I have this weird fascination and need for my partner to cuck me. I am perfectly happy nowadays for her to have men round, she steadfastly refuses to do it off her own initiative
But occasionally after much persuasion she agrees for us to get a man in. I primed the bloke. Treat me like a Bull. Be nice to her and don’t do anything too nasty as she hates that.
I so want the guy to be a success and her wanting him back but once again it was not to be really. It was just OK.

He arrived. Wasn’t too bad looking. Little bit disappointed as he was a bit stubbly and was still in his work clothes. Oh well in for a penny eh. We weren’t sure if another couple were going to join us later. Mick played the part though. Firstly he told me to behave myself and to sit over on the other sofa as he wanted to fuck her hard shortly. He was quite possessive. The shivers of humiliation went through me. I felt red faced. He was treating me like dirt and so was she. I couldn’t believe I was agreeing to this slightly dishevelled bloke was going to fuck my beautiful g/f and that she was going to let him. He kept holding her face towards him. She was holding her by the chin in a way I didn’t like. It was sort of forcing her to be his Gal for the duration of his visit.

They stood up together and snogged. I could tell She wasn’t that impressed with him. But she went along with it. They said filthy humiliating things and she felt for the bulge in his jeans. He said “ I bet you like to watch men fuck her don’t you”. “And when I do I want you to leave the room as I want her on my own for a bit”. He was a bit shit at it but I felt a bit upset that he was being a bit nasty to me after all I had invited him round and I wasn’t sure if she wanted to be alone with him.

Mick stripped off his jeans and pants. He sat back wearing his socks and sweat shirt on. He was pretty crap really and didn’t have many social skills and he was looking at me harshly. Mick told her to part her legs. I was instructed to go and get some toys. When I came back with a rabbit he started to Stick it in her pussy. She wasn’t terribly turned on so I got between her legs and licked away. This did the trick and soon I had her salty cum on my tongue. Ahhhh nectar. She was getting turned on at last. Mick’s cock wasn’t as tiny as some we’ve seen but it wasn’t much huge. Mine was bigger and thicker so there was no penis envy involved. Also he wasn’t terribly hard and he muttered something about fucking a blonde bit earlier on in the day. Charming I though. I bet She will be impressed with that. NOT. She managed to suck him hard and he said mmmmmmmm you are much better than that blonde I had earlier. Best suck of the day. I thought should I be protecting her from this filth. Should I ask him to leave. We were bored with him. I couldn’t though. He was in his control of us and we had to please him.
He said he was going to bring 3 friends round. She said mmmmmmmm yes. I thought she would say no. I so wanted to tell him there was no way he was bring 3 of his crap friends round to fuck her. But I just couldn’t as she had told him she wanted him to. What would he have done if I had told him no.

I wanted to help her suck his cock to completion ASAP but the bastard had told us he was straight so I just had to let her please this bloke. He was taking his time. He was hoping the other couple were going to arrive. Mick Instructed me to leave them for a while as he wanted to fuck her. I was made to fetch him one of our condoms. He hadn’t even bought his own. I left the room and stood outside the lounge door. I couldn’t hear much at all. There was a bit of slapping noise but I had the feeling that he probably wasn’t hard enough to fuck her. I guess they were alone for 5 or 10 mins and then Mick shouted me back in. We then chatted some more filth and asked her what she liked. I said she loves pussy. She also loves porn. Right he said. GO and get some porn now. I sorted some out on the PC. There was some big cocks and group sex stuff which she said she really liked to see.

Mick then told her to bend over the arm of the Settee as he wanted to fuck her. She I guess just wanted him to get on with it. He treated her harshly. Kept telling her to spread her legs more as he wasn’t a tall bloke and needed to enter her better. I was overcome by lust now. I just wanted her to suck me as he fucked her so I stood in front while she fucked and wanked me.
As he came close to climaxing he said I want to stop and be sucked and wanked to completion. I just wanted him to finish as I could tell She wasn’t enjoying him very much. She was only doing it to please me. Mick tried to make her drink his cum but she resisted that and asked him to seed her tits as she loves that. I asked if I could clean up. I didn’t really want to but if she told me too I would. Mick blasted all over her tits as she offered them to him. I wasn’t sure if I would be asked to clean up. I hoped I wouldn’t and was thankful when I was told to just fetch some tissues.

Mick got up and said he had to immediately go as he was on call. Have to say he was absolutely not her type and we wont be asking him back but he filled a need. However I would say it has only left me wanting more.

I took Mrs N out to the restaurant that evening and we discussed what had happened. She said she didn’t like him much. She was only doing it for me as she knew I liked it. Not too sure if it’s a good recipe for a relationship as ideally she should feel like she is in control. However she finds it difficult to organise things. She’s very sub and cucking me does not come naturally.
What I could do with is her doing it more naturally and finding her own lovers. However I think she loves me too much and struggles to betray me like that.