From the initial point

It was very weird from my side that I was on the side of “Cuckold” community in contrast with all other people. As I have read from online blogs & posts the average man started to be interested in such kind of staff at an age of around thirty or forty, yet in my case it happened very early at around 18-19 years old. I don’t know how this all happen, yet this crazy idea jumped into my mind when I was in high school dating with my girlfriend, who turned out to be my wife currently. As my memory dictates this thing started bothering me & highly infected my mind that I started to hint my girlfriend approximately that. It started with my light hints during sex intercourse with her when I tried to include some conversations approximately that. I did not tell anything straight I was like: ”Imagine that we are having sex at some party & somebody accidentally is watching us & we pretend like not to see him” It started to seem like my dirty talks is thrilling her much & she started to like it. I even started to add up some situations like:” Imagine that our friend Martin is entering the room & starts masturbating watching to us & what if he joins us, would you let him to bang you?” She always seemed to like those dirty conversations & looked positive. I even noticed that those talks turn her on & they eyes burn in agony of trying something new. My loved one was one year younger than me so when I graduated she still had one year to complete her studies. That time I was in Grade 13 of High School, & she was 18 years old. Sometimes she used to ask me if I know some man from the school, because she noticed him & he seemed nice to her. I started noticing that she mentions approximately him very often & she even told me that they worked on some project together. I really started thinking of turning my dirty dreams into reality. I had a few full time jobs & one of them was bar tending, & I was busy on Friday & Saturday night with the work. One day I started conversation approximately her friend & told her that it is not quite fair that I am working on weekend nights & she is just staying at home, I suggested her to go out with her friend John, because I knew they were just friends. She seemed very shocked & asked if I meant that she can go for dating with him. I replied her that I am ok with that, & that I understand that they are just friends & she is free to do with him whatever she wants, except she falls in love with him. She agreed with that & ensured me that I am a number one boy for her & will remain the same. It was very satisfactory offer for her, because it was night of Sunday. She asked me on Wednesday if I will be working on Friday & she replied to me that Shawn invited her out after she told him approximately our conversation. I was very pleased & felt something new in my mind & feelings. I am very sure that I looked very nervous & told her that I was pleased & glad for them. She then again asked if I am OK with all that idea, & I replied her again that I am more than satisfied with that is happening right now, because I wanted her to spend a satisfactory time. As we were walking on the street I asked approximately their plans, she replied me that they are planning to go to the movie & just to hang out. At the same time, yet a bit after I asked her if she is planning to kiss him before wishing goodnight. She asked me if that bothered me, & that her kiss depends on their date. The manner that she told that seemed to me that she unquestionably is going to kiss him; I was surprisingly a bit shocked.
As we were going deeper into the topic of conversation I asked if the will use her tongues to kiss him, so she replied that it will be just “Thank you for a nice night” kiss & nothing more & that it is expected & better than just simply saying “Thank you” She seemed to sound that she is seeking excuses to calm me down, nevertheless I received my opportunity to say “Please do not think that I am jealous, I just want you to spend a satisfactory time & feel no restrictions to your actions as long as you want it & as long as I am aware of your actions” She tried to calm me down again by telling that she was not going to have sex with him. I again repeated my sentence telling that I was OK with everything she wishes to do as long as I know everything she did. She looked at me with wondering eyes & asked: “Will you be all right if I fuck with him?” I continued my explanations by telling her that I would be really pleased if she had pleasant in whatever she wants to do as long as I know approximately everything & I am the part of her actions” She seemed very confusing & approached me after all. In a quite while we had sex as usual & dirty talking continued which made her very horny. I asked her if she was thinking approximately her friend Martin right now & approximately the time the time they are going to spend together & she said me yes with her excited eyes full of satisfaction. I offered her to kiss me in the right way she is going to kiss her Martin when she wishes satisfactory night to him & thanks him for a nice time-spending. She made it so complex & wild that drove me crazy. I was so horny & excited that banged her hole so hardly that made her cum very swift & energized that was followed by my creamy orgasm. Whole day after which was Thursday my heart was full of blood & excitement. I was angry, excited, confused & arouses at the same time. At the same night I told her that it was offensive idea to let her to go out with her friend by adding that it will drive me crazy & out of my mind admitting that she is touched by someone else. She said that it is ok with satisfied face & promised me to cancel it, yet I could feel that she was a bit upset with the information. However…the beginning was already built & no one could alter the divine!