Cuckolded from the Bottom

I heeded the age-old axiom, look at your future moth-in-law and you’ll know what your wife will look like in 25 years. I married my wife Allie, because we were best friends and she was a great person, but also because her mother was gorgeous—the first time I met her, she was 47 or so and I thought she was Allie’s older sister…really….that endeared me to her…bigtime. She’s not a voluptuous type, just the kind of stunner that ages well—perfect cross between Dana Delaney and Morgan Fairchild minus the boobs. And I figured that Allie, with longer, sexier legs and bigger boobs would be a stunner for decades to come.
Allie and I never really clicked in the bedroom. She had no sex drive, wasn’t open to anything new or the last bit kinky, so sex, sporadic as it was, was very, very boring and I found myself having affair after affair. Iearned the joys of eating pussy, licking assholes, different positions, BDSM and loved it. I would beg Allie constantly to let me go down on her (the idea of her blowing me was so unrealistic I didn’t bother thining about it) and she would always say no. Finally, one day she allowed it, but would let me tease her and drag it out and I loved it. I loved the way she tasted but most importantly, this woman who never reacted in bed to our sex, finally betrayed her pleasure and I knew I was giving her an orgasm.
I read sex stories and blogs voraciously on the Internet and realized I was probably submissive. I asked her to enteratain the idea of locking me up in a chastity cage, making me eat her puissy every morning and night, teasing my cock and dressing sexier but she was against all of it. I’d beg her constantly to eat her pussy, promising that I wasn’t expecting any reciprocation and that we didn’t even have to have sex afterwards. I was incredibly elated the few times she took me up on my offer, and I would lick her to orgasm, she’d cum, then shoe me away essentially and we’d both go to sleep, me with a raging hard on realizing this was y place—a sex slave without any sexual power in the bedroom, but those occasions were few and far between and didn’t lead to more aggressiveness on Allie’s part.
The more I read the more I realized that I was a Beta male and that the symptoms of our marriage and frustrations indicated clearly that Allie was underwhelmed by sex because of the small size of my cock, my lack of stamina and relative unattractiveness. This was the background of so many true stories, where the woman’s libido needed to be unleashed by a well hung bull. I imagined her fucking hung black men, with her making me eat her pussy before sex to prepare her and after sex toclean her up and then eventually turning me into her boyfriend’s fluffer by making me suck cock so often I began to enjoy it. This was the progression into submissiveness and cuckoldry but there was no way Allie would ever consider it or move that way. So, I changed my tactics and my target.
In the early years of my marriage, Barbara and I had a great relationship—she was always complimenting me on my looks ,clothes, once she even asked me if I lost weight on my butt, and at her 50th birthday party I realized that this woman didn’t just age well—she was GORGEOUS. Most 25 year old women would kill for her eyes, lips, figure and I could be with her anytime I wanted, well, at least hang out very platonically. From age 50 to 60 she barely aged a day and I developed one hell of a crush. I sniffed her panties and bras from the hamper when in her bathroom, looked up her skirt, down her shirt every chance I got. I even put one of those 3” penis extensions on one day and made sure to hug her, hoping that might open the door for me. No luck. After my wife’s second birth, my mother-in-law, Barbara came over to watch our 2 year old so I could deal with Allie in the hospital. When I came home, Barbara was passed out in Allie’s bed, sprawled out, exhausted. I leaned forward to get into my bed and she asked, “Dave, I’m so tired, do you mind?” and I knew what she wanted, so I slept in another bedroom. I regretted that evening every day for years!
Barbara has a one track mind—she’s about having an easy life, doing the absolute minimum and expecting others to do the maximum for her. Her day revolves around her relaxation and appearance—she spends the first few hours of the day in bed, then drinks her coffee/reads the paper for an hour or two and then finally, around 1 or 2 might go to get her hair or nails done or even to the supermarket to buy food, then come home, throw in a piece of salmon into the oven and have dinner with my father-in-law. If you ever ask her to do something like watch the kids, it’s a huge favor—she has to cancel a beauty appointment and let you know over and over again what a favor it is—she’s incredibly narcissistic and selfish but it doesn’t change how I feel about her looks. Despite her easy schedule, she’s a very anxious person, with low energy, doesn’t sleep well and often in bed, trying to relax.
