Katie and Mike revised

My name is Joe Davidson. People surrounding me call me Mike. I work for Roger Carr. You might be aware of him. He is the man from TV, The Roger Carr Auto Group. He has received eight vehicle companies in a town. The slogan his company uses is “Get your car from Carr”. He might not be the best one in his field of work, yet his cars are sold very well. It was November 25th, Roger’s day of birth. Each year he organizes a concert for his workers where their wives can take part as well. In a case you are the worker of Roger it is a huge party for all. The event always held in the huge ball room of the best hotel of our city named “Infinity”. They bring some dance & music groups & people enjoy the nice show there. The drinks are all free & available at a huge amount. Party is filled with varieties in everything. The cocktail & the dinner were so nice & made all the people full of joy & happiness & satisfied their appetites. Birthday wishes were pronounced by many guests, after that the group started performing their show. The dance floor was filled quickly. At the same time others gathered around tables for more drinking & conversation. While the dance floor was constantly filled with the guests, the others were consuming more & more food & alcohol that made everyone fill relaxed & open-minded. I had some talks approximately the sport activities & news while my wife was talking with other women in the spot. At one moment I had a look at my wife. Katie & I were both 38 years old. It was our second marriage for both of us. She is very nice & we were going to celebrate our third year of being together. Her astonishing hair & attractive eyes added purity to her pretty face. She is very abused with her life to be as healthy as possible & her stunning body is the straight proof of that. My wife is very attracting woman with nice boobs, flexible body & impressive ass, that would drive every average man crazy. Being not so tall & not so attractive having an average body & I always question myself why she chose me to be her life partner. I am described by others as a man with average figure which has some female “touching”. My body is not so athletic or muscular; I mean it is not the type of a figure the average woman as well as my wife could be attracted to, yet she let me know long time ago that she loves me because of my personality & critical thinking. We both have a satisfactory level of education. We usually go to restaurants, various events & occasions, we do shopping together & have discount cards for few of them. We really love each other & have pleasant of spending time with each other even if it includes eating & drinking alcohol. I am very shy to admit that the thing that attracted Katie was not my sexiness. My small penis which is approximately 4 inches make me very ashamed adding it to negative side of me which has the feeling of complexion on every small matter. My sweet wife always encourages me by telling that my debate skills are very satisfactory & my tongue is satisfactory not only in talking yet in giving her oral sexual pleasure. After some time of our marriage we purchase a rubber cock to make our sexual life more diversified. Her beloved foreplay is when I lick her sweet clitoris while pumping her pussy with the rubber dick. When I looked at my wife at that time while she was dancing, doing her lovely job, I felt a huge guilty that I cannot assist her because I was too tired & could not leave my friends during our conversation. Anyway after short time I fought out that lazy boy from me & offered my wife to dance with me. Brenda made me smile with her even more astonishing smile & told me that I rather have a rest, because I looked very tired & she knows that I better sit & chat with my friends than dancing right at that time.” “What if we dance instead?” It was Garry Oldman. His place was besides us & he was an owner of one of the car selling companies. Garry was very attracting man with a satisfactory athletic body. He told that his wife stayed at home for that night & that he is a fond of dancing & would like to share that song with her. Katie looked at me. “Dear, can I dance with him? And you can have your rest & continue chatting with your friends” Pretending to be smiling & feeling a little jealous, I said; “No honey, if you want so, I would never mind” She looked at Garry & told him that she doesn’t mind to dance with him, at the same time he helped her to stand up from her place by moving her chair. When they just stand up I felt a bit sense of flirting when he took her hand & she smiled back at him feeling his gallantness. It didn’t take so long time for them to go to the dance floor, while I was still going on with the chatting with my friends. I tried not to pay much attention on the fact that they had come back to the table for the glass of wine & continued with their dance again. Everyone was unquestionably having a satisfactory time & I suddenly realized that I am very tired. After looking at my watch I realized that it is already midnight. The people were all going back home by taking their clothes from designated place. It has been a while when I last had seen Garry & Katie dancing & I could not find them that time. I quickly looked at all places of the room, & suddenly spotted them. The place where they were standing was far from the initial point & was a bit dark compared to all other places of the room. Music was still played by the band & they were slowly dancing even there. Brenda put her hand on his neck & he hugged her very tight & it seemed like his left hand is captured between their bodies. From my point of observation I saw his one hand touching my wife’s ass & the other one is playing