My wife and I started dating when I was 26 and she was 19

My wife and I started dating when I was 26 and she was 19, On our very first date we fucked, she loved sex, we married 6 months later and had sex several times a day. she loved watching porn movies they really got her turned on and she would comment about how the guys with the big cocks really excited her. 10 yrs into our marrage she was still going strong sexually I was getting to the point that it didn’t excite me all that much anymore. she was just too much for me, Yeah I was only 36 yo. but damn she wanted to do it all the time. I got to where I would put off going to bed with her and she would get pissed off at me. She came home one night from work (Nursing Home ) and told me about this older (55 yo) guy named Paul that was the son of one of her patients, they had gotten friendly thru coffe breaks where she would go to relax, She told me he had ask her to have a drink with him after she got off but she told him I was at home waiting on her. I ask her if she liked him and she said he was nice, I said do you want to fuck him ? she said she had wondered what it might be like to have an older guy do her. I told her that if she wanted to do itwitth him that I wouldn’t be mad and that I thought the idea was exciting . The more I thought about in the days to follow the more I wanted her to do it.After a lot of coaxing I finally got her toagree to bring him to the house for a couple late niter drinks. On Xmas Eve she called me and told me that Paul would be coming home with her that nite. They came in around 11 pm and they had one drink and went straight to our bedroom and was all over one another, I was hidden in the closet because she didn’t want me there and I wanted to see what was about to take place, well I wasn’t disappointed it was just as exciting as all my thoughts and fantasties had been She took her clothes off and she was so sexy looking I almost stepped out of the closet but instead I just watched as he removed his clothes and they laid on the bed and began to kiss and fondle one another , His cock grew to look like it had been taken from a horse ,his cock was at least 9.5″ and was big as your wrist. I couldn’t beleive he would be able to get it in her but slowly it disappeard deep inside her, they fucked for about 45 min. with her having 5 to 6 orgasms.This sort of thing has taken place many times over the last 12 yrs. I have come to enjoy it as much as she has, I will post ads on craigslist from time to time in the M4MW section serching for guys that want to come to our place and fuck my wife. She loves all the attention she gets . However she does practice safe sex, condoms are a must.

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  1. Nice to see that your wife is at last securing what she needs and deserves. The sheaths are really important whilst she fucks around-stick with that. Her health is so important! Later, when she settles on one man to be the alpha in her life, and he dominates you, it might be time to consider going bareback. But no hurries- she has lots to enjoy and you have loads to learn!

  2. Great story. My wife and i recently got into the scene. I made sure her first time was a special one. We flew into Las Vegas and I had her pick a male escort from a local site. He was slightly younger than me and in great shape and had a massive dick. She was supper nervous but as soon as he began to eat her she got into in. It ws in incredible experience it certainly saved our marriage. We both get to play now, but she has cuckold me more often than I her. Have yet to try a black guy for her she is very into latin guys

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