One Sunday, the whole family was over at Grandma’s, and Allie, her father-in-law and the kids went out for ice cream. I went upstairs to her bedroom and made chitchat with my stunning mother-in-law—just being with her alone gave me a hard-on and I figured it was hopeless, but I HAD to be with her. She was complaining what a wreck she was, how tired, but unable to sleep and tense she was. I told her that my friend Alex, a psychologist, dealt with anxiety and taught me a way to deal with my high stress job so that I could sleep well at night and not eat myself up over every little thing.
Barbara asked me what the trick was. I used my very soothing, deep voice to tell her she needs to relax in her bed and let me take her to a better place. “Close your eyes and imagine you’re on the most beautiful beach you’ve ever been on. Gooooood. You’re lying on a hammock between two palm trees in your bathing suit and cover-up, with your eyes closed. You feel the sun on your face and it warms your whole body. You breath in through your nose, deeply, and slowly let it out. You feel a slight, warm breeze off the water on your warm skin and it just feels perfect. You hear the small waves crashing on the surf, lightly, again and again and again. You feel your body weighing heavily into the hammock as it swings back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. You breathe through your nose deeply, hold it….then release as you hear the waves gurgle and hit the surf over and over and over and over again as you sway back and forth, back and forth, back and forth and breathe deeply in and out, in and out, in and out. You no longer feel your body, or think about anything else other than how relaxed you are. Your stress is melting away, out through your skin, like hot butter melting on your skin, out of your body, out your pores, dripping away, slowly slowly as you sway back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. You are a heavy weight in that hammock and you hear nothing now but the sound of my voice and a light breeze, caressing your skin as your stress melts away and out of your body. You don’t want to think for yourself—you don’t worry about your errands or stresses, you just want to lie deep inside your comfy hammock and listen to the relaxing sound of my voice as you relax and fall deeply asleep, very, very deeply asleep, feeling wonderful, breathing deeply, listening to my voice, you’re no longer running the ship. You are now just a lump of clay, lying in the hammock, swaying back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. You feel yourself falling deeper and deeper and deeper asleep. You breathe in deeply and hold it. You imagine yourself walking down a flight of 10 stairs. You walk down the steps slowly and with each step you are falling deeper, and deeper and deeper asleep, less and less conscious of what’s going on around you, focusing only on my voice, surrendering yourself to my soothing voice. My voice is the source of your relaxation—hearing my soothing voice makes you feel sooo good and relaxed. You need to hear my voice to feel gooooood. You exhale slowly as you walk down the steps, 1, then 2, then 3,, 4, 5, you’re getting deeper and deeper asleep and more and more relaxed, 6, 7 when we hit 10 you will be putty in my hands, just waiting for my next command. You know that if you listen to my voice and my commands that you will feel more relaxed than you ever have in your life. 8, 9, now 10. You can breathe in lightly, through your nose; you are deeply asleep, very, very, very deeply asleep listening only for your next command from me so you can feel really, really, really good. How do you feel?
“Great, Barbara. Are you relaxed?”
“Where are you now?”
“I’m in a hammock on the beach, sleeping”
“Wonderful Barbara, and are you more relaxed that you’ve ever been in your life?”
“Do you ever want to go back to your old nervous self?”
“Okay Barbara, do you feel the sun on your skin?”
“Do you feel warm?”
“Good, the sun feels so nice and warm on your skin—it’s melting alllll the stress away from your body. Your skin is getting warmer, and warmer and warmer. It’s so hot, you’re sweating away your stress but it’s getting a little too hot. Your wool cover-up is just too warm to wear in this kind of heat. What do you do when you’re too hot?”
“Take clothes off”
“Good. I want you to be comfortable, Barbara. Don’t want you to be too hot—take off your warm clothes so you can cool off.”
Barbara sat up and removed her housecoat.
“Good, Barbra, you feel a little bit better, but you long to feel totally free, without your very tight bathing suit on. Take off your bathing suit.”
Barbara pulled off her panties and removed her bra and laid them on her side. Her face looked stunning for 60+ but the body less so, but it was still exhilarating to have this goddess under my control and seeing her bush. “Barbara, I want you to be very relaxed, so relaxed you feel like you can do anything even if you’re in public. You see a young, gorgeous towel boy walk by and you notice the bulge in his bathing shorts. How do you feel, what are you thinking?”
“I want to see his penis.”
