Dangerous neighborhood

Let me tell you a story about my life. My name is Sam 23 years old, with average height and not that heavy, with black hair, brown eyes and not very strong. When I was in high school I was very funny guy who didn’t play sports at all and was not a fighter in the class. I was and am still a handsome funny guy and I usually cracked a joke to get along with them. The one thing that I like in myself is I can be a friend with anyone. I met my wife, Leticia, at work when both of us were working in same department. She is a bit smaller and slimmer than me with long brown hair, beautiful brown eyes, soft brown skin and she is a Hispanic with very natural pretty appearance. We started having a lunch together and I could make her smile all the time. After that we started dating for few years until we decided to get marry. Our parents haven’t had much money to support us and we don’t earn good salaries at the place where we work now. Thus it was difficult for us to select our future house. Nevertheless none of us wanted to live with either of our parents and thus we start to look for our own house. We thought that we found a good apartment and with a good neighborhood. But we were wrong. At first we face with all this loud music, the smell of weed and even saw bad looking people around the complex. We cope with all this because nobody really disturbs us at that time. Once it was late night, we were coming from a late movie and saw four boys hanging out in the parking that is on the way close to our apartment. Our apartment is located on ground floor and near to the parking lot where all those noise comes from. Those guys were look like a gang with all tattoo’s and looked very much scary. They were teenagers at the age of probably between nineteen and mid-twenties. As we were walking, the guy named Carlos, who lived right next to us, start to talk, asking about where we coming from. He would always greet us when he saw and always stare at Leticia. According to Leticia he stops and continuously looks at her when I am not with