options & she accepted this. Also we agreed that none of us would bring lovers to this house. So they start to meet four or five times a weeks & I stayed in the guest room. One thing I should admit that I still loved her. When I thought approximately them being together & how Andrew is fucking with his dick, I was getting more sexually stimulated. I masturbated a lot in the room by thinking of them & early mornings when she left for work I usually entered to bedroom in order to search for her underwear. When I looked at the basket, I was a bit shocked because they were having a sex without any protection. I knew that Stacy moreover was never using pills. When I took her panties from the basket sometimes it was still wet & smell of sex was incredible. I adored the smell from her panties so much that I started to lick the gusset or masturbated by covering them around my cock. During our discussion with her, I have tried to convince her to use some protections to avoid unwanted consequences yet she strongly disagreed with me saying that it was not my business anymore. She moreover said the Andrew had medical surgery before & cannot have a baby like me. I was upset somehow. After four month of isolated life with her, Stacy came home a bit earlier than usual. I was sitting & reading a newspaper on the sofa. She took a glass of liqueur & sat beside me. Now we were talking approximately Andrew very seldom & it was strange that we were feeling like a normal couples. All over the sudden she put her legs over mine & started to massage me with her toes like an old satisfactory times. She knew that I cannot resist this & I start to grab her legs & massaged also. I put off her gown & she opened her legs. Even though she had a sex recently that I could smell of sex from her, I wanted to touch her wet panties so bad. I wanted my fingers to go inside her by thinking that she could let me fuck her like an old times. My dick was so hardened & I thought she moreover felt that by touching it with her legs. Slowly my hand went up between her legs & I touched her gusset. I looked at her she was so turned on that she closed her eyes. Then I slowly rotate her pussy with me fingers. Then I removed her gusset & touched her unprotected pussy. She was so wet that my fingers went inside easily. I felt how my fingers were full of love juice & she knew that I want to lick her. Then she removed her legs off & opened them wide for me. I quickly took her panties off. I liked to bring her to orgasm by licking her pussy & it has been a four months since I had tasted it. Finally she was with me & I was not only going to lick her yet moreover planning to donate satisfactory fuck. But I was continuously thinking approximately her being fucked few hours ago, because she was full of lovely juice. Amazingly both of us wanted this. Then I put my head to kiss her hips & I was so close to her pussy that she put her hands on my head & pulled me in. The smell of her pussy with sex was wonderful & very wet. I started to lick her upper parts by slowly going down to clitoris & started to suck from there. This made her jump slightly. Then I opened here outer parts wider & went inside deeper with my tongue. I found out that it was full of lovely juice left recently from her lover. It was white like milk & in liquid form. I took it all to my mouth because it was not that disgusting as it seems to be. I licked everywhere & shortly my mouth was full of sperm. My wife asked whether I could taste him. She noticed that I was so excited cleaning her pussy, she started to extract more by pushing her pussy’s muscles. This was new feelings & new taste that I have never experienced before. I was keep cleaning & swallowing it continuously once it comes out from her pussy & she knew that I liked it. I asked again from her to donate me more & licked every liquid coming out from there on my tongue. By that moment my jeans with my pants were on my knees & my dick was waiting its turn with its full power. Finally I stood up so that my dick could easily go inside into her pussy. But my pleasure didn’t last long & frustration came when I insert my dick. I was a bit shocked. I had an average or maybe smaller than average dick yet whenever we had a sex with her in the family she could feel it & able to grasp it with her pussy. She could hold it & make me cum. But it was not happing now. I feel like I am alone & I believe she could hardly feel me. Then I dare to ask approximately whether her lover’s cock was bigger than this & she confirmed it. The reason for this was her pussy has been enlarged from her lover’s bigger cock & I was thinking that her pussy was never going to be tight again. We were kissing each other & she suddenly brought her left hand on me asking what could smell. Without any doubt I said that it was smell of sperm. Then she quickly put his fingers to my mouth & said that I had to lick it. This gave me extra pleasure & I came inside her. As far as I noticed she wanted more & more fuck, yet I was too tired. She asked me to complete her off by pushing me down & I started to lick her