“He passed by, so you can’t see him anymore, you’re just in your very relaxed state. SO relaxed but you feel the area between your thighs getting warm, slowly getting warmer and warmer as you think about that young, good looking man. You use both your hands to stroke yourself—you NEED relief, because to be relaxed, you can’t control your impulses. When you see a young good looking man, you feel your body tensing up, and that won’t do, so you NEED to release that feeling. What are you going to do to release it?”
“Masturbate” Barbara said as she stroked her pussy slowly.
“Good Barbara, stroking your pussy makes you feel sooo good, sooo relaxed. But, you are no longer allowed to stroke yourself. You’ve given control of your body over to me, and only me. When I say the words “hello Barbara”, you will be just like this, relaxed but under my control, not wanting to risk your relaxation by thinking for yourself. You follow my commands only; no matter how weird or unnatural it might feel. Nothing is unnatural if it’s me commanding you. Do you understand, Barbara?”
“Good, you’re still enjoying being so relaxed, listening to my voice. When you’re under my command, you’re very, very eager to please. You don’t want to take a chance that I won’t want to make you feel good. You NEEEED me to feel good. You can’t get an orgasm without me, no matter what you do. You can masturbate, have sex with your husband or anyone else, but you can’t orgasm without relaxing and you can’t relax without the sound of my voice. Do you understand, Barbara?”
“Gooooood. You will do everything I ever command you to, without delay, or reluctance. Is that understood?”
“Good. I want you to know that I love eating pussy and your pussy looks delicious. I want you to spread your legs now. Good. You feel the ocean breeze caressing your pussy. It feels good. But you hear my voice and you want to feel good and you want to make me happy. You know that I love eating pussy, pull my head down to your pussy and hold it in place.”
Barbara gently put her hands on the back of my head and pulled me closer to her hot, moist pussy. I stuck my tongue out and caressed her inner lips—she was wide open already, dripping moisture. I loved how Barbara tasted so I kept going. Licking up and down, in and out—the best was when I would roll my tongue up and stick it up her hole—she tasted so good and she enjoyed it so much. She came in under2 minutes and released my head.
I pulled away, enjoying the lingering taste in my mouth, the moisture all over my face and seeing my gorgeous mother in law’s dripping, open pussy.
I told her that she will stay just as relaxed if she got up and stood on the floor. She did and I sat on her bed. I told her to kneel on her knees in front of me. She did. I told her to use her feminine hands and long nails to gently scrape my lower abdomen, inner thighs and scrotum. She did—it felt amazing. I told her she should open her eyes but stay asleep, deeply relaxed. She looked up at me with those gorgeous green eyes and I nearly came right then. I told her that she felt a deep need rising inside her to put my dick in her mouth. She should use her lips, tongue, cheeks and throat to caress my cock, over and over again. She would feel a heat rising from her pussy, throughout her body and she needed my cum to cool her off. She started sucking my dick slowly and as I could tell her discomfort from the rising heat was getting to her; she picked up the pace and sucked me like a woman possessed. Possessed by her son in law who was enjoying the best blow job of his life by the hottest woman he’d ever seen. I told her to tighten her lips on my shaft and take me deep into her throat, stroking in and out, in and out. I felt the greatest feeling rising from my lower abdomen and before I knew it, I was exploding down my mother in law’s throat, over and over—she was greedily sucking and swallowing like she’d burn up if she didn’t get every last drop. She continued to suck it until I was completely soft and I relaxed. She looked up at me, directly into my eyes, waiting for her next command.
I figured Allie and the rest would be home shortly, so I told her to get dressed again and lie in bed, still very relaxed, with her eyes closed. I told her that I would count to ten slowly and she would slowly get less and less sleepy and at 10 she would wake up and not remember a thing. Only that when she woke up, she’d feel that because I was close, she felt really, really relaxed for the first time in many years. That she’d always try to find ways to be with me, alone, so she could relax. She wouldn’t know why, but she found me really good looking was developing a crush on me but wouldn’t ever tell anyone. That she’d masturbate more and more, thinking about me, knowing it was wrong, but knowing that she needed me but unable to orgasm and the more sexually frustrated she’d get, the more anxious she’d become and the more she’d want to see me. But, she wouldn’t want anyone to know she had a crush on me, so she’d have to use all of her intelligence to find scenarios to be alone with me without raising suspicion.
