Short story – Untrue promises

We always had dirty dreams about her fucking with another man. She loves to tackle with other man and talking with them a lot. She tells me about everything she talks with men, all the nice words they say towards her. Even such things as that she does at work, in the bank. Guys ask her to get some documents and she finds them whatever it costs. There was a time when she had a dinner with her male co-workers and they started to ask about her life, about her past. She never fucked before she got married. They made a joke of her being a virgin until marriage. One co-worker even offered her to have sex together with me joining them. We had a lot of conversations about it later. Topics about that made me very happy and I told her to flirt and talk with them more. After 12 months new boss came in to their department. We both seemed to find the target of our dirty dreams, as I got deeper into the talks they have between each other. I saw him few times during company gatherings. I observed how he treated and looked after my wife but he tried to hide it from my eyes and attention. Everything happening made me so satisfied that I asked her to tell me more about their job relationship and talking. Once while we were fucking in our bed in passion of agony I told her that she can sleep with him if it is just for matter of sex. She smiled at me that time, but afterwards I noticed that she started to talk about him more and told me that it is becoming more and more obvious that he flirts with her at job time. That was time when she didn’t continue any relationship and chatting with one woman from her office, the reason was that she was a very gossiper woman. For my opinion she was not only one to talk about my wife after all that he does for her. Few times per year some people including her and him from the office would go outside of the town because of some business there. There was one trip, when she returned back very confused and excited at the same time. They stayed in the hotel. The place was very good, except that there was no shower for each of them, thus they used the ones given one by one. They decided to go to casino all together, but my wife was against it and stayed at room. She decided to go anyway afterwards and was taking shower. At that time someone knocked her room’s door and she was sure it is one of her female co-workers. That is why she was just wearing towel on her body and opened the door. It was a man. Towel was very weakly wrapped and her body was not covered totally. That guy was very shamed to see that and tried not to look at her straightly. Then there was a moment when she walked back into her room and suddenly saw him staring at her from the mirror. After that occasion he was even nicer to her, leaving her space in his car when they were going to go back. All those action made my lovely one to feel satisfied and aroused. After few weeks she approached me and told what they were talking about. Boss asked her if she has a good time during that trip, and my wife replied that everything was ok, and that the only thing makes her uncomfortable is that there is no enough time to play some machines in casino. He then told her that if she would like to play it, he can take her there again. She was very aroused for a long time and finally decided to ask me if I am ok if she goes out with him. They had a dating in three weeks’ time and she promised me that she is not going to have any sex with him. Can you imagine what happened? Leaving on Saturday night from home, she returned on Sunday afternoon. Definitely I could guess that she slept with him and that fact made me aroused even more!!!