Our story starts almost 5 years ago.

Our story starts almost 5 years ago following my cancer and the consequential inability to get an erection and loss of libido. Even though my wife and I are in our mid 50’s she is still a sexy lady who dresses to please and we have enjoyed the swapping scene on and off since our early 20’s, so she still need to be satisfied. During this time we had both been happy and enjoyed watching each other having sex with others plus we are both fully bisexual.

So we agreed that as she needed more satisfaction that I was capable of giving her anymore that we would join some of the swinger sites and see what is around.

As you can imagine we were inundated but also excited by the responses especially from males of all ages.

So we took the plunge and arranged to meet someone we knew from years back who was now divorced. We picked Alan up from near his house and went to a country pub to reacquaint ourselves. Liz was extremely sexily dressed with a simple black dress to the knee with a low front showing her lush 38f cleavage, fishnet stockings, suspender belt and knee high black stiletto boots, she looked so damned horny.

Alan was sat next to her in the pub and we were all talking openly and sexily of what we wanted from the relationship.

After about an hour I went to the loo and when I was on my way back I could see that both of them were touching each other up under the table, which was such a turn on also for me and my cock sprang up surprisingly.

Liz had told Alan that we wanted him to be her lover and that I would watch them perform and take pictures and video if he was agreeable which he readily was.

After many glasses of wine on their part we left in our large 4×4 for the 40 minute journey home with Liz and Alan getting into the back.

I turned the rear view mirror so I could see them kissing and touching each other.

Liz was very horny by this time and within a few minutes I could hear the sound of her unzipping his jeans , followed by oh my God!

Alan’s cock was standing to attention and was 10 inches long and Liz exclaimed bloody hell now that’s what I call a real man’s cock, it was 3 inches longer than mind and very thick also, a real beast.

I watched intently as she took it eagerly into her red lips and they both began moaning and groaning with pleasure, he was repeatedly saying suck my big cock bitch, to which she responded by taking him deeper on each suck.

I was so damned turned on watching him fill my wife’s eager mouth.

After only a short while longer he said he was going to cum and proceeded to fill her throat with what she said later was the biggest load that she has ever had.

She looked up into the mirror and pushed her tongue out to me with loads of cum on it , then swallowed his full load and then said, now that’s what a real man’s load feels and looks like!.

She told me to find somewhere quiet to pull over fucking quickly, which I did as she needed to fuck his superb cock.

I duly stopped in a very quiet layby that knew of and within seconds her dress was off as was her bra and she went down again on Alan’s cock and he quickly got hard again.

She then said that Alan was going to show me how to satisfy his wife and he by this time was pushing 3 or 4 fingers into her soaking wet pussy.

By this time it was obvious that she was gagging for it and his fingers were glistening and he pushed them hard in and out of her wet pussy.

She then exclaimed that she needed his magnificent beast in her cunt now and that I was to watch how to fuck properly, my cock was out by now and I was already wanking hard.

She came loudly and in one movement straddled him and impaled herself down onto his cock and they were fucking like wild animals, all thoughts of protected sex had gone out of the window as they went at it like a pair of on heat dogs.

They fucked very loudly for about 10 minutes, she was talking all the times telling him that he had the best cock that she had ever fucked and that she wanted his seed deep in her.

Within a few minutes she and he both came very loudly indeed, I had never heard her so loud when she came and Alan pumped yet another massive load of his seed deep in her, I had cum a load about a minute before they finished.

They tidied themselves up a little and we went back to our house, where I watched him fuck her in several positions and in every hole for the next 3 hours, it was nothing short of amazing.

He came another three times and I lost count of the times that she orgasmed.

I was made or rather allowed to lick her pussy after he had filled it with his seed and I also managed to get hard again and came in her ass straight after he had deposited his seed in there.

She humiliated me slightly by saying that she couldn’t feel my cock after Alan’s beast, but I didn’t care at all as I was so turned on also.

This started a 2 year long relationship where they fucked at least 2 days a week and had many weekend’s away together enjoying each other, Liz said he had the best cock that she had ever had ever and since.

Sadly we moved away with my job so only see him seldom, but since then I have encouraged Liz to have more relationships and one night stands and to date she has had 43 guys and 11 women.

The best experience for me was when we visited the Chameleons venue in the midlands and we were staying next door overnight in the Premier Inn, where we got the attention of 3 horny black guys who came back with us and fucked her so hard and deep that she could not stand up after an hour, they came 2 or 3 times each over her tits and in her mouth, it was awesome and I watched every second with relish.

One of the guys Ray, she sees several times a month and they now fuck bareback and I have enjoyed licking his immense loads of seed from my wife’s cunt and ass on many occasions, not that I am complaining of course.

More to follow including two waiters in Mauritius who tied her up , fucked her everywhere and covered her in cum several times during our holiday and even wanked their cum over my face on several occasions.

Bye for now more to follow