Extreme Insulting

Hi there to everyone, the story that I would like share is not about me, but it’s about my friend John. It has begun with one beautiful sunny day when we had decided to have a picnic in the park to enjoy the holiday with my wife Sarah. At that day I woke up early in the morning and went to the supermarket to buy the stuff for the picnic. After that I went back home and saw Sarah already woke up. She asked me to make the coffees that were usual for us before we go out. We went to the park and found a nice place to stop. Sarah has changed her clothes and left with only on her bikini. With her long sexy legs, amazing boobs and fantastic ass she looked absolutely gorgeous as usual. I knew that every guy would be jealously looking at me and cautiously stare at Sarah. This thought was sufficient for me to get sexually excited and I started to hide my erection. When I woke up from few hours of sleep, the park was full of people and I saw Sarah was looking at group of people who was playing a football. The guys were good looking with topless, fit and muscular. I realized that she could prefer those muscular players than me who slim with chicken arms. Then I said whether she would like to see them. Initially she didn’t realize that I woke and was look at her. She was a bit shocked and agreed with me saying that they are rather good to look at. The way she looked at other man excited me a lot. At that night we had an amazing sex. After that I asked with a little bit joke of whether she prefers to have a sex with one of those guys at the park. She said that it would be nice if it will come true because they have bigger cocks compare to mine and she is not satisfied with my cock. It was shock for me. Previously she mentioned about the smallness of my cock. When she was drunk she measured it and told to her girlfriend that it is only 4’’. I feel extremely offended but sexually aroused at the same time that my cock increased to its full length. This thought completely gave me a sexual excitement and from our conversation with her I admitted that being her cock slave boy could give a huge sexual stimulation for me. A few weeks later I was doing my work at home and she came with wearing sexy red clothes which was very nice and surprise for me. Initially I thought nothing special is going to happen but the bigger surprise was when she gave me a piece of paper and asked me to read and sign it. She said that she had been thinking about my cock slave boy fantasy and it would be fun if we could try out. She prepared a contract which would be last for two week trial period. She asked me to go through it thoroughly, think wisely and if I agree with it I should sign. Then she warned me that if I sign this contract there is no way out and she will make sure that she will enjoy every benefit of this and we need to comply the contract.
The contract was composed of the following points:
I had to be locked in a chastity device at all times, and Sarah had the both keys.
I had to do all housework if she asks.
I had to give my salary for the month to her so that she could go out and enjoy herself.
I ought to accept all punishments she prepares for me.
She could hang out with anyone and make a love with anyone she likes during this period of time. She would let me to cum once a week and with the way she wants. She again warns me saying to think about it and if I signed any minor violation could increase the trail time in chastity. If there is a major breach of this contract like I might no longer continue this she might leave me and find another “real man” as she no longer needs me. I was terrifically shocked that I felt dizzy after reading all this and my dick was erected very badly. Wow, what this was a huge sexual stimulation for me and scary at the same time. Then I said to myself it is just for a few weeks only so why not to try out. Then I signed it fast and gave it back to her. “Fantastic!” she said with smiling. “Give me properly – stand on your knees with eyes on the floor! “: she continued. I followed her order and found it very interesting of how she is ruling now. She again ordered: “Now strip”. I quickly dance a strip for her and she saw that my small cock was so erected. The she brought a CB6000 chastity device to lock this up. But it was too small and impossible to lock my erected dick. She said that we need to do something and began wanking my dick until I ejaculated by locking my wrist behind back with handcuff. I was about to cum because my dick started to spurt a hellacious milk (she is used to call it like this) she has stopped when I felt an orgasm. After that she locked my small cock and went away. Later at that night she prepared a list of housework and gave it to me. She said that she wanted to go out with a ‘real man’. No doubts that she prepared for this for some time by searching in internet and talking with her friends to find a suitable man to fuck. I was initially wondering whether she could really do this or she just want to play with my emotions by teasing me, but I was enjoying at the same time. At around 9 pm, she dressed her sexiest clothes and went out. I told her to be careful at night, that I love her so much and to have a good time. Then I began doing housework. The whole evening I kept thinking of her what she is doing… with whom…was she with some young man? Would they will go to the hotel or she is with her friends and just playing with me. At that moment I really was not sure