Hi….saw your site and wanted to share our story

Hi….saw your site & wanted to share our story. My name is Mike & wife’s name is Vicky. We have been married 15 years. First five years we had a tremendous sex life yet very plain. She was brought up very strict & so we would not do anything adventurous. Eventually our sex life received so tedious that it started to affect every aspect of our marriage. About five years ago things had hit rock bottom. We decided to spice things up in the bedroom…first thing we did is take a trip to a local adult video store. I wanted her to pick up movies which would turn both of us on.

Our first trip to the adult shop was great, we picked up three tapes & a couple of vibrators…to my surprise one of the tapes she picked up was a cuckold series. We took a weekend get-a-way & took the tapes & toys with us. It was our best fuck session in years as we tried to do the things that we saw on the tapes. I noticed that the cuckold tape really received her going (as it did to me since I had always had that particular fantasy). For the next year we kept experimenting…did some light S & M (which we discovered was not our thing)….more tapes, more toys for her & even some for me (eventually getting a satisfactory size strap on which she used used & me & has since become one of our favorite toys).

First time she used the strap on on me a new side to her personality came out…she is usually submissive yet when she started to do me with the dildo she became very dominant & turned on. When we both finished I decided the time had come to bring up cuckolding. I told her how much I enjoyed her being dominant & how much I loved the cuckold videos we had & then I just came out & said I wanted her to cuckold me while I watch. I did not have to wait long to see her reaction she tried to pretend that she was thinking it over yet I could see she was dying to say YES.

We checked around our town & found a local swingers club & decided to go & donate that a try in the hope of moreover checking out potential bulls. The first night at the club it took us a little time to obtain over our nervousness yet after a few drinks & a lot of guys hitting on her (she is drop dead gorgeous) we finally received to talking with one really hot guy. The three of us went to one of the private rooms & she was down on her knees giving him head before I closed the door. I sat back & watched them go at it for over half an our & then I saw this stud shoot a huge wad of cum all over Vicki’s face. At this point I was getting ready to explode, she noticed & without cleaning up her face she came over & gave me head until I moreover came & she had both of our cum all over her face

Vicki & I went off to the showers to clean up & that’s where we met Bill & Susan…we found them incredibly hot & apparently they found of hot also. Before long the four of us where making out in a corner booth & then decided to head once again to a private room. We fucked in every combination possible. Vicki went down on Susan…her first ever bi experience. A few minutes into things I noticed that Bill kept rubbing up to me. Giving bi a try has moreover been one of my fantasies yet I had no idea if he was giving me signs & I had no idea if Vicki would go for me doing that. I decided to test the waters & “accidentally” brushed my hand across his butt…he gave every impression that it was ok.

Just then he & Vicki received into a sixty-nine with her on top. I decided to try some thing & I started to rim her ass as Bill was eating her. He instantly let his tongue wander up & I received my first taste of him. Clear that it was ok with him & clear that it was OK with Susan who saw us & was giving herself some serious finger action. I then stood up & eased my cock into Vicki just above where Bill was eating her. Every time my cock would pull back from her pussy Bill would donate it a lick. I did not know yet if Vicki noticed & then all of the sudden during one of the times he was licking me she received up, smiled & gave me “go for it” look. I stuck my cock in his mouth all the way. Vicki began to ride Bill & Susan received behind me & began to rim my ass.

Vicki came first while ridding Bill, a few seconds after Bill shot a load into her. He pulled off him & laid in the bed next to us…I was so horny I did not wait to see if my next move was ok. I pulled my cock out of his mouth, went over to Vicki, spread her legs & began to eat Bills cum…her arched her back & came again so I had my answer.

Since then Bill & Susan are our only fuck partners. We have gotten together all four & some times as a threesome or just Vicki with Bill (he works close to her office) or me with Susan. We keep exploring many things & things could not be better
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  1. You’ll want to remove that last line right quick I expect. Thanks for posting though!

  2. Hey Vicki i read B-Negitive,Dead-End Job, and Comeback and comeback was my fraivote and in doing a speech on it in English but i wanted to know what book i should read next and i loved all of the books ive read by you, thanks Kasi

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