It was something of a relief when Jenny started showing an interest in my best mate Dave

It was something of a relief when Jenny started showing an interest in my best mate Dave. Not because I am a natural cuckold or a voyeur, anything but. It was simply that my otherwise joy loving wife had gone off sex during the menopause. She was 40, quite soon for the change and for three years Jenny had feigned headaches, complained of tiredness, and found excuses for us not to fuck. She was considerate though and when I was gagging for some action she would firmly take hold of my cock and start to jerk me off. Even when she had no real interest in coitus, she had a nice line in seductive talk whilst masturbating me. ‘Don’t fight it,’ she would whisper, ‘I’m still in charge of your cock even though I don’t want it between my legs.’ And that was how it worked. Jenny would talk sultry about things, her lingerie, the way she dressed, about stockings and how it was natural for a man to be wanked off when his woman didn’t fancy his cock. I always came hard, thrusting up into her manicured finger embrace, gyrating my hips and groaning loudly. It made her giggle when the spunk flew in the air and she presented her fingers for me to lick. ‘I’ve won…I know, but you must lick my fingers clean now’ she purred.
Thinking about it, Jenny’s menopause helped her realise a sort of control over sex, about the need for fucking. If she didn’t need it herself, she liked controlling it, winning the competition between us. I’d read DH Lawrence about that sort of tension between men and women and could relate to that now. So when Jenny took an interest in Dave, I guess that I thought he might bring her back to the coital sex fold. Stupidly, I thought that my mate might enjoy helping my wife to enjoy a good shag again and with that interest reawakened, we could resume our marital sex life. There came one night when she was playing with my cock, after we’d had a couple of weekends watching Dave and his mates play rugby when she whispered, ‘do you think I’m more suited to Dave than you…I mean he’s so hunky isn’t he?’ It was difficult to concentrate on the question as Jenny was stroking my erection. She ran her tongue up and down my shaft. The lustful sensations from her touch and tongue, the dirty ideas from her words were exploding inside my head like fireworks. I said that they were both naturally physical. Jenny has always been sporty. I think I said something about thoroughbreds! She seemed pleased by my response and caressed my balls. ‘Why don’t you ask him to fuck me? I think he’s only waiting for the approach as I’ve been giving him cow eyes already.’
I guess that I should have been infuriated. After those years waiting for nooky my wife wanted it with someone else! But perhaps this was what it took to re trigger things at this point in life? So I said that I would have ‘a quiet word’ and make it clear that if he wanted to get his leg over with her I would turn a blind eye. We were both aroused by that, Jenny pushing her cunt against my fingers and her hand working my erection vigorously by now. She was definitely turned on and we both climaxed at the same time. My sperm shot up into the air and splashed across her red nails. She said, ‘now imagine that you’re licking Dave’s spunk off my fingers!’ I did so- and the idea was repellent- but she loved it. She whispered, ‘his spunk was pouring out of me and I’ve ladled it up. But then he’s fucked me several times, so there is a lot to lick clean isn’t there darling.’
Over the next three weeks Jenny kept asking whether I had spoken with Dave and of course I hadn’t! In the cold light of day it was bloody scary. Nice guy as Dave is, he’s very attractive to women. There was every chance that he would take Jenny off me. My wife was getting very frustrated by the delay and eventually snapped, ‘ask the man or I will sleep with him anyway. I’m far more likely to walk out on you if you don’t meet my demands.’ So I took the opportunity. It was after another match when my wife had cheered Dave on (not the team), stood on the touchline in her tight jeans and revealing blouse. Dave and I had visited the john together and I saw him pull out his thick cock and started to chase a fag butt around the pan with his pee. I said, ‘Jenny wants that you know…your tool.’ It didn’t seem to surprise him. Perhaps he knew that lots of women did want that. He said, ‘OK…I was going to fuck her anyway mate. She’s clearly bored with you. But you have to be nice alright…you have to make it easy for her to move up a league.’ It was a fucking audacious observation, and bloody arrogant thing to say, but I nodded and said, ‘of course.’