I told her to get dressed again and counted up slowly from 1 to 5, played with her tits, through her robe, scared I may never get enjoy this situation again, then 6, and 7, and reminded her when I said the words “hello Barbara”, wherever we were, whoever we were with, she’d be under my control, eager to please so that she could get the relaxation she needed. Sexual acts and doing what I told her would make her feel more and more relaxed but she couldn’t enjoy sex without me there. 8, she would feel a deep need to do more exercise so she could be firmer for her much younger love interest. 9, she would shop for sexy lingerie and sexier clothes in hopes of getting her son in laws attention and 10. You are now awake.”
Barbara opened her eyes and looked up at me. She rubbed her eyes and stretched—“I must have fallen asleep”
I told her “I never put someone else to sleep like that, you must be really tired.” She nodded and said, she hasn’t been sleeping well. We continued to chat as if nothing happened. Then Barbara seemed like she was a little uncomfortable and excused herself to go to the bathroom. Se must have felt all the wetness between her legs. I went downstairs to watch TV and shortly the rest of the family came home and it was crazy again in the house.
2 days later, I called Barbara on the phone at 9:15 from work. I knew her husband would be at the gym but that she’d be awake. When she answered the phone, I simply said, hi, it’s Doug and we had some minor chit chat—I said I was just calling to see how she was since I knew she wasn’t getting much sleep. She thanked me for asking and said she’s still not sleeping but she does feel a bit more relaxed than before. She asked me about work and I told her I was very busy, about to step into a meeting, but she just found ways of keeping me on the phone. She told me that Mitch, he husband, was going to California for a week for work and I told her maybe she’ll be able to sleep better or be more relaxed. I asked her to hold, waited a few seconds, then picked her up again and said “Hello Barbara, how do you feel?”
“She answered “frustrated and anxious, I need you.”
I smiled and knew the hypnosis stuck. I was even more excited than when she was on her knees sucking my dick for dear life because now I knew it was repeatable and that she was now my slave. I told her to come over to our house in a skirt and no panties but don’t ring the bell, stay in your car at the end of the cul de sac where it’s dark. I’d meet her in 30 minutes. I got my car and sped home. There was my mother in law’s Grey Lexus in the cul de sac where we’d have some privacy. I pulled up next to her and opened her car door. I told her to get into the back seat. We both climbed into the back seat and I put my hand on her pussy—warm and wet as before. She told me she’d been masturbating but feels like she can’t get off without me and she needs me. I told her I’d like to fuck her but I don’t want to hurt her. She asked why. I said “when you look at my cock, you will see a thick 10” cock and imagine how such a big, hard, throbbing piece of meat would fill you up like never before, massage your cervix and make you feel completely owned, used and good. When you see my crotch, you will perceive a huge lump, telling your conscious mind that I must be very well hung, and your conscious mind will entertain the idea of how a young, hot hung stud like your son in law could make you feel really good. You’ll always hunger for my cock and although you will fear it, you will long for it to be inside you. Even when you suck it, it will feel like it’s too much to handle, but it won’t stop you from wanting to swallow all 10”. Now, do you want me to fuck you with my 10” cock?”
I need you to beg me, Barbara.”
“Please fuck me with your 10” cock, I need it inside me, now—you’re the only one who can make me cum and make me feel good.”
“Good start, pull it out of my pants, and sit on top of it. Ride me until I give you more orders”
Barbara gently pulled out my cock from my pants and played with it, making sure it was hard. Her eyes were as big as saucers when she saw it, and she visibly got nervous. I told her to straddle me, and she did, and eagerly positioned her wet pussy on top of it. She pushed down slowly and her wet heat felt amazing—almost as good as her mouth the other day. She slowly pushed down on it until I was balls deep—she cried out in pleasure as she perceived my 5” cock pushing on her cervix, massaging places she’d never felt before in her 60+ years. She rode me slowly at first and I opened her shirt to reveal a very sexy lace balconette and inhaled her bosom. She rode me hard, beating and screaming in pleasure. I told her, “Barbara, the whole time my cock is inside you; you will feel like you are on the verge of the largest orgasm of your life. You will feel like if you could only get a little more cock inside you, and hump a little faster, or squeeze your pussy muscles a little more, that you’ll be able to achieve your long sought vaginal orgasm, but you won’t until you feel my cum inside your pussy or until I permit you to cum. Is that understood?”
