I like Fridays

It was my wife, Kate’s idea that I wear an apron when I wash his car on the street. She was excited that anyone could see me dressed like this and cleaning a car that wasn’t even mine. I was not rushing clean the car because I was so calm. I knew that they would be upstairs in the bedroom for at least three hours and often longer and thus I could wait outside for long time. I didn’t know anything about him until she has told me. His name is Bob, her coworker, and he is married with three kids. They have been together for almost eight months now, and he used to visit us every Friday afternoon. However I didn’t feel sorry for weird admittance to her a year ago about my cuckold fantasy. I cannot accept the fact that how one can let his wife, the beloved one to be shared with anyone else. It was beyond any frames of relationship, love and marriage, and it didn’t make any sense. And the same like those husbands I suffered from unusual sexual tastes that were overwhelming. And thus every sunny Friday I go out to clean the car of lover of my wife. My fancy has caused me to lose everything that most husbands appreciate and protect, my wife’s love and respect, our sexual life, the chance of becoming a father, my own self-esteem and manliness. It may sound absurd to the rest of the people but this I what I really wanted. I found my place by becoming a cuckold and required only minimum portion of a men. Some type of cuckolds wants their wives tell them about their sex with their lovers and even letting them to watch it. And this is true for those who is still unsure about this or have an open marriage. However for cuckold they don’t care about the sex life of her wife with the lovers. It was very clear from the beginning of the love affairs of my wife with his lover. I was excluded from our common bedroom and had to sleep in the next room all the time. One of those days, I was finishing washing his car, and I received a mobile-message from her asking me to bring some refreshments, one juices and one cold beer. Accepting this, I went upstairs and brought them what they asked. I entered to the bedroom and saw him lying and hugging her from the back. They were both naked. Then she stood up once she saw me entering and starts to cover exposed parts. “Do you know how to knock the door?” she screamed, and wrapping the sheet more tightly around herself. I said sorry to her but she didn’t want to listen to my excuse and started to miscall me with bad words. Her reaction really surprised me. I knew that I lost all the right for marital life with her after my admittance and I was really shocked at being criticized for looking at my own wife’s boobs. Then Bob stood up and by hugging her he looked at me. “No more boobs for you, cuckold, no more having pussy” he smiled. Then he kissed her face by saying she belongs to him. “ALL mine” he said and kissed her. I realized that the way they hug each other and talked to me, she already fall in love with him. I quickly put the drinks down on the table and left the room. The most things that I want was, Bob would remain in his marriage and will continuously visit every week for giving her a good sex and she let me stay with her in marital house. I was ready and could do everything to live in my dreams of being cuckold to my beloved one Kate.