whether I need to continue this and letting her to have a fuck-man. I have done with all housework by mid-night and went to take a shower before taking a rest. Right after coming out from the bath I heard the car parked near to our house. I look at the window and saw Sarah with one guy coming to our house. My heart started to beat faster and it seemed like I could hardly breathe. The door opened and she walked in with tall, athletic brownish haired man, aged around 30. The guy’s name was James and he already knows about me and the current situation. After short conversation she said that I will be a slave for both of them until morning. She ordered me to take of the clothes from both of them and asked to bring some drinks, white wine for her and beer for him. I went to the kitchen to make her orders on time and when I return back she was already sitting on his lap and subtly grinding his cock with her ass. When I saw them together, my small cock started to erect against the CB6000 and because I was very sexually stimulated by watching them. She started to play with Dave’s cock by gently giving him a pleasure. She brought it out from his jeans and said loudly that it must be at least eight inches. She looked at my side then said that this is a real man’s cock looks like and she is going to enjoy it having this inside her. She ordered me to wait for the further instructions while they go upstairs and she will call me if they need something. I sat on the sofa and could hear how they were having a good time together. I was so aroused and really wanted to cum but unfortunately cannot do it. After about a half an hours Sarah came down, almost naked, and said that Dave going to stay here and will leave by 8 a.m. in the morning. She said that I had to bring up breakfast at 7:30 a.m. – two white coffees, and some fruits. I had to sleep down here since she said me to do so but I couldn’t sleep well that night because the sofa was not comfortable enough. My all thoughts were with her. I woke up at the mid night again by noises coming from upstairs where John was banging Sarah very well and I was sure that Sarah was enjoying this very much. I don’t know why but again I was so sexually excited and I extremely want to cum which I know always increases my obedience. It was 6 a.m. in the morning so I woke up to make a breakfast. Then I tensely walked up the stairs to the room in order to bring them a breakfast. I knocked on the door then heard a voice of my wife from inside “Come in slave boy”. They were sitting up in bed when I opened a door and she was completely naked. I was a bit shy when I gave them the breakfast. “What a shame?” John said. Then he suddenly asked to show him the cock cage by saying that it is unbelievable that a man let him be locked up like that. Sarah looked at me and said: “You heard him bustard, strip for us and show John”. I had to follow her orders and came closer to John’s side of the bed and started to dance. John was also surprised and keeps on saying: “Incredible”. Then all over the sudden, Sarah passed the key to the John saying that he will know that I didn’t touch her with my little dick. Honestly saying this was unexpected and he might never give it back to me. John agreed with that and went for showering. I turned to Sarah and she said: “Slave-boy must be a bit hungry and I have something for you. Get down between my legs and clean me out”. I was standing like a monument and totally shocked. I like to lick her but the thought that she had a sex with John and now she is full of his cum wasn’t a good idea. “Now!” she raised a voice. Then I went down on her and she opened her legs for me. I start to lick her beautiful pussy. She ordered to clean all that and now I could taste a sperm. But it wasn’t that awful because I loved do like this to Sarah and she also was enjoying this. I was too much involved in my current task when I heard a voice of John from other room asking for toilet paper. Sarah said that I didn’t do my job well since there was not enough stuff in the bathroom. She replied back to John saying that slave-boy (me) will clean him up. I couldn’t believe this, but now I was completely abased and could do anything she asked. Then I went inside bathroom and saw John was standing next to loo and bent down with his ass and pointed towards my face. I had to clean all the shit by putting my face towards his hairy ass because he warned me that if I didn’t do this I’ll never get cum. There was a small shit sticking on his brown poo hole with a disgusting smell. “Hurry up slave, I don’t have much time to stand like this!” said John. I had no choice rather than going for the biggest piece and put my lips to his poo hole and take it into my mouth. It was a horrible experience. I had to get down all that shit. “Come on boy!” he said again and had to lick his ass hole until it was clean. Then I heard a sound ‘click’ behind me with the flash of light and I realized that Sarah had taken a picture. She asked to turn around and show him my face. When I turned round she took a picture again by saying that I should be very careful next time because this picture might be released somewhere else. After John left our house, Sarah and I had a conversation. She said that it was truly enjoyable and it was a way better than what she expected. I also had to admit that I also liked this and found my true place in this life, which was cock-boy toilet slave.

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