“YES” Barbara exclaimed as she continued to ride me, working herself up into hysterics.
I told her I don’t want her to scream because we were in public, but that she will cum in silence.
I felt my orgasm growing. I couldn’t believe how good this 60 year old pussy felt on me and how sexy it as to have my gorgeous mother in law riding me in the back seat of her car out in the street. I held back, harder and harder, we both rose up to the roof, until I exploded, deep inside her and she squeezed me tight as she enjoyed her own massive orgasm. I told her to dismount and lean back. I told her I am your master, and you live only to serve me. Eating your pussy and licking cum out of your pussy is what makes me very, very happy. I want you to be dominant and aggressive and force me to lick your pussy clean whenever you get fucked. Is that understood?”
“Yes, Master” and she leaned back, spread her legs and pulled me by my tie into her wet crotch and I enjoyed eating her sloppy and hot pussy until she was cleaned. I took a break to tell her that she would enjoy when I eat her pussy immensely but won be able to reach orgasm until I suck on her clit when she’ll explode in an earth shaking orgasm.” I then licked her pussy some more and sucked on her clit and her thighs nearly took off my head as they squeezed through her orgasm. I told her to clean up, drive home, get dressed for bed and wake up once her husband came home.
I came home, super happy, floating on air, thinking about my gorgeous, sexy slutty mother in law and how she lived to serve me.
The next day I called Barbara to check on her again. She said that Mitch had a business dinner and that she was thinking of taking Allie and the kids out. I told her don’t be silly, “hello Barbara” I calmly, soothingly said. I told her I wanted her to meet me at the Victoria’s Secret near her house at 6 we would go shopping. I arrived at the store, just as she did, and gave her a deep French kiss as we entered the store. I put my hand on her ass and walked with her to peruse the merchandise.
A saleswoman came by and asked if she could help. I said “yes, I’m looking for a very sex push up bra for my mother in law.” The saleswoman hesitated for a second and then showed us to the miracle bra section. I opened Barbara’s shirt slightly and got behind her. I held her tits up and together from behind her body. I told the saleswoman who was looking for the right design that I wanted my mother in law’s boobs to look just like this. She was shocked, then smiled and picked out 2 sexy bras. She asked what size for the matching panties. I told her that my mother in law is not allowed to wear panties anymore. The saleswoman giggled a bit. I turned to Barbara and asked her, “Why aren’t you allowed to wear panties anymore, Barbara?”
She looked straight at the saleswoman “so that my son in law has easy access to my pussy. Sometimes I need his huge cock inside me, sometimes I need his tongue, so I don’t want to waste time taking off my underwear.”
Now the saleswoman was really shocked and couldn’t wash the look on her face.
She ushered Barbara to the dressing room to dry on the bras. I stood outside browsing through the merchandise as the saleswoman went to tell her colleagues what happened. Another woman came over to me to ask if everything was OK. I told her yes, that my mother in law had to ditch her grandma underwear and wear sexier stuff for me. The saleswoman couldn’t help herself and asked, “So, you and your mother in law?”
“Yeah, ever since the first time I ate her pussy, she’s obsessed with my giving her oral, constantly. Sometimes she likes me to fuck her too, but usually she just rides my face. I love it and so does she.”
The saleswoman was shocked. That’s when Barbara stepped out of the dressing room into the main part of the floor in just her top. “What do you think?”
The saleswoman quickly rushed us to the back. “You can’t walk half naked through our store!’ She exclaimed. The bra fits you perfectly; maybe you should put on some underwear?
“Oh no, I never wear underwear when I’m with my son in law—he needs easy access to my pussy”
The saleswoman was amazed to hear it confirmed. She then got very serious “so, this guy gives really good oral?”
“Yes, amazing—I can’t cum with anyone else and he’ll do it for hours as I just sit back and relax.”
“Wow, that’s very open-minded of you!”
I saw my opportunity. “Barbara do you want me to give you an orgasm now?”
