For sure the first time that I saw Leon fuck my wife I was blown away

For sure the first time that I saw Leon fuck my wife I was blown away. He brought out the vixen in her, the discerning and the unbridled. I mean I knew that women were capable of multiple orgasms, that they were capable of fucking for longer than men, but in Leon Madeleine had found a man who could take her there and release the instinctive. He would walk her along the precipice of an orgasm, finally take her through that, and afterwards, gently, insistently, bring her back to the boil, so she realised what a big appetite she had for cock. That the guy was three fold bigger than me down there, broad chested and strong armed made it easy. Her lovely legs looked so fine and long up over his chunky shoulders. His lancing cock made her cunt squelch and afterwards her sex was always awash with his thick spunk. The sex was always noisy. There was the pounding slap,slap,slap of his body against hers as he drove inside her, the urgent gasps and moans as a thick dick ruined her interest in the likes of me, and the struggle for breath. Madeleine struggled to breath with any composure once he had her driving hard- begging for his spunk.
Yet it hadn’t started that way. I hadn’t dreamt at first that she could be so sexual. She was such a snob, so aloof and insistent on things going her way that I didn’t dream that another guy would bed her. She ruled me, ruled the home and all the marriage decisions that you imagine couples talking over. ‘It’s time for you to get me pregnant’ I remember her saying once and she gave birth to the perfect daughter who would grow up like her perfect mother. She said, ‘it was a surprise that you managed that wasn’t it? You’re not especially macho’. That she could be a terrible bitch I knew. She once told a girlfriend at a party that I would never run off because I wasn’t very good at servicing a woman and in the end that was how affairs blossomed-through lust. The girlfriend was no better than she, and being a little tipsy she asked me in front of Madeleine whether it was true that I was crap in bed? Madeleine was listening to us and I hesitantly confirmed that I didn’t think I was very special when it came to sex. My wife smiled when her girlfriend realised how rock bottom my self esteem was, how Madeleine ruled the roost on this as all else. My wife said, ‘go and get me a G and T.’
If I stopped to think (and I didn’t) Madeleine was ready to submit to the right sort of man. He was the rugged, virile, alpha type that climbed her snobbish façade with ropes and grappling irons to secure the treats inside. She had decided that she wanted a personal trainer and it was then a cliché that I introduced her to her perfect, masculine, lover. I’ll never forget the day he put Madeleine through a rigorous gym test and when she started to complain that this was too much, he told her to shut up and keep at it. She said afterwards, ‘he’s the boss in a way that you will never be’ and I knew it then- she would submit to him in bed. Perhaps she had always needed that, to be pliable in the arms of a stud, someone who had real authority.
The first time I saw them kissing was when I got home early one morning after a game of golf had been cancelled. The house was quiet as little miss perfect two was out at the pony club. I remember that Madeleine was wearing just a silk house coat, a string of pearls about her throat, a suspender belt and black stockings. She presumably had been dressing when Leon called by. His hand wondered down to her cunt, inside her slit and then up over her erect nipples. She knew I was there, staring at the open mouthed and passionate kiss. She said, ‘go and do some work in the garden.’ It was such an imperious instruction and Leon chuckled when I slunk off, feeling a mixture of shock, shame and so what the hell do I do next?
They retired to the conservatory. They could have gone up to the master bedroom but I guess by then Leon knew that he had won. Perhaps he guessed too that it might appeal to my bitch of a wife if he fucked her in full view, and with the doors locked so that I couldn’t do a thing. At any rate, I watched her take out his erection, the biggest and the ugliest cock that I had ever seen. It was brutal rather than beautiful, but that was what my wife wanted. She then lay back on the sofa, spread her legs very wide indeed and with manicured red nail fingers, opened her labia so that he could see the peachy moist hole within. I wondered how many times he had fucked her already, whether he had taught her to present her fanny in this way, an open invitation to penetrate her. I noticed that she was fingering her clitoris and thought, ‘yes, you’ve taught her to wank too- always thinking about you.’ I remember how his cock filled her- the way her eyelids closed and the little gasps from her pursed lips. You remember the detail that first time. I remember the sudden gasps as he thrust harder, the adoring look in her eyes as she rocked rhythmically on his thrusting member. She didn’t have to be a snob anymore, to control, she could let go and be whatever he wanted. I remember how he pinned her arms back, how he thrust his mouth hard onto hers and she submitted to that. Because her rear was bared to him, he could fondle her buttocks, drive to the hilt of his cock inside her. Even as he pounded away I could see cum seeping out around the edge of his shaft as he slid in and out of her. I remember how quickly and completely she climaxed. Back then she hadn’t learned Olympic standard fucking with him, but Leon would teach her. When he eventually deigned to shoot his load, his buttocks clenched with such a rhythmic ferocity that made me worry that he might somehow break her. His back arched, she screamed and dug her nails into his shoulders. When he then dragged his hawser of a cock free, spunk gushed from her hole and made a dark patch on the sofa material. It poured out of her quivering cunt for several moments, the thickness of glue and with little bubbles erupting, all courtesy of the force of his thrusts.
I was notionally weeding the flower beds right then. The shed had seemed an impossible and cowardly retreat and she didn’t seem to care that I was openly watching anyway. They kissed and fondled before me, my wife’s eyes big and round and doe like, something quite different to those she used with me. I heard Leon suggest that they go to the pub together and Madeleine smiled. She checked her watch and then strode over to me, her sex still dripping with the seedy residue, and said through the conservatory glass that I would have to pick up and entertain our daughter as she was going out for the day. I must have looked crestfallen because she told me to pull myself together. It was inevitable that Leon would fuck her regularly-I didn’t really appeal to her. I had to ‘think on’ now about how to support her affair and take over the parenting. She would be too busy to fuss over that. Stupidly, I nodded and she went up to dress, in a pencil leather skirt and high heels. It had started.