We returned to more beers with Jenny and at the end, Dave said to her, ‘fancy a night out babe..I understand your old man doesn’t hold the reins.’ To my wife’s credit she actually blushed, before saying yes, she would love that. She gave Dave her mobile number and he rang her that evening to set the date. She said on the way home, ‘Dave pushed his tongue inside my mouth when we kissed goodbye at the pub.’ Well, I knew, I’d watched him. Then, she said, ‘did you make it clear that you wouldn’t object if he fucked me, as often and as hard as he wants.’ I said that I had. ‘No sheaths…I want his spunk inside me’ she checked, and I replied, ‘yes…OK, yes.’
Jenny bought new gear for that first date- a black silk jumpsuit that showed off her cleavage to great effect. She looked voluptuous and wanton. There was fancy lingerie, new perfume. I was required to paint all her nails and as I did those her look said, ‘tonight you’ll be licking these and tasting Dave’s spunk, hot and cosseted from inside my cunt.’ She looked gorgeous. Dave called around at 8 pm and took my wife off, telling me not to wait up. They drove off in his motor and I needed to go and relieve myself. It was bloody terrible. I wanted some sort of helpline to talk me through this. How do you deal with the anxiety? What do you do about the terrible bloody excitement of it? The fact that the idea of Dave fucking her aroused me left me with a shed load of shame to make sense of!
Jenny got home around 9 the next morning. She said that I looked awful, which I probably did given the lack of sleep from that night. She was in conciliatory mood, but not ready to talk about her fun and games. ‘Go and draw me a bath’ she said, which I did. I followed her into the bedroom and was told to undress her. Her nipples were hard and erect- could they still be that way after they’d fucked perhaps an hour before? I slipped down her jumpsuit and was confronted by cum smeared pubic hair. There were no panties, just a thick and gloopy mix of her cum and his spunk adhering to the curly auburn pubes of my wife. She saw that I was transfixed by the sight of it and casually ran her fingers up and down her slit for a moment. She presented them to me, palm up with what looked gloy glue there. Her hand was cupped, as you might to ladle up water from a stream and it made the spunk look like a sticky mess in the bottom of it. Once its been shot and cools it gets that way, and looked even more repellent. But I licked it up and she stroked my hair. I had to chew it before swallowing and the taste of salty cum exploded in my mouth. ’Swallow’ she insisted and I did so. Afterwards, she drew my mouth to her sex and once again I did the unspeakable thing- licking her out after a night of sex.
‘Now kiss me’ she ordered, lying back on the bed and opening her mouth. I did so, greedily and sensuously. She whispered, ‘Dave fucked my mouth…I’ve rinsed my mouth with his cum and I swallowed too’. I wanted to ask about it, but such enquiries seemed forbidden. She caught my tongue inside her mouth and held it there trapped, as I thought about her giving him head. I was directed next to her peachy bottom and her quivering arse hole. I was required to lick her ring piece and she didn’t need to say what had been jagging away in there. I knew instinctively and she climaxed on the thought of it all again.
Perhaps other couples talk about this stuff afterwards. Perhaps it arouses them more when they do so, but we didn’t that first time. I was told to lead her to the bath and once she had slipped inside I sponged and massaged her back, bathed her glistening full boobs and then gently cleaned between her legs. It was a terrible sensation. As my fingers worked down there her sex lips seemed bigger. Her clitoris was bullet hard and rubbery, prominent and swollen, so that even beneath the soap suds you could see it stand out. He must have fucked her silly- the bastard.
I washed and shampooed her hair and massaged her scalp. When she got out of the bath I towelled her dry, massaged her feet with aromatic oils and dried her hair according to her direction. I was directed to select her frilliest panties from the drawer, a revealing front release bra and clipped that in place. I fixed her suspender belt for her and rolled up her stockings and attached those to the belt. There were high heeled shoes next and a pencil leather skirt that showed all her lovely contours. I helped her into another revealing blouse and fixed a leather choker around her throat. She said absolutely nothing save for to give me instructions. When a car horn sounded down below around 20 minutes after that bath, I knew whose it was.