She immediately sat back on a chair, spread her legs and pointed at her crack. I dropped to my knees and licked her passionately. Within 3 minutes I had her bucking and moaning and then did my magic move and she came hard. We turned around and the sales associate was fingering herself through her dress. I told Barbara to get dressed and the sales associate to sit down, remove her pants and panties and spread her legs. She did so faster than one would think was humanly possible and I went to town on her sopping wet cunt. She thoroughly enjoyed it but I couldn’t just use my magic move to end it, so had to really turn it up a notch to get her to cum which she did within 2-3 minutes. She was spent and couldn’t recover even as her boss came into the backroom to see what was keeping us. The boss screamed at her that she was fired and that she wanted Barbara and me out of there. The salesgirl slowly came back to herself and Barbara and I told the manager we wanted to buy the two bras. She reluctantly processed our purchase and told us not to come back again.
I told Barbara that I hoped she was very relaxed from that orgasm but that she must feel a rising need for my cock inside her. She nodded pathetically. We had to find a spot where I could fuck her. We drove a couple blocks until we found an alley behind a restaurant and I bent Barbara over a garbage dumpster and took her from behind. I told her she had to enjoy quietly and I came quickly as did she. She then pushed me down on the ground and sat on my face, forcing my cum down my throat and getting herself off once again. I drove her home and told her that I wanted her to come to my office in Manhattan the next day at lunchtime.
The next day, Barbara called me to say she was thinking of coming into the city and would be in my neck of the woods. I said “hello Barbara” and told her to meet me in the lobby of the Four Seasons Hotel. We found each other, and despite the throng of people in the lobby, I put my hand under her short skirt to feel how ready she was for me. We then took the elevator up to the top floor and I turned her around and took her from behind. She was so soft and wet, I came before we reached our destination and I quickly licked her clean before we got back down to the lobby. I told her that from now on when we were fucking I wanted her to use her pussy muscles to massage my cock. She didn’t know what I was talking about. I said do a kegel—she still didn’t know. I said close your asshole really tightly like you’re holding in a big doody. Good, that’s a kegel. When my cock is inside you, you will hold that kegel and not be able to release until you orgasm and the release of the hold will make the orgasm even more intense.
We hopped on the subway which was surprisingly busy for midday and stood next to each other, crushed by the crowds on the train. I reached under her skirt and massaged her clit as I whispered in her ear not to make a sound. A young man who was sitting saw the whole show and loved watching. I told Barbara to look down at him and smile seductively. She did and I could see him quickly close his legs and then a wet stop develop on his crotch—her smile alone made this stranger cum. That’s how hot my mother in law was!
I sent her home and told her to trim her bush a little, but slutty heels, short skirts and meet me at the mall at 5:30. I met her at Sephora, she was wearing her 6” hooker heels and a new above the knee flairy skirt—she looked amazing. We went into Sephora and found a makeup lady. She asked how she could help. I told her, can you make up my mother in law to look really slutty. The type of look, when combined with these hooker heels, tells people she’s not wearing panties under her skirt and she’s open to anyone to take care of her. The makeup woman was shocked and smiled (liked everyone else does when she thinks how cute it is that a 60 year old woman is a wanton slut with a much younger man) and got to work, transforming my mother in law into a whore. Lips penciled in an exaggerated, lip gloss that made her lips look like rubber, lots of eye makeup. I told her she did a great job and paid her for her work. We then walked around the mall, with my hand on her ass to see the people’s reactions. Groups of boys stared and even whistled, women looked away, disgusted. I told Allie to sit down at the fountain, which as a low bench. She out of habit, crossed her legs, since her heels pushed her feet up above her waist and the flairy skirt and no panties didn’t leave much to the imagination. She caught a lot of starers with her bare pussy hanging out between her black hooker heels and we enjoyed the attention. I told her to cross her legs, then uncross them, once I went to the bathroom and to be friendly to anyone who came over to her. I told her that she has a deep, primal need for an orgasm, and shw knows with certainty that young black guys, with their huge cocks, would make her feel really, really good but not be able to make her cum, and the more they fucker her, the closer she’d get to orgasm but the further away it would feel. I went to the men room for a couple of minutes.
When I came back, there was a group of 5 young black men flirting with her. Barbara was very friendly to them. Their crotches were all at her eye level and she enjoyed talking to them. I came over and said hi Barbara—find some new friends?” Barbara answered, “Yes these nice boys were telling me how hot I looked. They said they never see anyone walking around without panties. They offered me a gang bang while you were in the men’s room, isn’t that sweet?”