with my tongue the way I like. I received the title being a cuckold twice every after. Finally our house was sold out & she moved to her new house. I have been there few times already & one late evening, it was Wednesday I guess, we had an arranged this time & I brought some of her stuff which I found from the cupboard after she had moved. We met on her house approximately at around 9 pm. At that day she went out for dating third time already with her new boyfriend that she found from online dating portal. Then we entered to her house. I sat on the couch & she asked me what I want to drink. I ordered some water. Initially I didn’t feel that she had a sex yet I was sure that she was a little bit drunk. She brought glass of liquor & sat beside me. We had a nice talk. I asked her approximately her date, approximately her new boyfriend. I really was eager to know this & asked a straight question approximately whether they had a satisfactory sex? She was a bit shy to answer & said that I shouldn’t ask this like this way. But we knew each other for a long time already I could afford myself to ask this question & I was really aroused at that moment. How strange it might sound yet this time it was me who initiating this. I told her our life in marital house & how l loved to lick her always. I came closer in order to kiss her while my left hand was slowly moving her skirt upward. She didn’t resist & instead she opened her legs for me. My two fingers reached her pussy & gently started to massage. She was wearing her sexiest panty & whenever my fingers went inside her pussy she groaned. I quickly stood on my knees between her legs. My fingers were inside her & she knew that I wanted it. We looked each other short a while & she said “what are you waiting for”. I brought my head down between her legs & started slowly enter to her pussy with my tongue. I made her to have orgasm by licking her pussy so gently. She was so wet & every drop of liquid that she squirts, I loved it. She was totally turned on & started to share approximately her sex with her new boyfriend. He moreover licked her before & after he finished & fucked here three times. She said that he took him missionary position & banged her with his rock complex cock so complex when he came she could feel his warm sperm shooting inside her. Even after he finished his cock remained complex inside her. After few minutes they began second round by turning her up & he started to thrust with his cock. At this time she was on the top & they were having a sex until both of them came. I asked approximately his dick & she said it was huge & long. She said moreover that it was his dick inside her further than anyone else did before. She knew that by telling all this to me she would just intrigue me more & more. With giving her a pleasure, I was licking & drinking their combined juice like a crazy man by imagining all sex scenes that they had on my head. She moreover started to assist me by moving her pussy around my face. She was now completely naked & I could grab her boobs with my hand. While enjoying all this, her body was trembling & her pussy was generating juice more & more. Then she asked whether I liked to watch how they are making a love? I said yes. She asked again would I suck his huge cock if she asked me to do. This type of question I didn’t expect at all & I finished onto the carpet whenever I said that I would suck any dick that was inside her. I would lovely to suck & clean his cock & her pussy during their fuck. At that time she was aroused same like me, with a huge intense, both of us were very satisfied. The only thought of sucking his dick with tasting her pussy there, on his dick & erecting him so that he can fuck her again had made us cum at the same time. I didn’t touch my cock at that time at all. It’s been four years now yet we keep in touch. Despite the fact that I have another girlfriend we still talk on the phone. I keep the contacts because I miss the paste of her pussy & I always remind her. She smiles when I say this because she knew that I would do anything she asks at any time. But now she has a boyfriend & they are regularly meeting. It seems like they are serious this time & I decided to stop visiting her. I am still masturbating myself with the thought approximately her & how her pussy is full of combined love juices. Now the worrying part was, I was afraid from being bisexual, as I was always thinking approximately it & how I was erecting another man cock so that he can fuck her again or how he is ejaculating his sperm on my mouth. What I liked to think was, we all were in her house, & I was licking her pussy by cleaning from the sperm while both of them are watching or I suck his dick & they both were watching me. I was always honest with my wife approximately the sex. I could remain as a cuckold & she could have as many lovers as she wants. All I wanted that being allowed to watch them or maybe participate, yet only as a cleaner of cum after their wild & dirty sex…But I decided not to obtain marry again…

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