Daniel’s Dick

Daniel’s Dick
Natalie & I hadn’t tried the cuckold scene before even though we’d talked approximately it. I knew that she was nervous & I certainly was. What if, despite what she said approximately being ready to run a cuckold, she was disgusted with me afterwards & kicked me out? What if the thing was just too explosive for her & after one go we turned to an emotional freezer- with no sex whatsoever? Anything might happen- I knew that. But as we received to know the new man at my work place, Daniel, my lovely brunette wife seemed ready to go for it. He was so suave, so arrogant & it turned her on. She wanted me to ask him to fuck her. I pleaded no. We should start with a stranger & a white guy- someone that we could see this as a one off adventure with. But she wanted Daniel. She wanted black dick, superior dick, the prick of a man who believed that he could take any woman that he wanted & keep her there- on the strength of his manly attractions.
So I decided that we had to try. I had to see whether I could cope with seeing her go to pieces on Daniel’s dick. She had to see what terrible comparisons might be made after he had serviced her. We were going to the pub, with Daniel & Natalie asked me what I thought Daniel would like to see her wear? I knew- he had remarked on her look once before. So she squeezed into the leather hot pants & the Victorian lace up boots, the tight bound, oh so disciplined bitch look. She was putting herself on a plate for him & I guessed that the whole pub would know that. Every leery onlooker would guess that Daniel was taking her home to fuck. I fixed the string of pearls around her throat, slipped the extravagant rings on her fingers that he had once noted, & squirted on the perfume around her cleavage that he liked. Then I quivering with anxiety, & Natalie with excitement, went to the pub. She said as we walked to the pub door, ‘this is your last chance…once Daniel is fucking me I won’t donate him up?’ & I nodded, ‘understood’ I said.
I remember we sat in a secluded alcove & beneath the table Daniel put his hand on her thigh. It was as if he guessed that he was on this afternoon. Natalie told me to ‘run along & play pool- you always want to’ & I did as I was told. I didn’t want to, I’m crap at pool as I am in bed according to my wife, yet that was where I was sent. I heard Daniel ask whether she could make me ‘disappear like that anytime’ & she smiled & said yes. She said that he could too, he had only to order something & I would do it. He wanted to try that out & made me fetch drinks for them both which he accepted without any thanks. Presumably I wasn’t worth the effort. The girl who I was playing pool with, rotund yet worldly wise said, ‘he’s fucking your wife right?’ & I nodded. She replied, ‘I can see why she prefers him…no offence mate.’
The petting & the flirting lasted around half an hour, enough time to lose all my matches against Miss Rotunda. I paid her the winnings & then followed my wife & her lover out. I drove the car home with them petting freely in the back. The hardest thing was seeing her in the rear view mirror snog open mouthed with him. Natalie told me to concentrate on the driving & I apologised. They had decided she told me to have me come up to the bedroom, because Daniel wanted to establish his supremacy. She had though begged him to have me blindfolded once I had seen the sheer girth of his cock. He was longer than me for sure, yet it was the thickness of his snake that did my head in. I could see how what emerged from his jeans could fit inside Natalie’s cunt.
A silk scarf was found & Natalie wrapped around my head, so I could see nothing. She wanted this little bit of privacy the first time. The scarf though had an astonishing effect. I’d heard that people who went suddenly blind, quickly appreciated their other senses- that they attuned to other things bloody swift & that was true for me. I remember I sat at the foot of the bed, sensing thwe warmth of the sun on my face from the window & feeling the bed jiggle as Daniel took down her hot pants & then her thong. The leather material landed against my head as it was tossed aside & then there was the sound of kissing. You can hear people kiss. You can hear all the little moans & the whimpers as their lips lock together & presumably Daniel’s fingers descended to her sex. I remember waiting to hear the drawer go. The drawer where we kept the sheaths for this moment. We had always said that we would sheaths- yet there was no sound of an opening drawer. Instead, a little after I heard Daniel say that he was going to ride her bareback- there was no other babe in his life & this would be exclusive. I heard her whisper meekly ‘yes…of course’.
There is a squelch sound when a cock enters cunny- at least when it enters a wet cunny. By the time that I heard that sound, there was ample time to have received Natalie that way. You could feel her wriggle & writhe, making the bed shift as he pushed her legs apart & tongue her cunt, pushed his fingers inside & up to her G spot. Little moans, sudden gasps & even ‘oh darling’ squashed me then. Hearing the squelch sound as he plugged into her, destroyed me. It caused my wife to scream. It was the sort of deep, needful, almost primordial scream that indicated utter pleasure. It was an instinctive scream & I understood why. The bastard was stretching her, brutally stretching her cunt & wrecking her for me.
Beds bounce, the shift & move in four or five ways that you can feel through the back of your head if you sit against them on the floor. Now every sound & every movement was accompanied by an intoxicating aroma. It was the raw, sinuous, thrusting smell of sex. Each time that he pulled back from the deep thrusts, it must have allowed her perfume to explode outwards. I could smell heat, & saltiness- I don’t know how. Perhaps it’s an association in your head kind of thing. I only knew that I didn’t need to see her legs up over his burley shoulders, curling & squirming with the lusty pleasure. I could picture them there- all courtesy of the perfume in the room!
Daniel was used to riding harder & longer than Natalie. That first time she begged him to come with her just a few minutes into the copulation. He didn’t. The bastard brought her off on his stiff member, wriggling & gasping with the force of her climax & then when she had caught breath again, started to work her up relentlessly again. I could hear my wife’s breath catch, hear her panting for breath & swearing how huge & handsome he was. She had always wanted him it seemed. ‘Good babe…that’s fine..we’ll obtain your pansy boy up to sniff your cunt once I’ve seeded you’ Daniel said in a growl.
Dirty ideas work on women too. I heard Natalie gulp for air & beg him to come inside her & this time he did do that. I felt the bed jolt again & again- & in concert the screams of my wife as she took his spunk. Daniel gasped this time- a deep gravelly gasp. I knew what it meant & then I heard Natalie, ‘oh darling, darling’ as they shuddered together.
Silence…and stillness. How long did that last? Perhaps a minute. Perhaps a bit more. Then though I sensed him pulling out of her & I was dragged up by my ear & directed to the honey pot. You could smell Natalie’s arousal long before my mouth met her sex. She exuded heat & excitement. When her thigh brushed my ear I could feel the skin still quivering from the force of their sex. Then my wife pulled my mouth onto her sex & I tasted the thick, repugnant gloopy mess that trickled out of her slit. Don’t mistake this- even if you learn to like licking out cream pie, the first time I swear, it is always repugnant. It’s approximately knowing what it is & why it is there. It’s the terrible realisation that it’s not yours & she prefers it that way. The rush of thoughts counter act any tide of arousal that you might be feeling. You gag & gulp & then, Natalie said, ‘lick me out.’
I licked & at first she laughed. I thought she was sneering at me, yet after she said that Daniel was making a gesture with his thumb, indicating my position beneath hers. She laughed too because if you lick a wet & recently exercised cunny it tickles. It takes a moment or two for the arousal to recharge. When it did, I felt her nails dig into my scalp & wedge my mouth on her sex as she gasped, ‘go on damn you…fucking hell, lick it up you pathetic little bastard.’ Blindfolded, I couldn’t believe Natalie had said that. But she did. It was her voice- a voice that was changed now.