They were so embarrassed that I knew that they hit on her while I was away. I asked them if they thought a woman like Barbara would want to get fucked by a bunch of 18 year old strangers.
They didn’t know what to say. I asked them who was the leader of their group. Deshawn introduced himself. I asked him if he was hung. He smiled a mouth full of diamonds “10 nigga inches, man” I told him that my mother in law never had a black man what did he think of that. He said and turned to her, looked straight in the eyes “once you’ve gone black, you won’t go back to whitey here”
I told him he made a very convincing argument and that he should meet us in the parking structure by the elevator. We all got in the elevator, hit a button for a different floor and then pulled the “stop” button. I told Barbara to pull down her skirt, that these boys had a gift for her. She was happy to do so and the boys started massaging their crotches and pulling down their pants, which even in the mall were already half way down their legs. They pulled off their boxers and started stroking their amazingly large cocks. Deshawn pushed Barbara down to her knees and made her suck his dick while the other tried to get hard. Deshawn instructed me to help get his boys hard too. I told him I wasn’t gay and he pulled out a gun from his jacket. “You gonna suck some nigga cock right now or I gonna pop you now and then pop yo bitch after I fuck her—start sucking.”
I dropped to my knees and sucked one of the boys. I took his cock into my mouth and treated it the way I would have liked Barbara to treat mine—gently, watching my teeth, giving lots o suction and deepthroating as much as possible. The other guys were getting hard watching both shows and the guy I was blowing was rock hard, sawing in and out of my mouth when his movements got jerky and he screamed “I’m cumming, oh fuck, yeah, suck it down white bitch, suck my cum out of my nigga cock, yeah!” I dutifully swallowed his cock, which tasted different that the mixed juices I’ve licked out of Barbara’s pussy a few times already and sucked the last few drops out. At this point, Deshawn turned Barbara around and entered her from behind as another thug replaced Deshawn’s cock in Barbara’s mouth while yet another one stuck his ridiculously large black pole into mine. We continued like this for 20-30 minutes until everyone had come at least once. Before we pushed the “stop” button back, Barbara told me to lie down and sat on my face, releasing 4 loads of black men’s cum down my throat. The elevator stunk but the boys were happy and Barbara was in seventh heaven. We arrived at our parking level and Deshawn wrote his number on Barbara’s right breast with a big marker and he and his posse left. Barbara walked bowlegged, like a cowboy towards the car and I tried to Listerine-Pocketpak the taste of cum out of my mouth. I dropped her off at home and told her to wash up before Mitch came home.
I wasn’t happy about the gang rape—I hated being forced to suck their dicks and maybe even worse, hated to see Barbara being used by manlier men than me—I was worried that her pussy would be stretched wide from their huge, thick cocks and the next day, when I summoned her to meet me in Manhattan, I could barely get off inside her pussy, when I fucked her in the loading dock of a nearby warehouse. I was going to make her blow me instead but then I got a great idea. I told her to bend over and back her ass into me. I licked her ass ferociously—I enjoyed it and she was in heaven. I then took my slick, hard cock and pushed it against her virgin hole. It took a long time but I finally was in and it was amazing! I sawed in and out and Barbara moaned and groaned every time my head pushed her sphincter open again. I came quickly and she stood up, and started walking. I could see my cum dripping down her legs but she didn’t mind. I put myself back together and walked her to her car where a traffic cop was inspecting her license plate and looking at the parking sign—she was going to get a ticket. I realized this would leave a paper trail for Mitch—we begged the traffic cop to not write the ticket. He said, sorry, we shouldn’t have parked there. Barbara’s sharp mind started working—she said, I only parked here to flush you out—I saw you on the other block writing tickets and noticed that big bulge in your uniform. Every woman just LOVES a man in uniform and she started massaging her boobs, very, very sexily.
The traffic cop smiled, happy with himself and said, “Well, thanks lady, but that’s not enough to get you out of a ticket and started to write”
Barbara got onto her knees on the curb, in front of the cop and said “are you sure officer, there’s no way I could change your mind? Maybe you want to cuff me and use your BIG nightstick on me? What do you think studly?” and licked her lips as she looked up at him with her gorgeous green eyes. His crotch betrayed him and he didn’t know what to do, scared to overstep his position. I nodded to Barbara and she reached up to his zipper. She rubbed his cock through his pants and the cop shuddered. She pulled down his zipper, reached into his waist band and put her thumbs inside, pulling it down just enough to pull out his hardening cock. She licked her lips and put almost the whole thing in her mouth on the first stroke and he breathed in deeply, closed his eyes and surrendered himself to the moment. Barbara reached up to grab his butt and pull him further into her mouth. She sucked for just 30 seconds and the cop came, high pitched squeals coming from his mouth. I got into the driver’s seat as Barbara milked the last few drops, swallowed seductively and then walked around the car and entered the passenger side and we drove home, scot free, seeing the cop in the rearview mirror trying to close his pants again.