with her boobs. I had divorced with my first wife because one fucking night she came to our house very late & suddenly told me that just now she slept with another man. SHIT! At that time I had different relation towards such things like cheating. I am not sure why this happened yet some dirty fantasies approximately my wife & her lover started to come into my mind imagining them fucking in dirty hotel room while I was waiting for her at our family place – sweet home After that I started to visit online blogs & reviews approximately family cuckolding & sexy wives, yet I hide my interest very much, especially from my current wife, Katie. I was very nervous & excited to that, & I couldn’t understand why I could not understand them at that time. Currently I see my wife being approached by another married man & she readily flirts with him. I know I must be very upset right now, yet NO. I feel very pleased & aroused, seeing my wife flirting gives me a huge satisfaction. I stopped chatting with my friends & just gave myself into watching my wife & Garry continue their actions. While they were dancing I could see from different sides & angles what they are actually were involved in. Bill was touching Katie’s ass & his hand inside her dress was plating with her tits, yet I was not angry or upset, fuck, I was excited & aroused. My naughty & hidden wish approximately cuckold became true. The music stopped & suddenly I saw Garry kissing my lovely Katie right into her lips by taking her up to his hands & it was unquestionably not just a “thank you” kiss. They were kissing in an agony that would arouse any one & it was a moment when I realized that they are going to fuck right on that place. As they stopped kissing she made her clothes to look proper & Garry took her to our sitting place by holding her hand. As the came near to me I observed that her mouth was a bit spoiled with lipstick not evenly spread & that one of her buttons disappeared probably it was caused because of that passionate kissing. Other women in the place were looking at my wife & looked at me as well. It turned out that I was not the only person who observed what Katie was involved into. Knowing that others know & see how my lovely one cheated at me right on front of my eyes made me feel very weird. Katie made a subject for laughing from me. Probably it happened because of too much alcohol she had consumed. Even if she made that in front of my friends & colleagues that in fact haven’t turned me into an angry bustard, right in contrast I felt so aroused & horny that time. I suddenly realized that the deed that she did & that humiliation I was into added an excitement to my condition & it felt like masochism. When they received back to the table she thanked Garry & told him that she liked the way he danced & that she had a very satisfactory time with him. She then said me that it was time to go home for us & it was too late already. As we were approximately to go back Harry thanked me & said that my wife is a nice dancer & that she is very sexy. His voice when he told that sounded very challenging, seeming to me like he was hinting on some intimacy. I am sure that average would have been very angry, yet in my case I felt very aroused & kind of satisfied. We left the place very quickly & received into my car. As we were driving Katie tried to hug me twice. For a quite while it was very quiet in the car, yet in few minutes she told me that she is glad that I allowed her to dance with Garry & that he is a very sexy man. Her speaking was not clear & it was unquestionably the effect of alcohol. After a while the thing that shocked me happened, she told that his cock is very huge & that mine can’t even be compared to it. At that moment she shut up. After a short pause she started crying & told me that it was different what she really meant to say & that she is very sorry by calling me her sweetheart. Massaging my dick from the outside of my pants she repeatedly told me that she likes, she loves, she adores & that she can’t live without my dick!. Brenda put her hand into my pants & tried to softly massage my dick, suddenly she realized that my underwear was full of sperm & that I already erected. She could not understand what happened & I could see that wonder in her eyes. In the end she claimed that she doesn’t understand my behavior & that she thought that I am very mad at her & very angry with the things she did at the party, what is more few minutes ago she called another man’s dick bigger than mine. Overall she was fucking wondered of my huge erection that she never saw for three years of living & fucking together. We both kept silence & starred at the continuous road we were driving on. The only thing we could hear was the sound of the car driving on the road. I was very scared to talk approximately something & Katie was still having wondered eyes. In the end she looked at me & with terrifying eyes asked me if I was aroused & excited sexually when I saw her with another man kissing & hugging. I was afraid to tell her truth & let her know that it was part of my hidden sex fantasy what she did in the concert. The alcohol that I drunk that night made me very courageous, without it I am sure that was not be able to tell any shit from my mouth I took a last breath before telling her truth that it excites me very much & arouses hardly to admit & see that she is with another man. Brenda was looking at me with no words, no movements & with no emotions. I was approximately to say sorry & beg her to apologize me, yet for my huge surprise she smiled at me & told that she wants a hardcore sex tonight & wants me to lick her wet cunt. What is more she was still massaging my dick while I was driving!