There are few enough places for a girl to share good and intimate advice when it comes to sex

There are few enough places for a girl to share good and intimate advice when it comes to sex, so I thought I’d offer up this practical experience for any hot wife readers who visit your blog. The thoughts stem from a conversation that I shared with Trudy a friend of mine. What I share here though is strictly for the established relationship, when you’re exclusive with your lover and you’re sure that he’s not fucking around elsewhere. Health and safety is a real consideration here- it’s not a silly get in the way constraint.
Trudy has recently started cuckolding her husband Robin and inevitably the conversation turned to cunnilingus. She knew that I have been running Edward my husband as a cuck for a year or so, and because of that she thought that I might have some answers. Having your husband lick you out for the first few times after you have been with your lover is something that takes a little getting used to. I mean, it might seem disgusting that he does that sort of thing and you can’t help but despise him for doing it when he should have tried at least to compete with his cock. But then it’s arousing too, especially if he curls up his tongue like a straw and holds it long enough to slip in and out of your cunny hole. A well disciplined cuck can siphon up some of the copious spunk your lover has deposited that way and it’s then very sexy when you see him swallow.
First things first though- what does licking you out really mean and how does it stand when you have chosen someone better? Well, with Edward at least, I made sure that he understood it was a capitulation, that Wes my lover had beaten him and that from now on he wouldn’t ever try to make love to me with his tiddler cock again. I wanted this as informed consent, so the first time he made to tongue me, I didn’t allow it. I made him think about it for a few days, and then after I had been out with Wes for the evening, I asked how he felt? He begged to lick me out and I felt sure enough then to have him proceed. As he lapped away, I whispered things to him, to reinforce what this little rite de passage really meant. ‘Do you see how stretched I am down there…your tongue gets lost inside me’. ‘That sticky white spunk you’re ladling up is Wes’s- he shot lots of it inside me, you’ll never reach it all.’ Its bitchy I know, perhaps at first, and when not feeling aroused, it sounds even farcical, but you have to establish the rules- to have him know how low he has sunk in your eyes.
Trudy asked whether it was normal to worry that the permission to lick could be misunderstood. I said sure, but if she really wanted things firmly established, then she should make her husband tongue her with her lover watching. There could be no confusion then- this was a submission, an act of obedience in front of the proper bloke. There was no chance that hubby would get aroused and think it could proceed to anything more. Trudy then asked whether I cum on Edward’s tongue, because that seemed different. If you did, then it looked as though your cuck still had some sort of power. If you didn’t- then the tonguing could become a little frustrating! Well my own take on that is to say that if I straddle Edward’s mouth, if I ride his face, then I do allow myself to cum. Make no mistake about it, I am using him then and he knows it. If he reaches for his weeny erection I slap his hand away and tell him to concentrate on my cunny. Then when I climax, his face is sometimes drenched in little squirts of my lady cum. Not all women produce that, not all women know it can happen, but it does for me and big time since I started going with one man and dominating another. It’s as if your inhibitions are blown, as if you can respond big time to the urges that have seemed too unladylike before. As you lift off, you see your cuck’s face, covered in cum, hot and sticky (because you forget yourself as you grind and rub on his mouth) and probably a bit breathless looking. Remember, don’t smother him though- there are pleasures to be repeated!
‘And if you’re not riding Edward’s face? ’Trudy asked, sipping the chilled white wine. Well I don’t cum and that is possible with practice, because I tell Edward to stay off my button. It’s a different sort of oral, and it serves to show his submission to me. If you’re going out with your boyfriend, you might want it that way to gently arouse you before you step out. Wes likes to push his hand down inside my pants and feel that I am juiced up and ready for a night time of teasing before he penetrates me. He sees Edward as the prelim act. Sometimes I use that sort of oral for pictures. I mean I will set up the camera on a little tripod on the bedside locker and then put a foot up on the bed and beckon Edward to tongue me leisurely before I go out. I want him to make a meal of it- to put me in the mood for Wes. I tell him that he’s useless to me otherwise.
So this is lifestyle, full on, when you know you’ve found the right lover and its exclusive-Trudy checked. Yes, I nod. We are alpha together-elitest about sex, an item, chic, sophisticated, and that’s part of the buzz for me and a lot of other hot wives too. If your stud insists on screwing around, and you’re ready to party that way, then use sheaths and don’t make your cuck lick up the cum. This is the most intimate, the most fulfilling set up any woman could want- cake and eat it, the best of both worlds, but it’s worth protecting. So get there in a considered way.
Trudy nodded- the message gone home. Good I thought. So, I continued, ‘have you thought about how you use licking to get your own way even more?’ Clearly Trudy hadn’t. She’d pictured the act, understood the submission and the pleasure it would give her boyfriend too, but she hadn’t yet realised that cunnilingus was part of her control. ‘Well, you need to think what happens to your husband once you get him on the oral on a regular basis’ I observed. Silence..Trudy needed a pointer or two. ‘Well, you produce loads of pheromones when he licks and sucks, when you get aroused and they go straight up his nose which is just centimetres from your cunny, and they enslave him. Edward is addicted to my scent, the body scent I mean and addicted too I suppose, to the taste of my juices. Once he is lapping regularly, he’s likely to beg for it as often as he can. It can become a nuisance and its then that you use it to your advantage.
‘You ration it’ Trudy said, and I smiled.
‘What do you want in return for the oral delights?’ I asked her.
Well, on the spot and right then, she didn’t know.
‘Perhaps you want to go public, to enjoy being out with your man. That takes a lot of getting used to for your husband. Perhaps he hoped to keep this all hidden away behind closed doors. You can wean him off the secrecy, help him to get used to a more public shame, by offering cunnilingus treats.’
Trudy wondered what I wanted, what I had got because Edward was on a chemical leash to my pheromones. I waggled the keys to my Mercedes CLK. Some things are very expensive. We’re not all material girls, but each to their own.
Trudy had seen a few video clips, some steamy ones (I smiled when she blushed) of husband’s being made to suck a lover’s cock. Personally she said, the idea seemed ridiculous and distasteful. ‘Maybe’ I conceded, ‘it’s very much your lover’s decision. No man is going to be allowed to suck dick unless your stud is sure that game rules are understood. It’s the ultimate humiliation, if you make cuck do that’. Trudy gave me this look that said, ‘well?’ I replied, ‘high days and holidays. I made Edward do it the first time the three of us went on holiday. The hotel staff knew that I was the spoilt bitch and I was drunk on power. So I told Edward to take Wes’s tool out and lather it up for me. You could see that Ed was almost gagging, it really wasn’t his thing. But he did it and I reserve the right to make him do it again.’ Remember though, I concluded, we’re well established. It’s our lifestyle and part of my complete control philosophy.