I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to have this stunner at my beck and call, to pleasure me any way I liked and put on a show, and get me out of trouble when we needed it. The next week, her workaholic husband had to travel to California for an entire week, so I made plans to maximize our time together.
I took Monday off from work (without telling Allie of course) and woke Barbara up at 6:30 with some lovely oral. I photographed her naked body, her blowing me, my cock in her pussy and my cock in her ass, her in sexy lingerie, with seductive poses and posted them on Craigslist. I posted a wanted ad—wanted multiple hung black men, ages 18-50 must be 9” or larger, good stamina, great body and disease free for a fun day with this beauty. I posted my phone number and within minutes, had call after call from interested suitors as I sat back in my father in law’s wingback chair and enjoyed Barbara’s terrific, this time, drawn out blowjob.
I left a note on the door that CL responders should go straight upstairs. Barbara was sitting on my face, enjoying a bevy of orgasm after orgasm, when the first guy walked in. He said, “Shit, you the real fucking deal bitch!” and started to pull at his jeans to unleash his cock. Barbara said “take off the rest of your clothes, lover boy” as she rode out the final oral orgasm of the morning.
The guy just walked over to the bed, his python swaying from side to side as Barbara lifted off my face and I went over to the side of the bedroom to watch. Without a word, the guy roughly pushed Barbara over the side of the bed, grabbed his still hardening cock and pushed it in. Barbara squealed and moaned and groaned and screamed and writhed around and it took this huge Adonis of a man 6-4, 220 pounds of muscle to hold her down by the waist and get his cock fully inside her. Barbara couldn’t get enough, couldn’t scream enough and the guy just kept fucking. I couldn’t believe how long he was fucking when I hear d voices and steps coming towards the bedroom. Barbara couldn’t hear a thing because she felt she was on the verge of a huge orgasm.
Barbara and I spent the entire day entertaining, according to my rough count, 25 hung brothers. I meant to turn some away that didn’t really measure up, but they took the trip, so I let them in; besides it was wimpy old me versus 25 hung, virile brothers. Barbara was thoroughly used and abused—all 3 of her holes used more times than anyone could count and she was covered in cum. She was so incredibly hot from all that fucking but she still hadn’t been able to cum—every stroke by a hung brother got her closer and closer to O’ing but she just couldn’t—she knew what she needed to do—she called me over after the last guy left and pointed at her very red pussy, covered in clear, white and grayish fluids. I began to lick mid thigh, up to he pussy—I cleaned her well with my tongue and was amazed how much cum came spewing forth when she leaned forward—she was FUL of CUM! After I sucked on her clit and she exploded in orgasm, I continued to lick the rest of her body clean—there was cum all over her face, tits, stomach, ass, etc. Before I left, I continued to program her—as long as Mitch was away, she’d feel deep need to continue getting fucked but in the end would be desperate for me to finish her off with my trick on her clit or my cum inside her pussy. While he was around, she would appear normal, the only difference would be private masturbating. Also, she would climb the huge hill near her house, 20 times per day, to tighten up her legs and butt to stay young.
I went home, after cleaning up, feeling so content—I had the hottest imaginable woman around, to entertain me in any way I liked and also cuckold me and enslave ME to her and her super hung black lovers. I was overcome with the need to come up with new scenarios to best use my slutty mother-in-law, for my pleasure, and the pleasure of others. I think the same way we got 25 thugs in one day to reply to her CL ad, we’d get 25 CEOs and CIOs to pay her $4000/pop so that we can get her a superb boob job, so work on her skin and some cash for me to use on younger whores. She should be able to make a fortune—how many smoking hot 60 year olds are there, open to doing ANYTHING in the bedroom? I think that may be where I’d have the most use for her, although her BJs, every once in a while, would be great too…