My wife Carmen and I started inviting other men to fuck her

My wife Carmen and I started inviting other men to fuck her a few months ago. In future installments I will tell you about her first three lovers, but today I want to tell you what happened yesterday night with numbers four and five.

Grace, a very good friend of Carmen called her yesterday afternoon. She had seen an ad for a ?womens only? show. Carmen asked me to come with them, but since it was only for women I had to bribe the man at the entrance so he let me sit down in a rear dark corner where I was practically invisible. So there we were, the three of us. The two women sat by themselves in a table just by the dancing floor and I, in the dark, watched them.

The show began and young well built men took the floor and danced while stripping their clothes. After an hour several of them had passed. I knew the girls were drinking and Carmen always gets very horny when she does, specially for big dicks. Two guys with extra large ones had had their turns dancing and, as they usually do, they got close to the customers, all middle aged, beautiful, horny women. When they came to C & G?s table, I saw them talking and laughing. The men let them touch their bodies and they did this with merry enthusiasm.

After a while, the two guys came and sat at their table. They started chatting, laughing and touching in a deliberate game of seduction. At one point Carmen got up and went to the bathroom. I could tell from her tipsy gait that she was quite drunk. My cell phone rang. It was her and when I answered she said I want them both, they cost $200 each for the whole night. Will you pay them to fuck me? I will let you watch. Her voice was slow and full of heat. I could tell she was really hot for those huge dicks. Of course, my love, I answered. Great, she said, and hung up.

Back at her table Carmen sat down and whispered in Grace?s ear. Both of them started laughing. Then the conversation opened and soon the four of them were laughing and touching. The men?s hands were all over the girls lovely bodies and Carmen leaned forward and gave the one on her right a long deep kiss. My own dick responded. I love seeing my wife being a slut.

After a while my phone rang once more. I could barely hear her through the loud music but eventually I understood her. Pay the check, she said, and get the car. You will drive us to the best motel in town. I obeyed.

I parked the car right at the entrance and soon they came out. Carmen sat at my side and Grace in the back, between the two men. Nobody payed attention to me, I was just the chauffeur. During the drive the man behind Carmen reached forward and took her tits in his hands and started caressing. She moaned with pleasure and turned around to kiss him.

When I reached the motel they all went down and before going into the room Carmen called me and asked me to get them drinks. I stayed behind to take care of this and then also went into the room.

When I entered I saw a large bed at the center of the room. It was lit by a diffuse spotlight. There were mirrors everywhere, including one in the ceiling above the bed. The rest of the room was dark. Two couples were dancing to a slow tenor sax. I sat in a sofa in the darkest part of the room. Carmen was kissing her partner and while they slowly danced their lips never parted. The men soon started undressing the women and soon both of them were in their underwear. It was obvious they had dressed for the occasion. Carmen was in black, with a tiny bra that covered her magnificent breasts and a mini slip that showed her round, perfect ass. The man?s hands were all over her. Pretty soon all the clothes were gone.

Carmen took her stud by the hand and took him to bed. As they lay down she said to me, Serve the drinks, honey, make sure all have what they want. This I did and went around asking each one what they wanted.

My wife was soon with her legs wide open and the man’s head right between them, sucking her most delicious cunt. The other couple soon joined them naked in bed. Sometimes, just for the hell of it and to let them know I was there, I would interrupt their fucking and offer them drinks or a joint. Sometimes they stopped for an instant, drank or smoked quickly and gave me back the glass or the joint. A magical scene developed in front of me, with their four bodies entangling and disentangling themselves in all sort of positions. I was pretty drunk myself, so I can’t remember the sequence of events, but I saw only Carmen and loved her every minute as my Goddess.

Once I saw her on all fours, blowing, eating and licking one huge erect penis, the other bull pounding her from behind while she straddled her best friend putting her pussy right on her mouth. What a beautiful scene. I love seeing Carmen get fucked.

Several hours went by. Carmen fucked and was fucked by all three. She ate pussy and she had cock, lots of it, those two huge pricks, she took them in her pussy, in her ass and in her mouth. And she loved them. The first time she was ready to get it in her asshole she called me and said, My love, get the lubricant from my purse and lubricate my asshole. This I did with pleasure, putting my vaseline covered finger all the way inside her anus, opening her slowly, while her stud waited. Then I took some vaseline and rubbed his cock with it. Finally, I removed mu fingers from inside her hole and opened her ass cheeks, so he could slide his huge dick easily inside her. He soon started pumping her, while holding her strongly by the hip bones. She screamed with pleasure and took his magnificent piece of meat to the hilt.

Other times after this Carmen called me. The most memorable was when she was on top of one man, her ass in the air, his huge dick inside her, while she was bent down kissing him. Suddenly she called me and said, Honey, come lick my asshole. I, fully dressed, knelt between the man’s legs and saw the beauty of his huge cock entering my wife’s tight pussy. He was thrusting upwards with a slow rhythm and I could see his total length coming out and then going back in once and again. I got closer to her asshole and spent the next half hour in paradise. My tongue fucked her anus, licked her asshole and went down to the point where he was entering her. Then I heard her say, lick his balls honey, and all his shaft while I watch you in the mirror. I licked the stud’s balls and shaft while he fucked her. When she was ready to come she urgently said to me, your tongue, baby, put your tongue deep into my asshole, hurry. As soon as I did it, she started coming. Her anus contracted and expanded caressing my tongue for a long deep orgasm.. All the while she kept saying to him, yes, fuck me, deeper, give my your cock lover, yes, oh my God, yes.

They went at it for four solid hours non stop. The men were young, potent and having the time of their lives. But eventually they had enough and stopped. I payed them, showed them out and asked them for their phone numbers, should Carmen want them again.

When I got back, the girls were in a marvelous 69, licking each other with long, slow movements. In this position they fell asleep.

As you can see, I am a most fortunate man. I can think of no other erotic act that is as powerful as seeing your wife, the woman you deeply love, getting a great fuck by a total stranger, except perhaps two strangers at the same time. I’m looking forward to her having three big dicks inside her divine body.