Going public

Going public
Thanks Cuckold Stories Blog for posting my last message, which I hope has helped some hotwives to manage matters more enjoyably. I have given some thought to another matter once you have cucked your husband and that concerns going public. There’s nothing so restrictive as keeping all the fun indoors and once you are getting the best it’s natural to want to brag about it. But going public requires a little thought, if you are then to make elite sex your lifestyle. I’ve been going with Wes for just over a year now and my husband Edward is pretty well behaved about matters. I’ve talked to a few friends such as Trudy (see my last post), about how to handle things like cunnlingus. I think that a girl needs to anticipate arrangements, with regard to her cucked husband, with regard to her own impact when you go public. Wes was always relaxed about it. I suppose it confirmed his sex appeal, all the stereotypes about the pulling power of black guys.
Let me start though with Edward, my pliable husband. As I said in my last post, it’s always possible to get a guy ready for public humiliation by making that a challenge to be managed in return for sweet rewards. That was what I did. I got the guy hooked on pussy licking and demanded it morning, night and day. I’m sure that Edward was intoxicated! Then though it was time to pull the leash. Wes and I were fed up with driving out to distant pubs. So I started to deny Edward his licks and you could see all the panicky speculations begin to build inside him. What if I was about to dump him? What if I was so disgusted with his behaviour that I was excluding him from any physical contact? The temptation is to dictate your strategy then, to set out your demands, but that’s not the best way! Whilst he is in withdrawal and wrong footed, you keep schtum. Eventually he asked, with a pleading expression on his face, ‘what’s wrong- what aren’t I doing right, why don’t you ride tongue anymore?’ Well, I didn’t say at first, but when he pleaded again I admitted that I was fed up with the sneaking around. Wes was the man of my dreams and if Edward accepted that, then we should see whether others could too?
I remember that we spent a few sessions, me (quite unusually) playing with Edward’s member, encouraging him to talk about who he would tell that he was a cuckold and liked the lifestyle. The more I cock teased him, the bolder were his thoughts. There were some of our close friends, of course, and then most significant of all, some of his golf buddies. Telling male mates that your wife thinks that you’re not good enough is a massive hill to climb for a husband, but its key to a more open arrangement too. There’s nothing more horny than being near other blokes when they know that you’ve cucked your husband. They’re probably wondering just what a bitch you are- it sets up a wonderful frisson. Of course when they meet your alpha male, the reasons why you made your choice are probably obvious- but their furtive little imaginations still work overtime.
Edward shortlisted 6-7 people that he would tell and he rehearsed accounts of why. I didn’t really want any of those explanations, it seemed better that he fess up that I wanted better. But the chosen account helped Edward make his transition. He decided that he had an erectile dysfunction, to do with low grade but long present diabetes that he didn’t have but which was in the family somewhere. ‘Just as long as they understand that Wes does the fucking’ I said coldly.
Those accounts (if used) are important because they affect how you are perceived. In this instance, I was seen as a lusty lady who needed something that Edward could never give me. The response was more sympathetic as a result- although we needed to make clear that the erectile dysfunction was permanent and Edward was thankful to Wes for servicing me. They reduced some of my ‘bitch image’, and that watered down some of my enjoyment, but it also kept us more friends.
It may surprise you that in a modern and more permissive world that I should need to mention the keeping of friends. But its true- when you come out, you will lose some and gain others. Other wives might worry that you’re a cougar with a veracious appetite that will steal their husbands. Blokes will be fascinated for sure, but then fearful that if they flirt with you, that you might smack them down hard. After all, they weren’t Wes, and you are now the discerning woman! So you go into this (if you’ve any sense) thinking about possible consequences. If you live in a very conservative neighbourhood, it could be time to move. You might need to build up the alternative community before you lose some of the old one.
Before we came out then we nurtured a few associations. I invited Trudy, her lover and Robin her cuck husband over to dinner and after a nice meal and a lot of wine, Trudy and I were emboldened enough to take tongue from our cucks, whilst the men folk shared a beer and admired our control. It was a ground breaking evening I suppose, for Edward and Robin as they tongued, and even more so when I told Robin to lick my cunt and sent Edward to attend to Trudy. The buzz that gave our boyfriends was immense, watching the cucks lapping away and the pair of us getting hotter and hornier by the minute. When we then fucked with the alpha males on the thick pile rug in front of an open fire, grinding and thrusting in what turned out to be a very practised and exciting session, the climaxes were major! Edward and Robin had been cased up in Perspex so that they couldn’t get an erection and afterwards they said that was the hottest thing- their balls ached like crazy.
The six of us started to go out to the pub together, the clubs and the restaurants. It was great because you enjoyed the arrangement publically, sprinkling little hints of what some of us girls got and helping the cucks to develop ways of showing their subservience to us and our lovers in ways that didn’t cause a riot. You have to handle this well, I suppose like gay people did in the past. You can’t be outrageously in other people’s faces in less liberal surroundings.
I remember that at one club, two rather drunk young ladies quickly guessed that we were hotwives with our cucks and studs on show. Perhaps they wanted this sort of action? They were certainly jealous and tried a few times to tempt our boyfriends. When Wes and his mate were having none of that, they got snotty and bleated about what spoilt little tramps Trudy and I were. Wes had the perfect response though. He told them to shut the fuck up until such time as they had climbed out of the gutter and had the nous and the looks to rule one man and interest a red blooded male. It was a terrible put down!
Other girls are sincerely curious about how you live- managing two relationships. The most common questions are, ‘why don’t you just leave your husband?’ and ‘don’t you ever have any doubts?’ I explain that I’ve spent time being honest with myself and I want to control a man as much as I want to submit to another. I’m a bit political too, I think women should be able to choose the best and that goes on to breeding too. Competition drives so much and women arbitrate on who has won! Sincerely, I no longer have any doubts.

