This is my cuckold story

This is my cuckold story.

I’m a 45 year old divorced male. My marriage split up a few years ago
primarily because there was no romance in our relationship. I strayed, she
found out…you know the rest. Though I had never had any interest in seeing
my ex with another man, I did realize that I had submissive tendencies
early in our marriage. For the most part, I kept them suppressed and it
didn’t effect our love life – of what there was. After becoming single, I
started to read more about submissive behavior and how it relates to
relationships. Then Karen entered my life.

I’d known Karen for a long time. We used to see each other at the bar now
and then and we had similar friendly connections. One night out, I ran
into her at a local bar. We hugged and talked like we always do. An hour
later, we were in my car making out. I have no idea how that happened. We
started dating instantly. One thing I noticed about Karen was that she was
a sweetheart but had a mean streak in her and it could come out of
nowhere. When it did, it was usually an expletive ridden rant and she
would get very excited during these moments. Many times, I found us having
sex following one of these rants. I guess it was like make-up sex to her.
I wasn’t complaining even though I was usually the one she was cursing at.
One night, Karen got drunk and we started having sex. Out of the blue, she
starts berating my performance, telling me I’m not a “real man” and how my
cock was “pathetic”. I came immediately. And she noticed.

A few days later, we were having sex again. It was a nice long session and
Karen had cum several times. She asked if I was going to cum and I told
her it was just one of those nights it’s going to take a while. She paused
and then said to me, “because you aren’t a real man”. She ordered me to
take my cock out of her and stand in front of her. I did. She then told me
to masturbate as she began saying to me, “c’mon faggot, make that
worthless cock cum or I’ll have to get my cum somewhere else”. I shuddered
and again, she noticed. Her eyes lit up and she said, “Oh, you wouldn’t
like that would you faggot boy”? I was shaking. “If I get a real man with
a real cock to fuck me? I bet you’d like that would’nt you”? I came.

Over the next week, Karen would take a few minutes out of each day and
insult me as she made me masturbate. I would cum quickly. She was clearly
enjoying this new found power. The following weekend we went to the bar.
We were having a great time, as usual, and then Karen decided she wanted
to dance. I declined so she just looked at me like I was a dick and walked
away. Before I knew it, she was dancing with another guy. Their hands were
all over each other and as quick as that, I saw them making out. I just
sat there kind of stunned, only stopping to notice a growing erection in
my pants.

She danced with him for two dances as I watched. They headed over to the
bar and started making out right in front of everybody. Now I was
embarrassed too. My cock was throbbing. Karen stayed with him for a good
15 minutes before coming over. When she did, she didn’t say anything, she
just smiled and reached down at my pants. I had created a big wet spot of
precum on my jeans. She said, “thought so…come with me”. Karen took me
outside and to our car. We got in and then she unzipped me and started
masturbating me. As she did this she told me, “That man inside? He’s
coming home with us tonight. He’s going to fuck me…and you are going to
watch… you understand me”? I was really torn up. There was definitely
a part of me wanting this to happen but another part of me worried I was
losing my girlfriend.

Karen has always been able to see through me. She said, “Honey, I love
you. You believe that right”? I said yes. Then she said, “good. I’m glad
you do because I really do love you. But we both know you are a faggot boy
in the sack and can’t please a woman, right”? I said yes. “This cock I’m
jerking off isn’t getting into this pussy tonight, right”? I said yes
again. “That man is coming home with us right”?


And that was how it first happened. That man did come home. He did have
sex with Karen as I watched. It was painful, amazing, sexy, horrible and
most of all, humiliating. I loved it. The next day, Karen made me
breakfast. As we sat at the table eating she said, “so, are you ok”? I
smiled and said yes. She smiled too and said, “so, he can come back over
tonight right”? I just nodded yes.

And for the last 2 years, this has been our life. I still have sex with
Karen but her favorite torment is still forcing me to masturbate in front
of her while she berates me and shares stories of her other lovers.