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  1. Penny, luv the practical, here’s how style of your posts. I wish that my husband Neil was adapting to public cuck as well as yours. I overheard the other day that Neil has a nickname for my lover- he calls him the ‘spunk pump’. I was furious because i gave Neil a month to decide that he was sure that he was content that I was seeing someone and another month later to decide now was the right time to come out. Adam (my man) was fed up with Neil’s petulence too, so to discipline him we went up to a place where they do a bit of dogging. Adam has a big Jaguar, so Neil was ordered to sit in the front whilst Adam serviced me in the back. There were a lot of people hanging around watching as Neil blushed puce, watching us in the rear view mirror and Adam hoisted my legs up over his shoulders and went to the hilt inside neighbours had better see that’ snarled Adam as he thrust inside me. It was noisy, unbridled sex and I came very hard indeed, showing off in that way. Afterwards, I dipped my fingers in my sperm filled sex and told Neil to lick them clean whilst the audience watched. As he licked there was an amused round of applause from outside! Afterwards he apologised to Adam that he had given him a name and said of course that it was best that he fucked me.


  2. My own approach to this, after Stewart sat meekly by and let Lloyd do all the screwing in our house was to plan a party for our closest friends, those who guessed that Lloyd was fucking me anyway. A few days before Stewart and I went down to a tattoo parlour and my husband asked the guy to stencil Lloyd’s name with entwined roses on my shoulder. It was a very small tattoo, beautifully rendered, but obvious to all just as soon as I took off my coat. When the tattooist addressed my husband as Lloyd I said ‘oh no, he’s called Stewart’- and you should have seen the lusty look that the professional gave me!

    Of course it was a big deal as if Lloyd and I split I was left with the reminder, but by then we had been together nearly two years. It was very secure. At the party I wore a strapless, figure hugging black leather dress and the tattoo was a sensation. Girlfriend’s called me a sexy vixen’ and one male friend said that i was the hottest woman in town. Nobody teased Stewart, but then nobody commented either. It was as if he was just an apostrophe or something, temporary and helpful, but not especially important.


  3. Sometimes coming out is done in stages! I joined what can only be described as Marcus’s harem and the first coming out was at a private party with his other two conquests, Gina and Pamela and their husbands present. I get on well with the girls from the first and Marcus explained that he liked the harem idea. He does have a lot of talent and strength when it comes to fucking. After drinks and canapes served by Jonathan my cuck, Gina and Pam dressed me in this white skimpy flowing dress and placed a gold choker about my throat. The chokers are our insignia, stylish signs that we are Marcus’s women. I in turn fixed a braided black leather thong around Jonathan’s throat to show that he was my serf. Marcus took over at this point, fucking me slowly, deeply, with his thick and circumcised erection, on the sofa in front of the fire, before Gina and Pam directed my husband to tongue my crease. it was a very leisurely procession of sex, because whilst Jonathan did that Marcus moved to Pam and so on, copulating with each of us in turn and bending the husbands to their roles.

    The more public coming out was doen piecemeal. Gina and I were in a supermarket one time, wearing our chokers as we must and a girlfriend remarked that we wore the same jewellery. Gina said that they signified that we ruled our husbands and the enquirer instantly wanted a choker of her own!

  4. I especially remember the thrill of feeling the alpha female amongst my group of girlfriends. Instinctively we all want to be the best, to have the most and to seem expert or some such. When it comes to cuckolding your husband thats about sex appeal, being chic and sophisticated. It wasn’t just that my lover Viv is the handsome black king of our small town, it is that i have the nous to manage my husband Toby in some other way. You could hear girlfriend’s whispering, ‘how does she make him accept that?!’ The politics of envy can be delicious.

  5. My cuck husband Phillip came out when he was in the clinic, having a vasectomy because any kid that i gave birth to was going to be Liam’s. You could say that the op wasn’t necessary as I didn’t allow his weeny willy anywhere near me. But the thing was symbolic- I wanted him off the radar when it came to fatherhood. He just admitted it to this pretty nurse. Rachel has found someone better and doesn’t want any confusion when it comes to getting pregnant!

  6. Read in yesterday’s Times newspaper that more women are making use of marital affair agencies, and are obviously fed up with the lack of decent sex. Presumably such places are locations where cuck arrangements can begin, ‘sorry darling, I’ve met someone through an agency, and whilst I don’t want to bin you i don’t want to bed you either’. All healthier and honest I would say, despite the usual misgivings about damaged marriage! After all, those sad husbands have had time to perform, time to make their wives feel like a goddess. If they don’t measure up then they do have to step aside…and why shouldn’t that be public?


  7. Question ladies why do your husbands stay around if my wife cut me off I being sueing in a second for divorce and the kids.You all seem to be nothing more then size queens

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